Blah blah self revelation time
The best kind of worry is the premature and needless kind

In which I TRY to put us to sleep instead of NOT trying and it happening ANYWAY

I can't sleep. The details are very boring, as they involve A Thing I Read About Today, and very ugly, as this thing is unimaginably evil and I read about it, coincidentally, in my murder mystery AND a magazine article that happened to be NONFICTION meaning it ACTUALLY HAPPENS . So we won't talk about it. Let's go live in denial for a bit, shall we?  I am now thinking of that country song where she wants a rainbow outside her window, and then actually sings "la la la la". At first I thought that song was the dumbest thing I'd ever heard. Then I thought it was kinda catchy. Then I thought it was the most UNironic use of la la la I'd ever heard and THEN I started singing along.

I really like country music. Did you know that? Three out of the six presets on my car radio are country music stations. The first thing Phillip does when he sits in the driver's seat is flip to his presets. 


In other Perhaps-This-Makes-Me-Rather-Uncool news, I really like that new show The Good Wife. I've been watching it on On Demand, because our TiFaux is all jacked up and weird and half my shows aren't recording anymore and sometimes I can't get it to work and I'm reduced to (shudder) ON DEMAND. Which I am not a fan of, do you hear me Comcast? Oh, except for the glut of children's shows, which, THANKS COMCAST, and I'm totally serious. But anyway, The Good Wife. I like it. Not least because of 1) Josh Charles and 2) Rory Gilmore's sleazy college boyfriend doing exactly the kind of thing I imagine Rory Gilmore's sleazy college boyfriend doing post-college. I am not the hugest fan of Nurse Carol, but I admire a woman who allows herself to be filmed that close in the age of HD television.


I have a big shopping date with my sisters on Saturday. I am not a Black Friday kind of girl. Well, I think I went last year to score a big ticket item for the from-all-the-kids-to-the-parents Christmas gift. But not a stand-in-line-and-get-trampled kind of item. I don't enjoy Competitive Shopping, as it is. Every time I see one of those clips of women fighting over wedding gowns in Filene's Basement or wherever it is, I go take one of my expired horse tranquilizers. But things should have quieted down by Saturday, don't you think? We're looking for bridesmaid dress shoes and possibly white furry things to wear over the bridesmaid dresses. We have a white furry thing already, but it makes both my sister and me look like linebackers, so it'd be nice to find an alternative. I'd also like to find a sweater or two since I found a HOLE this afternoon in my one good sweater. As in, the one I don't mind wearing out of the house. WOE.


I really want to go see New Moon and everyone I've timidly mentioned it to looks at me with a big ole Cher-from-Clueless AS IF face. My sisters, who are always lamenting the two hours they lost in front of Kristen Stewart's lip biting that they will never get back, think I am In. Sane. But I liked the way Jennie put it via Twitter: one must embrace the cheese. I am awesome at embracing the cheese, people. I LOVE CHEESE. Someone go see this movie with me! I MEAN IT!


This is turning into a quick takes sort of post, but I'm not feeling un-jumpy enough to put the computer down and go to sleep. Gah. This might call for an hour or two of Etsy browsing. What is it with Etsy? Do you have any idea how many times I've looked at baby hairbows on Etsy and filled my cart, only to be filled with indecision and boredom and a sudden case of wallet consciousness and clicked over to, I don't know, somewhere that wouldn't charge me money? SO MANY TIMES. I have Etsy ADD, I think. That or a commitment issue, I'm not sure which.


Okay, that's enough, I'm sorry I keep subjecting you people to this tripe. But who am I kidding? YOU ARE READING IT, AREN'T YOU. So there. I apologize for nothing. I have to go now. I have to see what's on Bravo - hopefully some psychotic housewives will put me in a frivolous sleep-friendly sort of mood.



Maggie- I'm reading this at work, but I'm glad to know that there was someone else up last night doing computer/TV instead of sleeping. :) Also, if we lived in the same time zone I would go see the movie with you!

