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Pears are yummy, but HONESTLY

I'm not going to be able to write anything today either. Gah. Stupid NaBloPoMo.

Does anyone else's kid not eat? Everyone says not to replace milk/formula with solids, but my kid is not particularly enjoying the liquid diet anymore. He wants pears. I try to stuff the bottle in his mouth and he's all, "GIVE ME MY PEARS, WOMAN!"

So I am frustrated. He is hardly wasting away, but I don't know what to do with him. Solids first, milk first, scheduled, not scheduled, it doesn't matter. The only thing he is remotely interested in eating is pears.

And now I'm going to fawn over the pictures of my sisters' first graders dressed up like Pilgrims.

Ooh, if you need something to read over Thanksgiving break, may I suggest Mayflower? Who knew Squanto was such a conniving sneak!



Nope, I don't know how to make kids eat. I know how to make my dogs eat something- just not give them anything else until they are so hungry that they would eat chalk. But that would be tough to hold out on with a baby.


I have the opposite problem, so I can't help. Milla is just now warming up to solid at 13 months. Pears? Pears she would consider to be an insult.


Excuse me, that was meant to say "she was just warming up to solidS," plural. Warming up to solid makes it sound like she was, maybe, a super-cooled liquid before? My geek self is giggling at the though.


At the THOUGHT. Sheesh.


I don't know how to make kids eat, either. I even posted something like that today. Not remotely interesting, but hey, I did post! :D

Give the boy his pears!


This is probably going to be the only chance I get today to get on the computer, so I wanted to leave you a message to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and to tell you how thankful I am for your friendship.

blog nerd

Arwen clearly has not conquered her hashish problem.

Arwen, sweetie, friends don't let friends get stoned and post. Next time I see you I'm going to take your key board until I know your straight enough to post.

Sigh. Why am I always the key(board) master?

What's that Arwen? You say you don't smoke Hashish? (She's tried to to convince me of this before.)

Okaaaay. It ain't just a river in Egypt. 'Sall I'm sayin'


I've started giving B greek style yogurt because that's like solid milk. She LOVES it. (No dairy nastiness associated with active culture yogurt. And I don't mean Yo-Baby which is just stupid. Yo-baby? What is this? Hip Hop nutrition?)

I just started vitamins to be safe.

Like J, B doesn't have any threat of wasting away at the moment.

And you can mix the pears and applesauce into the yogurt. Or mix formula/breastmilk into his pears.

Hey you got pears in my breastmilk! You got breastmilk on my pears? Wait...mmmm!

I think B would eat just about anything if it had applesauce mixed in it.

Or if it looked like paper.

She has made the most interesting paper mache creations in her diaper. I'm thinking of sending one into the DIY network.

(PS a teaspoon of flax seed oil in the demanding cur's pears and he's getting some fats. Stealth nutrition, baby.)


Happy Thanksgiving!

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