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I just wrote a loooooong angsty post about WORK and what kinds of work exist and which kinds of work are worthier than others and OMG MY FREELANCE PROJECT IS STILL HANGING BY A STRING CAN WE CUT IT ALREADY and then- yeah. Delete! Who cares! Not me! Ha! Am carefree and easy going!

It's Wednesday. It should be an easy-ish day. Phillip works from home most Wednesdays which means I will do the grocery shopping this morning so HE can haul everything up the stairs. And then his mom and dad are dropping by sometime tonight (they have been going through Jack Withdrawal since we have been Crazy Busy on the weekends and haven't visited, BAD KIDS) so Phillip and I can leave the boy at home and go out to dinner. Last night Phillip asked me where I wanted to go to dinner, expecting my standard, "Oh, I don't know, what do you think", but I immediately said, "SALVATORE'S" because I have been dreaming about tortellini alla panna. Which is the kind of thing I am not going to let myself eat after I have the baby SO I BETTER EAT IT NOW, RIGHT?

And Phillip knows not to mess with me when I have an Immediate Answer. Mmm, pasta drenched in cream sauce. I'm already drooling.

Well! Turns out I have nothing to report now that I've deleted the Post of Angst and am sitting here clicking 'refresh' on my feed reader.

How about a list of people/things with whom I am Taking Issue?

NBC: What is UP with the Olympic Coverage?! Do not tempt me all day long with your promises of women's girls' gymnastics when you are actually not planning to SHOW girls' gymnastics until ELEVEN O'CLOCK AT NIGHT. Hello, I am grossly pregnant and extremely uncomfortable. Eleven is TOO LATE, NBC, TOO LATE. And because I couldn't help myself I was continually flipping to the Canadian channel to see what was going on and by that time I KNEW WHO WON WHAT and that was the end of you, NBC. I turned off the television and dreamed I was wearing one of those NASA-designed swimsuits and sleeping in a bathtub. Which? WAY more comfortable than my bed.

Parents at the Wading Pool: WHERE ARE YOU? More to the point, where are you when your six-year-old kid waltzes up to my fifteen-month-old and me and nonchalantly attempts to make off with our watering can? THAT I AM HOLDING? I don't get this, I really don't. It's one thing to be sharing toys with the people sitting next to you, or letting another fifteen-month-old take the ball your own fifteen-month-old is not interested in and retrieving it later. But taking toys out of a baby's HAND? And not letting go when the baby's mother is saying, "Let the BABY play with his toy!" ARGH. Also! The Most Neglectful Parent award goes to the man who was hanging out playing with his iPhone and only looking up every ten minutes or so to note where his TINY KID was in the GIANT HUGE VERY LARGE wading pool.

People Who Do Not Leave Enough Room For Me To Drive Out Of My Driveway When They Park On The Street: 'Nuff said.

My Tomato Plants: Are you ever going to ripen? Huh? This is getting ridiculous. My lettuce is dying while we wait for you to turn red. And yes, I sit over there and plot how to rip all of you out in the fall and build myself a little garden box to maximize sun exposure and neaten up my yard, but WHATEVER, you should be doing your job right NOW. Don't even bother blaming it on the Mysterious Lack of Summer we had going on a month or two ago- everybody ELSE'S tomatoes are turning red. GET A MOVE ON.

The Ancient Decrepit Scale at my Doctor's Office: Even the nurses confess you don't work very well and I suppose that should make me feel a little better, but it doesn't. I am on track to gain just as much weight as I did with Jack, although YOU make me feel like I'll be LUCKY if that's all I gain! I was so depressed I had to go home and make cookies. And when Phillip asked me if he could take some to work I looked at him like, "You must be joking." Even though I ALWAYS give him cookies to take to work. I BLAME YOU, ANCIENT DECREPIT SCALE.

People Who Want Their Breakfast RIGHT THIS SECOND: Fine! I'll POST this sorry excuse of an entry and get you your Cheerios STAT!



I did the exact same thing - checked the gymnastics results online at 11:20 and then decided it wasn't worth it.
I am very jealous of your Wednesday - it sounds a lot more fun than mine will be. Although I am looking forward to the highlight of my day (Project Runway, yeah!)


That gymnastics thing drove me nuts! I set it to record and went to bed, but now I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED so that recording is getting deleted when I get home. Ugh.

Sarah in Ottawa

Dude - stick with the CBC coverage. More balanced and much better organized. I can never stomach the NBC coverage, with its brutal time delays and its harshness towards athletes who don't take gold. Although CBC can't be like that for the summer games -- we are being surpassed in the medal total by Uzbekitstan and Tajikistan.

Ah well - only 2 years to Vancouver/Whistler!


The scale at my doctor's office is in the hall, but the readout is in the nurse's office on the other side of the wall. They don't tell you what you weigh unless you specifically ask.

Now I want Italian food for dinner!


That tortellini sounds devine! Enjoy yourself.


Hehe the real timeness of the world now makes it hard to be surprised. My husband keeps telling me his plans to watch stuff live and then ruins it by going to


The scale at my doctor's office is fancy and new and digital... yet I'm still mad at it after my appt yesterday.

Kate P

Yeah, who needs angst when you can rant? LOL! ITA about how late the competitions have been airing--I hate staying up until 12 or 12:30 every night, but I don't want to miss anything. I thought maybe West Coast people would luck out time-wise--NBC's messing with you, too? Horrible.


I just don't understand why it says "Live" on the screen when it's NOT live. Weird. Wish I had CBC :)


I agree about the coverage - so frustrating. The men's gymnastics went to 1am here (I'm in St. Louis) last night and we didn't even know to set our tivo that late! I was actually kind of glad to read that Horton didn't medal because I didn't have it on tape.
However, the women are on tonight and I WILL stay awake through that, so help me. I will!
:) Becky


I like this post, it was so entertaining to read! I luckily have a DVR, so I can tape all the Olympics and then watch them next day, whenever I want! I tell you, it's worth it!

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