Also- about your stylelush post, TJMax has a beautiful long-sleeved deep lushy red velvet baby girls' party dress! Or at least the one in our town does. Ruffles, two bows, super pretty! And only $12! I bought it for Karolina for Christmas dinner, so my mom-in-law won't complain (Christmas Eve in Poland = fancy dress up clothes). I will go and buy the 12 month size for you if you want, let me know!


Yep, I read it. Of course, when someone asked me to go to "this is it" (michael jackson movie), I said... well, I don't want to admit it, but yes, I want to go. And I did, and had a great time with my girlfriends :-). And there is a bit of me that wants to see New moon, which is ironic since I still have no desire to see the first twilight movie, or to read the books. but I keep seeing this Jacob character. Mmmm. Edward is too blond and light for my taste (bwahahahaha, too light, he's a vampire - ah, I kill myself today), but Jacob? nice. I wonder if my husband will take me if I ask nicely? nah, I'll probably wait for it on DVD... but if I lived where you do, I'd go :-).


Ooh, I love The Good Wife, too. Josh Charles. Mmmmm...

A bunch of us girls (and when I say girls, I mean thirtiesomethings with a bunch of children) are planning on seeing New Moon one of these days. Last time, we went to see Twilight on the first day but we went to a matinee. Slightly less embarrasing. Heh.

Btw, my friend saw one of those fur wrap things at Forever 21. I suggest you NOT go there on Saturday though because then you'll need to grease your elbows, if you know what I mean. Madness.


I like The Good Wife for the same reasons! Although Nurse Carol's kids make me mad. Just tell your parents what you found, you dimwits!

I like Rory's ex-boyfriend in this show better than on Gilmore Girls. On this show, I kind of like the smarminess. What is wrong with me!


We always do shopping on Black Friday. Matt actually gets up in the middle of the night (sometimes he just doesn't go to bed instead) and goes out crazy early to stand in line. But he is six foot ten, so he doesn't need to worry about getting trampled. I don't know what shopping we'll do this year, but I do have my eye on one of the Babies R Us doorbusters. But I am not sure about getting up at five AM to get it. Maybe I can send Matt?

Melissa Mendoza


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Ooh, come see me and I'll go to New Moon with you. I HATED the first one, but have been intrigued by the previews of this one and I'm hopeful. I used to like Kristen Stewart. After Twilight I was rethinking that stand.

LOL at the above comment from a Comcast rep.

I've been wanting to watch the Good Wife, as I was a fan of Nurse Carol (though her movies never appealed to me) and always liked Logan when he wasn't been sleazy... and who doesn't like to see what's-his-name slapped across the face every now and then? But alas, our DVR is D-E-A-D dead and we're too cheap to have access to OnDemand, and I have to get up too early on Wednesdays to stay up until 11.

Um, have you ever been shopping on Saturday-after Black Friday? You might not have to physically fight someone to get the item you want, but it will be CROWDED! You WILL have to fight someone for a parking space at any mall you might go to. Just sayin'. This is the first year in awhile that I've had any deisre to do the Blk Friday and shopping and it's also the first year in awhile that I've had to work it instead. So I'll still be getting up at the crack of dawn, but will not be doing any shopping. Instead, i will be sitting down, waiting for customers who are too busy shopping to come get their dry cleaning. (I should really go write my own blog post now, shouldn't i?)


I hope you got some sleep! And a New Moon buddy.

Kate P

I saw "Twilight" alone on Black Friday last year; I might have to see "New Moon" alone as well. . . trying to find a not-crowded showing with as few screaming girls as possible.

Hope you got the really bad thing out of your mind and can get some sleep. I found "The Good Wife" on (FiOs) demand, too. (And hey, haven't there been at least two other GG actors in guest roles on this show so far? Jackson and some blond girl? What's up with that? Connections with Rory's sleazy boyfriend/fiance?)


It's ok, Maggie. My roommate and I make fun of Twilight on a weekly basis, yet we still go see the movies. She owns the books. It's awful, but you can't look away. Or stop. It appeals to you. It's sick, and I understand, because I AM WITH YOU. Fortunately, my roommate is, too. I'm lucky.

Also. Matt Czuchry? He's in something? What is this show about? Must know!

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