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How I'm going to spend our stimulus check

Hey, have you guys been reading my friend Liz? She's funny, yo.

She also knits. Look what she made for me. So pretty!

I look ADORABLE in this.

Okay, maybe she made it for the new baby, but don't think I didn't try to jam my ginormous arms in there. (Seriously. Ginormous. The indoor play area, that I totally went to yesterday because OMG the baby (toddler? WAH) took an actual NAP and the heavens sang, has mirror-lined walls. Fun for babies, sad for pregnant women who eat entire tubs of ice cream for dinner.)

That picture, by the way, was taken in our entry way. That little table is there because I've been carting it in and out of the house. Mr. Laptop needs a place to hang out when it's warm and the baby is splashing in his water table. Anyway, that is also an ORANGE WALL which I never dreamed I'd have, but looks, in my opinion, pretty cool. It's the only thing I've painted since the Red Bathroom Disaster and while the edging could have been neater, it looks halfway decent.

I would REALLY like to paint our bedroom. Specifically, I would really like to paint over the lime green wall, even though I still like the lime green wall, because we've moved our bed to a different wall and now instead of a Backdrop Wall it's kind of a Random Lime Green Wall. With nothing on it because after 3 years I still haven't decided what to hang.

I like my house. It's smallish (by which I mean, I can't invite everyone I know to a party AND hope that they all show up) and the bathrooms are stupid and the closets are miniscule, but it's new and modern and I've spent a lot of time filling it with Me Things. You know. Couches in my favorite color, good books, plants, pictures from Italy and college and Hawaii and China. I feel happy in any room in my house (and maybe not everyone needs this Happy In My Space feeling, but it's a Life Requirement for me) EXCEPT! Phillip's office and our bedroom.

Phillip's office is a done deal. It's not my space. And no matter how many times I've helped him reorganize and rearrange and box up stuff for Goodwill, that office is a dumping ground for all kinds of junk. (Including the treadmill we bought! That I have never used! Go me!) Anyway, we're just going to ignore the office.

My bedroom, on the other hand, often fills me with a sense of frustration. Things were greatly improved with the addition of curtains and a new duvet (thanks Mom!), but a pretty duvet doesn't really keep us from not putting our clothes away, the piles of stuff next to each side of the bed, the heap of reference books I have stacked up on my desk, the sorry excuses we use for nightstands. (I have a a stool, Phillip has a broken Target nightstand I've had since my first apartment.)

AND NOW? A new baby is moving in. At the end of the summer. And since New Baby won't be moving into Jack's room until he's ready for a toddler bed, I have to make our bedroom a place I am happy to be. Yesterday I dumped three loads' worth of laundry on our bed, let Jack dive into the heap and plotted a trip to Ikea.

We need some kind of storage solution, preferably one that we can hang on a wall. Real estate is valuable in this room and most of what's left will be taken up with a pack 'n play. I've needed a place for books, work stuff and art supplies, and now I'm going to need somewhere to put all the diaper changing and feeding things we won't want to dig out of Jack's room in the middle of the night. I can't buy actual nightstands since we don't have anywhere to put them, but I need SOMETHING for a book and my glasses. (Something that is not a STOOL. GAH.) And I'd paint, except haaaaaaaaa that is never going to happen.

Oh, and I need a new storage solution for Jack's room, a storage solution for our bathroom, a bookshelf for upstairs and about a dozen picture frames for all the pictures we've had taken this year and are currently being kept in a manila envelope under forty books on my desk. Something tells me I may be running into Elizabeth at Ikea this weekend.

Who cares about the bedroom when you have a perfect baby-sized front yard with a WATER TABLE and flowers to water with a PINK ELEPHANT?



I really want to redo our bedroom too. I am begging you to show us what you come up with, so that I can copy it. I was planning to get new bedroom furniture, but I decided to get a crib and stuff instead so that the baby doesn't have to sleep in a drawer in my new bedroom furniture.


