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    April 28, 2010

    About this website

    My name is Maggie. I've been writing on this ridiculous website since the summer of 2004. At first, and by "at first" I mean YEEEEARS, nobody read it. Nobody left comments except maybe my mom. I despaired that I would ever get a book deal. But I kept writing, and oh so slowly my favorite internet people, AKA My Drop Dead Gorgeous Readers, happened upon it. Would you believe I've met some of them in real life? And they are even more fabulous in person? Gosh I love my ridiculous website. Although I still don't have a book deal. 

    I live with Phillip, the Devastatingly Handsome Chinese Man who lived down the hall from me sophomore year. Jackson was born in May 2007 and Molly was born in September 2008. Here is our most recent family picture:

     Dude, the second child always gets the shaft. 

    Oh wait. HERE is the most recent picture:

    That's better. 

    We live in Seattle, but no, I didn't grow up here, that is probably my least favorite getting-to-know-you question. Here's the answer to "what do you do?": I stay home with the kids while Phillip goes to an office and earns money I can spend at Target. 

    I also write on websites. This one bears the brunt of most of my neuroses, but I write more about being a mom on and indulge my obsession with table linens at Style Lush. And apparently one personal website was not enough for one as brilliant and eloquent as I: visit Where The Catholic Sun Doth Shine to read my churchy thoughts and Hot By Thirty if you want to know exactly how much I weigh. 

    So! I think that's enough for now. I do hope this satisfies the handful of readers who felt compelled to email me over the last two years to remind me that I had not added OH RIGHT, I HAVE ANOTHER BABY NOW! to my About Page. Satisfied, Nitpicky Readers?

    Thanks for visiting!