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Just got back from the volleyball team dinner where there were NINE small people running around ONE small house. OMG.

Molly, miraculously and thankfully, was in a splendid mood and didn't do her usual Total Meltdown if anyone other than her mother so much as looked at her. I was even in the kitchen unwrapping my contribution to the dinner (cheesecake with raspberry sauce, there are leftovers, come on over) when the setter on the team yelled, "Maggie! Look!" And I looked around the corner and there was my girl sitting on another teammate's lap. NOT CRYING. I know! Amazing!

And my boy... MAN. That kid, sometimes he is sweetness and light, sometimes he's a pest and sometimes he's this weird mix of Totally Charming Yet Driving Me Crazy. So, for example, he spent a large part of the evening zooming back and forth between the living room and the two (two!) playrooms. (At least our hosts knew what they were getting into, yes?) And sometimes he would bring props, like, say, light sabers. Or plastic golf clubs. Or a BAT. You know, things you use to SWING AROUND and HIT STUFF. But then when it was time go he SHOOK EVERYONE'S HAND and chirped "BYE BYE!" about four frillion times and was basically the cutest most adorable little person IN THE UNIVERSE. And there I am wondering, "Is this one of those times when my kid is The Annoying Kid Whose Parents Are Letting Him Get Away With Murder or one of those times when my kid is obviously The Cutest Kid In The Room." Do you know how many times I have to think about that? What is charming to me is not, I am sure, always charming to everyone else.

I DON'T KNOW. I am just annoyed because my cheesecake was this light fluffy thing and everyone was all, "Oooh, I don't normally LIKE cheesecake, but this one is just so LIGHT and AIRY and how did you get it that way?" and I had to LIE because I HATE LIGHT AND FLUFFY DESSERTS and I RUINED IT that's how I got it that way. No seriously. You want to make me happy? Give me the slice of cheesecake that weighs ten pounds, or the chocolate mousse you have to cut with a knife. BLISS!


I need to get started on my words for the day - I kicked some major speed-noveling butt yesterday, but I haven't paid much attention to my [lame-o] characters today. By the way, are you guys bored stiff of this NaNoWriMo stuff? I hate to tell you, but there's not much else happening in my head. It's only been one week and I already feel like A New! Person! and the blog would be bursting with Irritating! Over! Enthusiasm! if I wasn't 1) supposed to be speed-noveling and 2) worried I was boring you stiff. There's a lot of despairing going on too, but I tend to save most of that for my emails to my NaNoWriMo partner in angst, Charlotte Pants. Poor Charlotte. I'm thinking, though, that I should republish her responses on the blog, for they are all hilarity. My favorite line is where she said participating in this NaNoWriMo insanity was "compromising my alleged artistic integrity". THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT IT IS.

Anyway. The kids are not cooperating with bedtime and you cannot see the floor and Phillip is feeling anti-schoolwork and I should probably go participate in my LIFE until things are asleep/put away and I can get back to my [lame-o] characters. Kisses!



Good to hear about the kids being adorableness embodied (unsurprising). I am with you on the cheesecake. More like poor Maggie, as I just sent you an email that easily outweighs my doorstop, er, novel.


We sometimes let Kalena wander to the nearby pews during church (she's very social) and she walks around and smiles at everyone and *I* always think it's adorable. But I also always wonder if people are hating me for letting her bother them during church.

Jen @ The Short Years

I wonder about that "are my kids charming or annoying" thing pretty much every time they're around a group of adults other than grandparents. Who always think they are cute no matter how much they are driving ME crazy.


FYI, I was the same as Molly when I was a kid. I screamed in terror if anyone else even LOOKED at me. Seriously. I had only one uncle that I tolerated because he spent an hour playing peekaboo with me under the dining room table until I caved. Everyone else: SCREAMING. And yet I grew up to be relatively extroverted and not shy at all.


No! Need MORE NaNoWriMo info. You're killing me with these snippets of hints and then not telling me anything. I am SO curious, I'm going a little insane over here in my corner of the world. Of course, the insanity could have to do with the premature terrible twos happening in this house, too, which has nothing to do with you....hmmmm

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