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Impossible request

My two close friends from college were here with their kids this morning. Three of us, six children. We looked at each other: strapped into Baby Bjorns, wiping spit up off the floor, mixing pureed peas into rice cereal, singing along to the children's CD in the Hello Kitty CD player because of course we all know the words. SIX KIDS. We could hardly believe it.

I policed a table full of Easter egg coloring supplies and grabby toddler hands while my friends looked after the babies. I fed the toddlers lunch while one friend nursed her 3-month-old and the other friend held her baby and mine. I gave Molly her bottle while one friend picked up toys and another friend read the toddlers a story. I filled up the toddlers' watering cans and let them go wild in the still-not-filled garden box while one friend packed up her car and the other friend changed her baby upstairs. People think I'm joking when I introduce my friend's daughter as "Jack's future prom date" but I'm totally not. I don't know, maybe she'll be into football players and Jack will be a hapless band nerd, but I have every intention of being around when this girl is sixteen and arguing with her mom over prom dresses.

And I have other mom friends- from church, from school, from friends of friends. They're all local. They're all people I can call up and say, "What do you think about going to the zoo this morning?" or "Please please please let me come over, the children are making me insane and there's still two hours before Phillip gets home."

And this is why I do not want to leave the city. Phillip and talk about The Next House all the time- sometimes obsessively, sometimes sporadically. Before this whole Dire Economy thing we felt hopeless about finding a house - a real house, with a yard and enough space so that a baby is not sleeping in our closet- we can afford in the city. Seattle isn't San Francisco or anything, but it's still got some pretty shocking and exorbitant house prices. And now that we're in the middle of this Dire Economy thing, we worry about whether we'll be able to sell the house we have NOW, so that we can afford half of a real house's garage in a neighborhood five minutes away.

We want to stay close to our parish and the friends we've had since we were living in the dorms. I want to be able to walk to a store or a park or a library or a lake. I don't want to move north, farther away from our families, and I'm afraid to move south, since that means moving away from my mom friend network, away from our church family, away from Phillip's work and the ability to get places without driving. Away from my place to be from.

We think about it, even though we have no intention of moving any time soon, especially if Phillip starts grad school in the fall. (Which is still a big IF which is why I haven't really mentioned it, much less thought about how it will impact my daily life and GAH THAT'S ANOTHER POST.) The soonest we've talked about moving is two and a half years from now and that's a ways away. No need to be bummed about it now.

Except that we often are. And when I told Phillip about the Novena of Impossible Requests a few weeks ago (because why not fail aNOTHER spiritual commitment!) Phillip suggested we pray for a house. In Seattle.

So we are. I should tell you that our other Impossible Requests are of a more holy variety, and to be honest I have no idea why I'm telling you that we are praying for a house (see above: FAIL). Except that I believe prayers are occasionally answered, even stupid not-holy ones, and maybe one day I can write on this website (because you KNOW I'll still have it) that we are moving ten minutes away, to a house with a yard and a third bedroom and a living room big enough for a Christmas party.



I had no idea there is such a thing as a novena for impossible request, but good to know. I borrowed my mom's truck the other day and was jamming to her Elvis Church Music cd and according to Elvis, "All things are possible, if you'll only believe." So there's that too.


I look forward to reading your future blog post about the perfect home and your impending move. I believe it will come!

I'm praying hard for our living situation too. On Monday it took Daniel an hour and 15 minutes to drive the 13 mile commute home. Why? Because the sun was shining and everyone was blinded as they crossed the big bridge. Sigh. When he made it home I handed him the toddler and went and laid on the couch and sobbed in frustration with the whole thing.

Anyway, sounds like you had a great day with your friends. Hurray!


I am way jealous of your group of mom friends. In fact if you did have a backyard I'd probably be plotting some way to become a squatter in it.


Hey, if we're going impossible here, let's shoot for at least four bedrooms and a playset in the yard. :) I hope you find what you want.


I am so jealous of your group of mom friends! I am also praying (though not as fervently as I should be) for our home situation. I'm sure I'll be more panicked when I get pregnant/have a second kid and have to stick one of them in our closet (which should be especially interesting since we don't have a walk-in).

My problem is, I keep seeing these really great houses listed for the same amount we paid for our much smaller house 2.5 years ago. If we had just waited! And then I feel even more guilty when my husband mentions "I'm kicking myself for not just waiting a while" because I pushed to get a house because I didn't want to do the apartment living with a baby and I was ready to have a kid...


I am SO jealous about the mom group, too. We so sporadically have other kids over. I am afraid that I need to get Charlie into a mother's day out program because he has no idea how to interact with other kids (you know, NOT taking toys away from them and hitting them in the face).
I hope you find what you're looking for. I know people who have done 54 day Novenas and have had prayers answered. I wish I lived in Seattle... I really do.


You can do it! You can find it! House prices are not likely to go anywhere but down anytime soon. It'll happen!

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