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How do I love you, TiFaux?

A very traumatic thing happened over the summer and I will refer to it as The Great TiFaux Hard Drive Crash of 2007. Plainly put, I have not had my TiFaux for over a month. A MONTH, people. I have had to watch Top Chef in real time. Do you know what time Top Chef comes on? Ten! That's a whole two hours after I would like to be asleep!

Anyway, it hasn't been the total end of the world seeing as how it's summer and summer TV is about 90% crap. (The other 10% is the Bravo Channel which, admittedly, is also crap, but crap I happen to adore.) I've informed the management no less than fifty-seven times that the TiFaux must be repaired by TV Season, also known as September. I've had blind faith in the management. He has yet to fail me in the television department. But yesterday he called me downstairs to say that fixing the TiFaux will require many buckets of dollars in addition to many hours of re-networking the Cheung household. If you have spent any time at all in the Cheung household you know that there are computers in pretty much every room and re-networking means I probably won't see my husband until Halloween.

You KNOW I was in favor of spending many buckets of dollars, right? I am honestly ashamed to admit this, but I need my television. Neeeed. It's how I wind down. It's how I keep up on World Affairs. It's how I know what's going on with Britney. It's how I tune out anxiety late at night. It's blog fodder. It's much needed background noise. It's often the center of my entire social life. The cable bill is right up there with electricity and water.

But then Phillip floated the whole, "If I buy a MacBook now, then we can use my machine for the TiFaux and I will have to do, like, a third of the networking."

Hmmm. Let's call this: How Phillip Scored Himself A MacBook For His Birthday.

He blames me, because I have pretty much coopted our laptop, a few-years-old Dell, for my work-from-home endeavors. In fact, I am using it right now, but from my desk upstairs where I have hooked it up to my flat screen monitor so I have two- TWO!- monitors and oh my how did I ever live without two monitors before? I can have Dreamweaver open AND Dynamic Drive code samples up at the same time! (Cheater!)

(Hey, all you people who know about these things: is there some kind of almost four months regression type behavior? Like suddenly deciding naps are for the birds and waking up fifty times a night just because? GAWD.)

Due to the child who is on fire with righteous indignation to find himself in his crib- how dare he be in his crib!- I can't rattle off my Shows I'm Totally Going To Turn Off The Phone Ringer For. But I CAN tell you that while Miss Veronica Mars may have left Neptune for good, she's going to be hanging out with our favorite Heroes come October. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?



Um, four month sleep regression? RIGHT HERE. Way worse than the newborn stage. For the first two hours after we put her down last night, she was up about every 15-30 minutes. Totally fun.


Um---so THERE on the four month deal. She is TERRIBLE right now. Very difficult to go down for naps and for bed and she is waking up now more than she ever has before.

I'm waiting until our floors are done before I panic and deem this a full on sleep regression because her naps are thrown off by this awful air hammer noise she hears all day but YEAH.

My poor little good sleeper.


babies, schmabies. congratulations on the new macbook! =)

Jenny Ryan

That Phillip, he is a slick one! :P That's totally something my husband would do.

I am STILL in Veronica Mars withdrawal. I have not been able to bring myself to watch the final 3 hours yet.

I am so sorry about your aunt.


I am cracking up about the righteous indignation. I can still picture M.s little face (and I think she was probably around 9 months? at least 6? when I tried to put her in the crib awake for the first time...i.e. without the boob. The definition of righteous indignation!

I have no clue about anything to do with computers, and if I had Tivo I am sure still wouldn't have figured it out. But that was pretty slick of your dh. I figured out a way to get a new wardrobe...but it involved general anesthesia and a considerable amount of pain, so he was a little slicker than me.


My husband (same guy who paints armies of lizard men for fantasy board games - don't get me started) says our TiVo is connected to a wireless network. He says your husband can probably hook your TiVo up to a wireless network for about $200. He also says that I shouldn't tell you this because he's on your husband's side for a new laptop. Typical. Best of luck; TiVo is essential!


It is amazing to me to find another couple that has logic like ours... I also am completely addicted to Tivo and Hubby would definitely use my addiction to score more technology for himself! Gotta love these co-dependent relationships! ;-)

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