Yes, I know, it's my own fault
All I want for Christmas is you. And the Philosophy skin care line.

It's not Monday, it's Bonus Thanksgiving Day

LAST night I was up fourteen times to put the baby back to sleep because he is SICK. Snotty, snorty and all around pathetic. It's like having a pug in the house- a pug with facial orifice drainage issues. (Which they all have. Pugs are disgusting. Don't email me.)

A sick baby is awful. Sometime around eleven I peeked in on Phillip rocking Jack back to sleep in his room. Phillip was half asleep and Jack was wide awake, sniffling pitifully. It was so sad, internet, so sad. I snatched him away and lulled him to sleep with my achingly beautiful singing voice. He was up every couple of hours, but it wasn't horrible. There was a reason! Our sick baby! OUR POOR SWEET SICK BABY.

We decided it was an excellent excuse to have Phillip stay home from work. It's a bonus Thanksgiving day! We're doing all the things we should have done over the weekend, like clean the floors and wash the dishes and run forty-seven loads of laundry.

I cleaned the floors with my new O Mop. Which is not perfect, by any means, as it doesn't glide as easily as I'd like. But it kicks Mr. Swiffer's butt from here to China in the Gets Things Actually Clean department. I hate Swiffer. With the Swiffer I felt like I was simply moving the dust from this end of the floor to that end of the floor. I didn't like the cleaning pad, vaguely reminiscent of a disposable diaper. I didn't like the smell of the cleaning solution. The O Mop has solution that smells like cake (really!) and the microfiber cloth goes in the washer. I love this.

I bought a whole bunch of Method products recently. As you know I am a Quasi-Environmentalist. Which is someone who feels sort of guilty about the amount of waste she generates on a daily basis and who feels it is her duty as a Middle Class American With Disposable Income to reduce her footprint on our beloved Gaia Earth. It's not because I think Halliburton is where the Devil goes to work or because I want to save the whales or the rainforests or whatever is cool these days, but wanting to be a good steward. If my circumstances and budget allow a "greener" life, I feel like I should at least TRY non-toxic cleaning products and not using a dozen paper towels to clean up something that could just as easily be mopped up with a sponge or a cloth towel.

So. Some of the Method stuff leaves me unimpressed. I have yet to find anything that lasers the soap grime off my glass shower doors and I am willing to use nuclear power if necessary. The all-purpose cleaner looks super streaky on my countertops. I probably should have bought the cleaner especially formulated for my countertops, but I was trying to buy products that cleaned more than one surface. On the other hand, Phillip and I want to marry the stainless steel wipes. Do you have stainless appliances? Did they give you that "stainless steel cleaning solution" gunk that you are supposed to dribble onto the surface and then throw your entire body weight into wiping it off? WHAT A PAIN. This is why my refrigerator looks like it is owned by a class of starving third graders. But the Method wipes? AMAZING! You do not have to go to the gym before you use one of these wipes. And they are totally streak free. Love them. (Dear Method: What are you going to give me for the free advertising?)

(Also, stainless steel appliances? Why? I have white cupboards and black countertops and stainless appliances- which are de rigeur in new townhouses in this area- and I guess they look okay, but what I wouldn't give for a cherry red refrigerator to match my KitchenAid. I might even like black appliances better. I like modern industrial architecture, but not so much for my appliances. End complaint.)

I guess cloth diapers fit into my quasi-green philosophy, but I chose those mostly for the cost benefits. And I don't know what to say when people accuse me of using more water. It's entirely possible. But I still feel like reusing things is better than using things once and throwing them away. I don't mind washing them. (SO FAR. I reserve the right to throw them out once the poo is overpowering.) I'm trying not to depend on things like baby wipes and the aforementioned paper towels. I don't go to the fancy grocery store where everything is organic and natural and whole and insufferable, but I try to pay attention to where things come from and whether they are, you know, toxic and poisonous.

(One thing I will say for Method shower cleaner: I usually have to go lie down and recover from a blistering headache after I clean the bathroom. There was no headache action after a Method cleaned shower. Again, where are my freebies?)

