Even when I have nothing to say I still manage to fill the compose window...
ANOTHER weekend post? LUCKY YOU.

Change of plans

Guess what we are NOT doing this weekend?

Going to Ikea.

Today we are going to the playground where Mommy is going to drink a latte she's been craving all week while someone else takes over swing duty. Swings just sound like more fun than Swedish modern.


The rest of the weekend will be a whole lot of nothing where the nothing is occasionally interrupted by dim sum and Thursday night season finales on Tivo.




That looks like an awesome playground! And what kid doesn't just love the swing? Sounds like a perfect weekend...enjoy that latte! I think I'll join you--mine will be an iced white chocolate!


Now THAT is a good long weekend plan. Enjoy.


I want dim sum.

Jack's little shoes are so cute!


And now I want dim sum. Your Ikea post did serve a good purpose: I now have somewhere/one to blame for eating an entire sleeve of those blasted Ikea cookies.

Enjoy the TiVo goodness.

Kate P

I *still* love swings. Sounds like a perfect timeout from the busy world. The other stuff will get done eventually.


Oh, he is just too cute! I still enjoy swinging myself. I still go to parks by myself. Even though I am 21. Eventually this will be misinterpreted as me being a sexual predator. Were I not a female, it might already be.

Dr. Maureen

Good plan.


Yay for long weekends.

Although I DO love IKEA.

He's cute. Really, really cute.

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