Return of the chunk
So maybe her taste wasn't so great


Hurry up and look before my friends freak out about having their preshhhussss on the big scary internet!


Cuteness, yes? This is what four babies look like when their parents, all eight of them, are dancing and whooping and laughing and clapping and turning cartwheels in hopes that 1) the four babies will stay on the couch, 2) the four babies will look at the eighty zillion cameras and 3) that they will smile. I think we'll shoot for smiles next year.

I'm going down to visit my mommy today. This is good because Jack is being a CRAP sleeper the last couple nights and I'm pretty sure that without help from the grandmothers I would be death walking. Also because I am supposed to start working and working right now means cranking out a website in one month. A website people will actually USE. I have never ever done this before and if I wasn't waking up to debate the finer points of sleeping through the night with my baby, I was waking up and saying to my poor stupid self, "WHAT HAVE YOU GOTTEN YOURSELF INTO?"

My mother is doing what now?

I'd externally process this new kind of neuroticness, but the boy is demanding breakfast. I tell everyone I love not having to go to an office and talk on the phone and go to meetings, but I've still got a boss and he's rather irrational about arriving on time...



Cutness!! Absolute cuteness. It's funny to see Jack next to those "big" kids. The last pictures you posted he looked absolutley huge! and now he looks like a TINY baby again. But still very adorable. And what is a Hapa baby? Probably some Northwestern thingy that us desert rats wouldn't understand. have fun at your mommy's, mine's coming up in two days! I can't wait.


This is your boss? He's pretty small, dude. I think you can take him.


What cute kidlets!! Yeah, no way all three of those goals can be accomplished...having them not fling themselves off the couch is a bonus!


I can hear Gollum's voice in my head, kinda made me all "in the mood" for a little LOTR trilogy action this weekend. Sigh.

Sorry you gotta work and answer to the boss nonstop. Hope you get some rest soon. How in the HELL am I gonna do this as a single? What am I thinking?!


Wow, Jack looks a lot smaller next to those sweet babies than he does when he's next to good old Fat the Bunny.


Grandmothers are very handy. Good luck with that work thing.


I also meant to say the babies are delicious! What fun!


I also meant to say the babies are delicious! What fun!


I also meant to say the babies are delicious! What fun!


Dear Mr. Jack,

Please take pity on your mama with the sleeps. Rested mama beats tired mama on any day. I know of what I speak.


Mr. Bec

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