That said, we switched cars with my inlaws over the weekend (needed to move our Gigando Television to my parents' garage- thanks, Parents!) and I had to run an errand this morning. We haven't switched back yet, so I got to drive the pretty pretty pretty Toyota Highlander with all the trimmings. Mmm. Longtime readers of this website (hello Mom!) know that I once owned a Beloved Automobile, a rusted and ancient Ford Explorer. I loved that car. LOVE. I loved driving up high. I loved having such a big blustery car. I was so sad to give it up, but the gas mileage was killing us. We gave it to my sister, traded in Phillip's car and became a One [Hippie] Car Family. Just like the Seattle politicians keep nagging us to do. (Note to Seattle politicians: Perhaps your constituents will start listening when you FIX THE DAMN TRANSIT SYSTEM. Deep breath.)

The one car thing is working out well for us. It was hard at first and still is on occasion, but for the most part we only need the one car and it runs on French fries* and therefore we get to wear shiny green halos, right?

Except how I covet the Toyota Highlander. And pretty much every other Large Truck-Like Car. As an American, it's my God-given right to want a car that can roll over houses, right? If my father-in-law wanted to give me that car (and it's sort of possible, since the Beloved Automobile was also gifted from my inlaws, AND they wanted to give me their other car, to which I said, "No, I am not a brassy-haired bejewled grandmother") I WOULD TOTALLY TAKE IT. Would not even blink. Would trade in my hippie car without a second thought.

That pretty much destroys any quasi-green cred I may have, right? Should I show you my Born Free baby bottles? I'll get rid of ALL the plastic in my house if I can have the Toyota Highlander!

*The other night a friend was going off on a rant about IDIOTS WHO USE BIODIESEL and how they aren't saving the earth or standing behind their No Blood For Oil! bumper stickers, but DESTROYING THE INDONESIAN RAINFORESTS. I swear, you can't win.



I am so sorry about your sick baby. I am feeling your sleep-deprived pain. I am also very impressed that you are able to put together an intelligent and coherent post after such a night. You'll have to tell me how you do that. I'm not keeping up so well on good days.


My favorite "green" cleaning product is baking soda. Yes, so cheap it is almost free and so green you can even eat it. (But, yuck, why would you want to, unless you made it into cookies first?) I am going to try and make my own multipurpose cleaner when my current one runs out. I don't know what I am going to make it out of yet.

I have a Toyota RAV4, a 2001. It's somewhat in the middle of a big car and one that is too short to see anything in front of you. And, because I drive in a gas preserving manner, I get 25 miles to the gallon in the city. It is awesome. I might get a hybrid when this car wears out, which it won't in a long time, because it is awesome.


Aww... poor Jack! I hope he gets better soon (and that you consequently get more sleep!)

I wish I was more impressed with some of the Method stuff, too.

Pugs ARE disgusting.


Use a small amount of vinegar (1T) and water (1C), the more vinegar to water the stronger it is. Its great for cleaning everything, especially showers, faucets, mirrors, and things that need to shine. And floors. As Jen said baking soda is good for things that need to be scrubbed (bathtub).
For stainless steel wipe everything down with water to get off any food/stuff and dry it immediately, then put a bit of oil on a terry cloth and rub it in. Works wonders, just be carefuly not to use too much.
I used to own a cleaning business in Colorado, we did a lot of "green" cleans!

Kate P

Aw, hope the baby feels better soon. Although the idea of a Bonus Thanksgiving Day sounds cool!

SUV, green products--ultimately it's all a wash, IMO. Although quite often the green stuff can make sense. And thank you for the mop tip b/c the wetjet was starting to frustrate me.


Thanks for the baking soda tip, Jen and Kate! I am already using vinegar, but I didn't know about the baking soda. Cool.

Also, Maggie, I personally think that stainless steel is this decade's avacado. I think all those sleek modern appliances are going to look so incredibly dated in about 15 years. Which, now that I type that, is probably the life expectancy of an appliance, so maybe it's not that bad. Still, I don't get paying extra for it. And magnets don't stick!

Mrs. Flinger

I agree completely on all the above. The snot/sick kid (also here) and the "not willing to give up killing the fish for dirty bathrooms". Ok, those are my words, not yours. :-)


They make Hybrid Highlanders, don't they?

Also, I am dealing with revenge of the snotty baby. She SNORES. And hates the snot suction device. Wow.


Method smells yummy. Mmmm.

I also use vinegar and baking soda to scrub soap scum. Speaking of which, I really really need to do that. It's been too long :)

Mike and I also just have one car. It's a pain in the butt sometimes, but it's SO MUCH cheaper. ("green" can equal cheap so often I feel guilty)

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