First week of Advent (point not included)
And purple and white and pink and orange and blue!

Ms. Bad Attitude strikes again

Last night's training session (if you're wondering about what I'm being 'trained' for, go here) wasn't so much a training session as yet another introductory, please help us do this, it's going to be awesome, just wait and see get together. Apparently the real training will begin next Wednesday night, when there will be discussion of phone calls and how to answer hard questions and (shudder) role playing.

I am still on board. WAY on board. In fact, I agreed and resonated with every single word our priest uttered during his somewhat out-of-character pep talk (the man used to be a monk, and like our resident nun often says, you can take the monk out of the monastery, but you can't take the monastery out of the monk.) However! This whole experience has only confirmed that I am not a peppy kind of girl. You'd think I'd be all over the enthusiasm and group cheers and motivational talks and (shudder) role playing, but no. Noooo. I can't think of speakers I've enjoyed more, a project that I believe in so sincerely, and still, the whole We Are Family! Go Us! Pep Rally aspect of it makes me cringe. I mean, this is a grown man up at the front having a bunch of other grown people clap their hands for the Bonzai Cheer.

What's the Bonzai Cheer you ask?

clap clap clap!   clap clap clap!   clap clap clap!   clap!
clap clap clap!   clap clap clap!   clap clap clap!  clap!
clap clap clap!   clap clap clap!   clap clap clap!  clap!

[in unison, with arms raised] "BONZAI, ST. URBAN WEALTHY NEIGHBORHOOD!"

We only had to do this once last night, and I still wanted to hide under the table. I may have a negative amount of pep.

It makes me think of when my brother the Lieutenant was in high school and working at the BX. I think I was in college at this point, but he would tell us these stories about getting there before the store opened and the managers having all the employees get in a big huddle to pump each other up and get excited about their day. I believe they even had their own cheer, the Let's Get The Enlisted Guys To Drop All Their Cash On Electronic Equipment Cheer. I only wonder if my brother had to wear flair.

Interesting that I just compared our church project to retail, no? Totally without thinking. Although last night our priest said that this is not about money, he doesn't care if we add one more penny to our coffers each week, he only wants to be forced to add another weekend Mass, to expand the school, to build out the parish center, all because the people who registered as parishioners are actually participating. I believe him.

Anyway. Speaking of the Lieutenant, he's about to have another baby in a matter of weeks. If your world suddenly explodes sometime around the new year, that's just the universe reacting to twice the amount of freakishly adorable sainted grandchild.



Jenny Ryan

Wow-2 new grandkids? I bet your parents are out of their minds with excitement!

And, I'm TOTALLY with you on the whole pep rally, cheering thing. Also I'm not a big hugger, ESPECIALLY of people I don't know. I'd be right there, hiding under the table with you :P


Oh my gosh! I just had a little mini brain explosion from just the cuteness of that picture!

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