TOTD! Nap Transitions! Your experience please!
One of those "just so I remember it later" posts

A small victory!

That was so helpful you guys, SO HELPFUL.

I just needed a little Confirmation of My Suspicions. Last night I informed Phillip that there would be no morning nap and we would see how things go. It is now 11:25 and Jack has just gone down for his first nap of the day. He was up at 7:30 which made me feel a little better about pushing back his nap, because that's sort of on the late side for him (and after going to BED at 7:30 and sleeping through, holy moly, there IS a Santa Claus!) I dragged him to the grocery store around 9 and hoped against hope that he wouldn't fall asleep on the way home. He didn't, thanks to the 47 stoplights between our house and the store, and then I was looking at another hour to kill before 11, the earliest possible time I could give him lunch.

Sooooo... I ADMIT IT, I parked him in front of a Sesame Street singalong DVD while I unloaded the dishwasher and cleaned up the breakfast dishes. He happily bopped along and laughed to himself and oh, so adorable. From 10:30 to 11 we played with the heaps of toys he got for his birthday (I've noticed that girls get a new wardrobe on their first birthdays, boys get enough toys to fill a small living room) and then I heated up some lunch that was 1) easy to eat and 2) rarely refused. I mean,. I'd been keeping him up so long, I didn't want to make him work for his lunch as well.

It went okay at first, but he got crankier and crankier and I finally wasn't able to stuff any more food into his mouth without a small fist knocking the spoon across the room. I wasn't sure he'd eaten enough, so I gave him a rice cracker and took him upstairs to, what else, check my email. He likes to wander around my room and get into all the grown up things and I still had another 10 minutes to waste before 11:30, my naptime goal. I must say, when you are trying to keep the baby up it sure helps to have a kid who never lets on that he might be sleepy.

In his crib by 11:25, howling for 30 seconds, asleep by 11:30.

11:30 is still too early, but I'm hoping he sleeps a long time. A girl can wish! And the plan is to get him used to one nap and slowly push it into the afternoon. I'm not sure if there's a point to this, since we're still leaving in the morning for my parents' house and he'll fall asleep in the car, and then there's the matter of the baby shower we're throwing on Saturday and will I want him to nap before that or not, but today feels moderately successful. I wonder what the afternoon will be like...

Yesterday he slept all of 20 minutes before the moms group babies woke him up. Then he took an hour and a half nap in the afternoon. It was perfect. PERFECT. I am so gunning for a one nap lifestyle!

You know how I don't read books, right? I probably should. I was vaguely aware of this one nap transition thing, but I didn't know anything about it. And my friends' kids are angel babies who sleep for hours in the afternoons while their mothers eat bon bons and paint their toenails. So, you know, I thought it just HAPPENED. And it never occurred to me that Jack would start dropping his afternoon nap rather than the morning one.

It makes me wonder how many things are going to crop up in Toddler Land. I know nothing about toddlers. Or preschoolers. Or kindergarteners. I am SCREWED!



Awesome! I am glad that went so well!

(Nothing wrong with a bit of TV. We used to watch a short video everyday in daycare to transition from after naptime to playtime. It made all the difference in the rest of the afternoon.)


Go Jack go!! Lets hope this continues... eating bonbons and painting toenails is very important and must be properly prioritized.


Ugh...transitions are hard. Good luck with that. Although, once they are in the new state of napping/sleeping, it totally rocks.


I'll admit it. I know nothing about parenting children, save for babysitting/working with kids for the past 11 years, being the oldest child, and generally enjoy small people.

BUT!! I do know this!! (Listen, for the childless 23-year-old speaks her wisdom.)

For kindergarten - just ship the kid off to full day kindergarten and let THEM deal with him.

Only 4 more years, Maggie, only 4 more years.

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