I LOVE this photo. How cute!
I know what you mean about creating happy spaces in your home. I love my home as well except the office, which is also my husband's. And I try to remain cool like you and say that's "his space." But I can't help but be filled with rage when I walk in and see piles and piles and stuff he never does anything with taking up valuable real estate. Ughh! Well, have fun organizing.


I cannot even fathom the endless thrills that is that water table for Jackson. Actually, he looks like he's having so much fun I kind of want one.


LIZ!! I LOVE LIZ!! She has mad skills with knitting needles. Maggie, talk her into hooking me up for my baby girl TOO!! Yeah random blogger love!! :)
Also, I'm feeling you on the need to rearrange and reorganize. I've been trying to clear out space for the new baby and all it does it reveal to me how SELFISH I am!! I mean, don't WANNA rearrange my bedroom to accomodate a Pack n' Play! I don't WANNA not have a guest room anymore!! But alas, the baby deadline looms. For a start, I cleared out half the guest room closet for her ... but as we girls know, that just ain't gonna do it.
Ok, longest comment EVER!
And cutest water baby picture EVER!! I agree with Liz, I also want a water table. For me.


Hey, where did you get that water table? I think Eli might need one. Unless you count the dog's water bowl as a water table, in which case he totally already has one.
Nightstands - Craigslist?
See you at IKEA :) Good luck!
Also, if I was going to send you mysterious item (ie baby present) where would I send it?

Kate P

Oh, that is a beautiful little sweater!!! Love the colors and it looks incredibly soft. I confess I would have tried it on, too.

Pictures--how do they seem to multiply when you have them stashed in envelopes and boxes???


I could totally Personal Organize you, if you lived closer. And I'd totally do it for free. I LIVE for organization, and rearranging and making things seem more spacious than they really are.

This coming from someone who just bought a toddler bed that takes up the ENTIRE PLAYROOM she planned for her child. Oh well.

Anyway, we're headed to Ikea this weekend too. Just on the other coast. We'll think of you and hope you get everything you need.


I live in a one bedroom apartment and cannot get over the accumulation of stuff for two people. I know kids brings a lot of clutter that can't be avoided but for grownups I find a ruthless and continual assessment of what is and isn't being used, followed by getting rid of anything that has not been used in the past 12 months is the most successful approach. (Clothing, dvds, and books are worst offenders). People are like goldfish, we grow to the size our tank...But you might as well keep an organized tank so have a good time at IKEA!


A pegboard would be the best bet for hanging things up on your wall; you can make it more sturdy by attaching it with 2 nails/something inserted into the wall, with wire attached to the entire length of the back of the pegboard so it doesn't randomly get pulled out.

The best kind of shelves for books and odd items would be a graduated shelf, where the bottom area has the most space (depth wise), and the top has the smallest. That way, you can place boxes on the bottom, and then things like books and memorobilia on the top.

As for the art supplies and other stuff: at Ikea they have these adorable small boxes you fold into box shape yourself, with a little label tab, and they easily stack and can hold a lot. They come in packages of 5, I believe.

I'm just a total organization nerd, hope this information helps!


Ugh...I feel your pain on the storage etc. My husband stores his workout clothes, his yardwork clothes and his sleep clothes by putting them in a heap on the floor next to the bed. DRIVES ME CRAZY. Every couple of weeks, I have to collect all the piled up books and papers that have collected on the dresser and dump them in the office. Nothing ever gets solved...just shifted. Storage is a major issue for many households, I think.

I believe the remedy to this is that all new construction should be required to have a larger number of closets and built-in-bookcases installed as a part of building codes. Plus, every house should be equipped with a storage room (or basement or easy access attic) that is at least the size of a one-car garage, with shelving, for the purpose of storing all those necessities that don't get used daily. Or is it just me that thinks this way?


How about a pocket that hangs from the side of your bed for book and glasses? I don't know exactly where you'd buy one, but I've seen patterns for them in sewing books, and they look easy to make. The length of fabric gets sandwiched between your mattress and box spring, and the little pocket hangs out.

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