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If this post is short and boring it's the fault of the three fat books I picked up at the library today. They are stacked in front of me on the bed and they look so tempting and delicious. It's been a while since I read a Real Book, you know? Unless a string of murder mysteries counts. (I LOVE MURDER MYSTERIES.) And because I know you people and I know you want to know, my books are 

In the Woods, by Tana French, recommended by Liz, who got her recommendation from some other bloggy person but I forget who;

The Luxe, by Anna Godbersen, recommended by Elizabeth;

and The Miracle Detective by Randall Sullivan, about investigating Medjugorje. I was reading some stuff about Medjgorje on some Catholic blogs and someone recommended reading this book. Did I tell you I read a book called The Rite? About exorcism? Which I think was reviewed in Time or something like that, where I read about it and immediately put it on hold at the library? If you are at all interested in the Weirder Side Of Church (like me!) that book is a FASCINATING READ. 

(And now you are all unsubscribing from this blog. I know. I'm sorry. I DIG THAT STUFF. If it qualifies for a segment on Unsolved Mysteries I am IN, and the churchier the better.)

Oh, and all of this reminds me that I got a few chapters into The Time Traveler's Wife on our trip and WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THAT BOOK? A friend of mine loaned it to me a year or so ago and I tried reading it then. I know I didn't get very far because I didn't remember a single thing. It's just... I don't know. It's kind of like how you keep thinking Twilight is going to get better, but it doesn't, the writing is as lame at the end as it is at the beginning. Except with The Time Traveler's Wife you have no desire to keep reading. (I am still stymied by the Twilight series. Why was I compelled to give up four days of my life to read all four books when I hated EVERY CHARACTER?) Anyway. Was not impressed. Will probably go see the movie anyway because I've had a crush on Rachel McAdams since Mean Girls. Also, Eric Bana was ten kinds of awesome in Funny People. 

Except, The Notebook? With Rachel McAdams? BAAAAARRRRRF.

(Now the REST of you are unsubscribing from my website.)

You know, I actually had things to say, but I can't remember now because I got all upset about The Time Traveler's Wife

Oh, and ANOTHER book I thought I would read because I wanted to see the movie and I always want to read the book before I see the movie: Atonement. Elizabeth sent me this book and I thought it would be good. BUT IT WASN'T. Not because the writing was bad, it was just LONG and PRETENTIOUS and I could skip 40 pages at a time and NOT MISS A THING. And I never saw the movie.

Anyway, I think I'm going to read The Luxe first because I happened to catch an NYC Prep marathon on Bravo and I'm already in that teen queen Gossip Girl frame of mind.



The Luxe RULEZ. Also, when you're done with the first one there are three more books in the series. (although one of them isn't out yet).
The TT's took me awhile to get into. AWHILE. Then I loved it.
I also thought Atonement sucked. Which makes me kind of seem like a jerk for sending it to you. In my defense I was trying to fill up a flat rate box!


Those sound interesting to me! I can't stomach NYC Prep. Surprising, since Bravo reality is usually my go-to channel.

I'm reading New Moon, just finished Twilight. I'm sort-of on the fence. At least the details about the vampires way of life are interesting..? Oh, and I also hated The TTW. Didn't get very far there.

(I don't know why I'm always compelled to agree or disagree on every item in a book post.) :)


If you like mystery type books, the Historian by Elizabeth Kostova is actually pretty great. Reading the cover, it doesn't sound like it, but give that a chance....I've recommended it to a few people and they all loved it.


I didn't like "The Notebook" movie either. The book was great. I totally cried. (On an airplane, no less. Someone should have warned me.)


I definitely want to go read The Rite and The Miracle Detective now!

I hated the whole first section of Atonement, but I kind of got into it after that.

I haven't read or seen The Notebook, and I don't plan on it. I think it sounds barfy.


I was referring to the book Atonement. I haven't seen the movie.

morgan s

Hated Twilight (though I read all 4, hoping it might get better at some point).

HATED Time Travelers Wife.

I will check out those wierd churchy books, 'cause I love that stuff too!


I've been wanting to see the Time Traveler's Wife for the same reasons you mentioned. The previews just look so cute.


OK ... I actually liked the TTW (sorry) yet laughed out loud at your description of the Twilight series. Et tu Brute? I'm off to read book 3 which HAS to be better than book 2. Thanks for the reading list/ suggestions :)


OK, I haven't read The Time Traveler's Wife and I also haven't seen The Notebook. But I loved Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls, and the TTW movie looks kind of embarrassingly good in the previews. So maybe I'll go see it. Probably not, though.


I HATED the TTW so much and I read the whole damn thing because everyone kept telling me "It gets SO GOOD!" I can't BELIEVE they're making that crap into a movie. I wonder if it'll be worse than or just as crappy as the Twilight crap.

I got the Tana French recommendation from Emily - and just for the record, Adam was very disappointed in the way she wrote the main character towards the end.


Well, I'm appalled that you don't like The Notebook (have you read the book? The book was better, but I liked the movie a lot), but please, do NOT bother to watch the movie Atonement. I just did this past week (I have a long Blockbuster online que) and it was AWFUL.

I was going to read the Time Travelers Wife, but now I'm rethinking it. I really want to see the movie because, I too have a crush on Rachel McAdams.

And to Liz above who says she hopes book 3 is better than book 2 (Twilight), I cannot remember which I preferred of book 2 or 3, but unless you are one of those types who has to finish things, skip the last one. I sort of liked the first 3 (though looking back, I'm less than enthralled), but book 4 was just... ugh.


Oh I CRIED at the Notebook! But it was more because of the old people (stars, I know, but I can't remember their names right now) than the young ones. I, too, want to see the Time Traveler's Wife and was thinking that I should read the book first. Based on what you said, I think I'll have to pass on that one.

Kate P

Are you kidding? I am subscribing TWICE because you used "The Notebook" and "Baaaaarrrrf" in the same sentence. And for having a girlcrush on Rachel McAdams.

"New Moon" was my favorite but I get the strong impression I am in the minority. (SPOILER: I think the breakup aftermath was written really well. Or just resonated with me.) And I hated the last two books. I probably would hate TTW, but it was just about every other item I rang up last night at the bookstore. I'm not exaggerating. The premise makes no metaphysical or emotional sense to me.

Jen @ The Short Years

I LOVEd the Time-Traveler's Wife. It made me cry, but in such a good and satisfying way. I'm not usually one for sappy books at all, but something about the book just grabbed me.


Ugh...Atonement (the book AND the movie) were so blah. I had to force my way through both. I wish I hadn' disappointing!

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