I'm posting this because I'm avoiding posting about grad school. You're welcome.
Not doing anything about the future guilt tonight

Oh yes, it appears we are still doing Seven Quick Takes

1. "...a poorly rested Jackson is a curse upon the entire Cheung household." I don't often think much of these things I whip out for Parenting, but I rather liked this one. It's very much the gist of the relationship I have with my two-year-old right now. My mom won't like it, but you might.

2. It's going to be ninety-something degrees this weekend, fairly close to the point where native Washingtonians pucker up like raisins and die. Instead of whining about this (and actually, I kind of like it, I'm very much looking forward to spending nap time at my sister's apartment complex pool tomorrow) we're thinking about going to the beach. The REAL beach, not the fakey Puget Sound beaches in Seattle. It's about three hours to Ocean Shores and while I have been to Ocean Shores several times and can therefore vouch for its lack of anything remotely fun to do, the KIDS have never had the rocky windy freakishly cold Northwest "beach" experience. And if we go when it's 90 degrees in Seattle it might be warm enough on the coast to go without a hooded sweatshirt. How novel!

3. Having gained four pounds since my birthday festivities (FOUR. POUNDS.) I've been trying to get back on track in preparation for our Vegas trip in two weeks. If you wonder why we're going and what we're going to do in Vegas, you only have to read Jen's recap of her trip, since I'll be doing the exact same things with the exact same family members. Anyway. FOUR POUNDS. For SHAME.

4. Vegas finds itself on a short but heavy list of topics I have not yet sucked it up to write about, including, but not limited to: Grad School, Selling The House, Third Baby, Road Trips, Housecleaners and What To Do When Both Babies Are Howling At The Same Time, Does Anyone Know? Most of those things are connected, OBV. Let's just say this blog is in Tightly Controlled Freakout Mode and is liable to explode at any moment.

5. I finally updated Google Reader. If I haven't added your blog to Google Reader I don't read it. Which is shameful, I realize, especially since I have a folder in GR just for anyone who has ever commented on this website, so I can keep up my [FACADE OF] a blogroll over there on the right. So  I went through a few days of comments, was mortified to note how many blogs I was missing and updated accordingly. Got some good stuff too: here's Linda talking about potty training. (OMG. Add "Potty Training" to Quick Take #4.) Here's Christiana talking about her goals before 30. Here are Sara's pictures of her brand new one-year-old. (Seems like there's a lot of new one-year-olds out there right now.)

6. This has been a hard week for Jack and me. He is pushing every single button I have and I tap out of patience around 4:30 pm, a good hour and a half before Phillip gets home. (If not earlier, say, nine in the morning?) It seems like the brattiest days are the ones where he's not sleeping as much, like the weeks (months?) when Molly would wake him up a full hour (or TWO, OMG) from his afternoon nap, and now, when Molly's internal 5:45 am alarm clock means everyone else has to get up at 5:45 too. Today was a little better (we all slept till 6:30) but MAN these I-am-just-going-to-smirk-at-you-while - you-shout-no-at-the-top - of-your-lungs days wear me out. I went for a run when Phillip got home - first time ever at that time of the day - just to have an outlet for the shorties-won't-do-as-I-say! aggression. ARGH.

7. Phillip told me about these restaurant.com certificates ($25 certificate for $2!) and we're hoping to stash the kids with my parents tomorrow night and grab some grown up dinner. I imagine we will probably discuss the spreadsheet he sent me earlier today, detailing how, exactly, we are going to pay for grad school, and let us all hope we have enough money for wine, Internet. LET US HOPE.

More quick takes at one of my fave sites.



Third baby! Need to hear about this! Stat!


Want to know something FUNNY? You remember that friend I was speaking of in my last comment? She works for restaurant.com. Small world, huh? (and thanks for the link...made my day!)

Jenny Ryan

Wow-that is a whole lot of stuff going on. I think you're doing a great job of dealing with it all.

I'm sending you good wishes that hopefully will help you find at least a little bit of relief.


3rd baby post, PLEASE?


2. Wow, Washington beaches are really different from Florida beaches, huh?

3. Vegas? I have an upcoming trip to the mall (childless!) and that is quite enough to excite me today.

4. I totally feel you on What To Do When Both Babies Are Howling At The Same Time and Potty Training. Ugh! Fortunately, Third Baby concerns are off my list and added to my husband's under the new title of Upcoming Appointment with Urologist, or, Dr. Who Is Going To Put A What In My Where??


Duuuuuuuuude. I'd seen ads for restaurant.com but had not used it-- until just now. I got $80 worth of gift certificates for $6.40!! I hear a date night calling my name. Operation: babysitters! Thanks for mentioning the deal!

And I'm with everyone else-- 3rd baby post! (?!?) I just posted something to the effect of how if a third baby were to surprise me right now that I might keel over and die. So yes, I'm interested too. :-)


I cannot wait to see your Vegas recap post to see if you thought the same as I did.

Kate P

1 & 6. Just think, not too long ago you were fretting he'd never talk. Sounds as if the running is good for what ails ya. (Might have to try that myself.)

7. I do hope there is money for wine. Fervently.


Ah. Third baby. I've been thinking about you often, actually, for the past (um...6? I think? Funny how you don't keep track as much by the time you're on #3) months. Thinking about how I remember you talking about having kids close together, how your mom did it that way too...thinking about how it was a struggle for me to discover #3 growing inside, for a variety of reasons, and balancing that struggle with my Faith and my joy over having a sibling for the boys...as we had always hoped, and as even though we'd been getting ready, I just didn't feel ready enough for. Luckily I've still got 3 more months to get fully prepared.

But that's not why I pulled up the comment box. Really it was over how much you're LOVING this stage with little Jack. Just like I'm LOVING the fact that Chris has given up his nap (for the most part) and because of that is super over tired and is now HITTING. And we're not talking gentle love pats here. HITTING AS IN SWINGING PUNCHES LIKE MOHAMMED ALI. I'm lucky to not have a black eye yet. Have been meaning to write about this....but when to write when the afternoon nap has disappeared? And I was just getting the hang of this whole blogging thing. sigh.


Thanks for the linky... :)

I too would like to read the posts you mentioned, specifically the the 3rd baby post. I have already used you as an example of the problems that can occur when you are a family w/ 2 kids and have only one bedroom for them and "what on earth will we/she do when there is a 3rd?" So I'm curious as to your in-depth thoughts on the matter.

Sarah @ This Heavenly Life

Your writing has cracked me right up! I hope you have some peace and quiet ahead of you with a (cheap) date night :)


Hi Maggie!

I have been lurking for a while. I enjoy your writing.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for linking that restaurant.com code! Saved soem money and am looking forwrad to eating out soon.

Stay cool in the Seattle heat wave you are having,

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