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After a long long weekend

Seven I'm Determined to Make Them Quick Takes

1. We are having a hard time with Jack. Have I mentioned that? I wrote about it earlier this week and hopefully Parenting will have posted it by the time you read this. (Nope. Still not up. Sigh.) Seconds after I typed the previous sentence Jack erupted into bawls somewhere upstairs and I heard Phillip - Phillip Cheung - raise his voice. So you know it's not just me. Jack had his hands jammed all the way back in his mouth today and he's doing that fun no eating thing again, so I'm tempted to chalk it up to Molars. The last molars, and the end of Jack's Teething Career. I hope I make it to the end.

2. Molly - don't want to leave Molly out - discovered this fun new trick where she stands up in her crib and then realizes she doesn't quite know how to sit down. This was funny the first day, when I had to march in and out of their room at naptime to lay Molly back down. It was not funny the second day. Or the third day when I called my mother in desperation, and she recommended stashing Molly in the pack and play downstairs so it wouldn't be Annoying Crib Antics 101 in the kids' bedroom all afternoon. I don't know why I can't think of these things myself. So Molly is now napping by the treadmill and the guitar cases and the winter coats and the dusty board game boxes. My desk, which we had to move to make room for the pack and play, is now upstairs next to the kitchen. When we moved into this house I would have rather died than put my DESK right HERE but I have to say, not having a dining table full of bills and cell chargers and post it notes is the silver lining to Molly: Who Is Going To Rescue Me?

3. I finished The Luxe. Do you like YA lit? Do you like handsome and rakish fictional boys? Do you love Gossip Girl, and think perhaps the only way it can be improved is to set it at the turn of the century? GET THEE THIS BOOK.

4. Weight Watchers has thrown me for a loop in which I have no idea what I can eat for lunch and I have twelve million options for dinner. Low carb was the exact opposite. And what do you eat when you need a snack? I've been opting for apples and a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese.

5. I've been kind of bored with politics lately (when's the next election?!?!) but these health care town hall things are fascinating. I think because I am totally bowled over by the blatant and unapologetic arrogance of just about every lawmaker I've seen interviewed on television. This one woman even replaced her town hall with a PHONE CALL because, well, there's a MOB mentality at those things and how is she supposed to make it CLEAR? How is she supposed to dispense her WISDOM to the MASSES when they're all, you know, ANGRY-LIKE! I love how they just assume the Republicans must be bussing everyone in and riling them up because The Masses can't possibly be thinking all these things on their OWN. I mean, if only they sat still and listened politely, they'd come to the only possible conclusion! It's all highly entertaining. Well done politicians!

6. I'm going to see my old babysitter Friday. Every time I think about it I start humming this song. Her mom is still friends with my mom and I guess my old babysitter wants to see me and the kids. I think of her as being So! Old! but dudes, I am THIRTY and she can't be THAT much older than me anyway. I'm thinking... seven or eight years older? Or maybe that was my second beloved babysitter? It reminds me that one goal for The Grad School Years is to find The Babysitter for our family. The grandparents are great, but not so much for a two hour weeknight out, you know? Which I'm going to sort of insist on for The Grad School Years. An official date night. So. Babysitters. Know any?

7. Times I've run upstairs to lay Molly back down since I started this post: 5. How many points in a glass of wine?

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It seems to me like these protesters go to the town hall meetings with the sole purpose of not letting the politician talk. And I do believe they are organized. They have stupid chants and coordinating (sometimes racist) posters. I do think they should sit politely and wait for their turn to speak. However, I also think that talking on your cell phone during the meeting is wrong.

I have been on Weight Watchers for 6 weeks now, and I still have no idea what to eat. So I am no help there.

Teething sucks. B has been working on his top two teeth for WEEKS. I can actually see them below the surface, and they are obviously bothering him, so why won't they just come in already?!


I'm pretty good with kids. And I'm free most week nights. And I love your children. I'm watching Quinn for date-night tonight, I can ask Jenn for references.


Because I'm so helpful I'll tell you what I learned lately from a friend of mine who has a 6-year old. THERE ARE 6 YEAR MOLARS. I did not know this and the only consolation I can muster is that by age six at least they can articulate if it hurts and you can medicate promptly. But still. SIX YEAR MOLARS. I, too, thought we were done. At least with kid #1 one.

I'm really not Debbie Downer, even though it seems that way from this comment.


I do know of 2 babysitters, though I don't know how far they'll travel. The first doesn't know how much babysitters charge these days, thus is very inexpensive. The second I have yet to use, as I just found out about her, but she sounds FABULOUS. For $10/hour she'll put your kids to bed AND clean. So, you go to a movie and come home to sleeping kids and a clean bathroom. My friends even had her clean their blinds! Chalk it up to her home-schooling type upbringing.


Um. I don't need a babysitter but I would like to get the 2nd girl that Janey mentioned to come over and clean.


I saw my old babysitter when I was fifteen and I was a head taller than she was. It was bizzare.


I think the town hall thing would be entertaining IF it weren't so serious. It's obvious that the politicians aren't listening, and that's scary.

We are having screamfest at our house. I have absolutely no idea how to stop the screaming. The good news is that I think I'm about to lose hearing in one ear, so at least it won't be as annoying!


Yes, there are molars. Sorry. and then you get to lose teeth in a few years. and there are indeed 6 yo molars. And 12 yo molars. And the wisdom teeth.

on the discipline front - I had a child who sounds similar to Jack. My Mac was a handful, and sometimes I thought nothing would work. But I kept at it. And he's going to be 16 and has been pretty easy since about age 5. I used 1-2-3 Magic and it worked for him and for his sister. I love this book, because you can adapt it to yourself and your discipline technique. We also did timeouts for the most part at that age. And it took a million of them for each problem, but it worked eventually. that's why I love the book - that and the fact that I have a temper, and this approach really helped me to tame that part of myself. Sorry to be so long winded, but I wanted to give some unsolicited advice this time ;-).

Kate P

Well, you know I can't refrain from commenting on YA Lit. . . So you liked "The Luxe," huh? It's got a high circulation in my collection (and among the branch system) so I've never actually seen it except at the bookstore. I just love the pretty cover.

I'm still working on the new Sarah Dessen. Don't read if you want to escape from a constantly crying baby.




I know I'm a little late to these comments, but when I was doing weight watchers lunch was usually of the soup/salad/sandwich variety. Low-carb bread and salad dressing spritzers keep the points low. And Progresso has a whole bunch of weight watchers soups that are either 0 or 1 point per serving and they're all pretty good.

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