Pears are yummy, but HONESTLY
The tryptophan is wearing off

Courtesy of a family of elementary school teachers

*sung to the tune of Frere Jacques*

Turkey dinner turkey dinner
Gather round! Gather round!
Who will get the drumstick?
Yummy yummy drumstick!
All sit down, all sit down

Cornbread muffins, chestnut stuffing
Puddin' pie, one foot high
All of us were thinner
Before we came to dinner
Me oh my! Me oh my!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. You can look forward to my OH DEAR GOD DID ALL OF MY PANTS SRHINK? post tomorrow. Whee!



My sister had an elementary school Thanksgiving poem. I wish I remembered the whole thing, but all I remember now is the last line was "when Daddy carves the turkey, he always carves his thumb!" But that's not bad, seeing that it was like 18 years ago. I surprised I even remember that there was a poem!

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