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My job

It's business time

First order of business: does a one napper start sleeping later in the morning? Jack's not awake yet and it's just about eight. NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING. NO NO NO. It's just... a little weird. Like, we wake up on our own.

Second order of business: I don't remember this from my first pregnancy, but the DREAMS! All right people, not THOSE kinds of dreams, these are all dreams in which I somehow meet up again with All The Boys I've Ever Loved, only we're grownups and we go out for coffee and things are totally different. It's kind of like my brain is making up it's own kind of closure. Again, NOT COMPLAINING, it's just... again with the weird! (Oh, and also the dream I had this morning where I went down to my brother's house and got his gun- YES, A GUN- and shot the &*%$(*#$% crows outside my window who started screeching at 5am.)

Third order of business: I'm feeling a little bad for my post at Parenting yesterday, like I inadvertently labeled all teenagers Dreadful Babysitters. When really, I was just saying that I was a dreadful babysitter. And I wasn't even that dreadful, honest! There were two kids in particular I looked forward to hanging out with. But I certainly didn't babysit because I looove kids and I doubt most teenage babysitters do it because they looove kids. Not that they HATE kids, but don't tell me all the good babysitters would babysit for free. Which brings me to a point I neglected to make: if you don't have the free kind of babysitter (yay grandparents!) IT'S SO EXPENSIVE. They're charging 25 cents more for POPCORN at the MOVIE THEATER and you've got to go home and pay your sitter too? Yikes. I'm not sure we could afford to go out either.

And guess what there's a FOURTH order of business, in which I tell you that the conversation I had with my family last night about names has completely thrown all my name choices in the AIR. They are now free falling about me and hopefully landing in a preferred order. I struggle between not wanting to share the names we like because Hello, my name is Maggie, I don't handle disapproval well! and dying to share our names so I can get approval (if there is any to be had) and feel better about everything. Since so many people tell me, "Just pick the one you like! Everyone else will deal!" it makes me believe my People Pleasing Genes are even more out of whack than I thought.

ANYWAY. I'm looking forward to my day with Jack. This late wake up means it should be fairly easy to keep him up until lunchtime, and I'm planning to go to the trendy outdoor shopping mall and spend some money. On a wedding gift and a baby gift, so money I HAVE to spend, you understand. We'll eat lunch there and maybe fall asleep in the car on the way home (him, not me) and I'll successfully carry him upstairs and lay him down while he's still asleep and then he'll sleep for at least two hours. RIGHT?


Dr. Maureen

Well, MY Jack was all about sleeping later for a few weeks, and then he started waking up EARLIER. But the earlier wakings seem to go along with 2 naps again, so WHO THE HELL KNOWS.

I'm glad I could be of help! But I'm a mite cranky because today he woke up at 5:30. FIVE THIRTY. We changed him, and then, by some miracle, he agreed to go back to bed till 7:00, but still. 5:30. (He didn't "agree to go to bed till 7:00," he agreed to go back to bed and then woke up again at 7:00, but how awesome would it be if he was all, "Why, yes, Mother, I surely will go back to bed for 1.5 more hours.")


Oh my. What I would do to get my kid to sleep past 5:30am. We might have to try to one nap thing starting next week, though I'm sure keeping her up all morning will be completely torturous.

I'm so with you on the pregnancy dreams. All the sudden I remember every little detail about every dream when I normally don't. So weird!

I am also a people pleaser, and last time around I think it helped that we didn't tell our families our name choices until the baby was born. Not sure what we are going to do this time, though we have no ideas as of yet anyway. Happy shopping!


DON'T TELL THE NAMES! It never ends well :). Our second daughter is Else, pronounced "Elsa"...we told no one before she was born, but my father-in-law and his wife made it clear AFTER she was born that they hated the spelling, that no teacher would ever be able to figure it out...and, two years later, they STILL intentionally spell it wrong every time. Fortunately, it makes me laugh rather than making me angry...but still.


The names thing is tough. Even the names we think are most beautiful end up with a disapproving look from SOMEONE when we say them out loud. However, no one looks at your newborn and says, "Oh, she's so cute...why on earth did you give her that name?" or something like that. When there's a real live newborn bearing that name, people suck it up and say "Oh, Agnes, what a beautiful name!"

Wickedly Scarlett

Oh, I totally understand that need for approval combined with the fear of rejection. It's so tough to know how much to share! But you've put so much thought into these names, I seriously can't imagine they could possibly be terrible. I'm dying to find out what the final decision is--then will you tell us what your other option was? I have theories and I must know if I'm right or not!


Right! I hear you on the free babysitters. It cost $16 just for the movie tickets and then if you throw popcorn and a soda on top you're talking $25 for 2 hours of non-baby time. And forget going out to eat or that's another $30-$40 on top. By the time you pay a sitter you've just spent $100 for 3 1/2 hours of reconnection time. Our family doesn't really babysit for us unfortunately. A few times I've traded off babysitting with another mom. Hope you had a pleasant shopping experience this morning!


Don't tell anyone the names. It is much harder to complain about names when they are attached to actual babies. And if it were me, I would always remember which relative told me they didn't like it.


I like keeping our names secret. Adam's such a pleaser that he might change his mind if 'someone' doesn't like the ones we pick - God knows I don't want my MIL naming my baby.

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