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Blue chair + plane tickets = cheery disposition

I want this chair.


I spent this evening figuring out how much money we can pay ourselves after Macaron Madness Month. With my earnings I am going to buy this chair. I have been wanting A Chair for my living room and I like this one quite a lot. It is my favorite color. And every time sit in it - no, LOOK at it - I will think to myself, "Macaron Madness Month purchased this chair" which will, hopefully, fill me with a sense of Satisfaction and Contentitude. 

Also it is on sale. 

Thumbprints Baking Company is in a bit of a holding pattern, mainly because Katie is looking for new digs. It would be difficult to run an online bakery when the baker is, say, 45 minutes away from the packer/shipper/deliverer/picture taker. I am happy to wait and see and in the meantime I shall buy this chair. 

Also in the meantime I shall plan our trip. Today I 1) responded to the nice English lady whose Southwark apartment we want to rent for a week and 2) bought plane tickets from Venice, Italy to Paris, France. Dudes, those tickets were CHEEEEAP. I don't think I can fly to SPOKANE for what I paid for Venice to Paris. I mean, the Paris hotel will more than make up for whatever we saved on cheap airfare, but I feel like I'm going to need to do a lot of financial brightsiding on this trip.  

So far, the trip looks like this:

  • Fly to Venice. 
  • Spend 6-7 days in small town northeastern Italy in a vacation rental house with my parents and Other Sister, her husband, and impossibly cute baby. We plan to take the train to Venice a few times, head to the beach, day trip to my parents' old favorite spots, but also drink a lot of cappuccino, eat a lot of gelato, and walk around the town. For a while I was thinking we'd drive up to Austria or even Bavaria, but you know, I have a LOT of cappuccino drinking to do. 
  • On day 7 Phillip and I will leave the kids in the vacation rental with my parents and fly to Paris. Two nights and nearly three full days. Phillip said, "I'm realizing this isn't going to be a relaxing vacation." YA THINK, PHILLIP?
  • The day after we fly back from Paris, Phillip's PARENTS are flying into Venice. We'll spend yet another day in Venice with them and hopefully direct them to our small town via train and show them the small town sights. It probably sounds super obnoxious that I want to take Phillip's dad to the small town Chinese restaurant, but I honestly think he would get a gigantic kick out of it AND become besties with the owners. He is just that kind of guy. 
  • THEN we are flying to London. With Phillip's parents, though it remains to be seen if they are tagging along so closely that they're picking the same flight, or if we'll just meet up again in London. Phillip will work a few days while I try to maintain a nice balance of Culture, Art, Playtime, and iPad time. I'm not SUPER sure what the must dos are with small children. The Tower of London, a museum or four, Hamley's, Foyle's, the changing of the guard. I am GOING to the Imperial War Museum with or without my family. And we are FOR SURE going to see a musical. Well, quite honestly, we will attend as many appropriate-for-children theatrical productions as I can afford and manage. THOUGHTS? 
  • We'll be there over a weekend and I am PRETTY sure we will attempt Stonehenge. Jackson is suuuuuper into Mysteries Of The World and had a whole week of Stonehenge obsession this summer. I THINK it'd be fun to do that? Maybe find some kind of tour that will bus us there and back? The Salisbury Cathedral on the way?
  • Phillip works the Monday after the weekend (THANK YOU, PHILLIP'S COMPANY, YOU ARE LOVELY PEOPLE) and we fly home on a Tuesday. Sadness.

You know what else I'm thinking about a lot these days? The SEATTLE Blathering. Yep. So much to plaaaaan! 

Now I have to go clean in preparation for my cleaning people tomorrow morning. You know how it goes. 





I am so excited for your trip and you must vow to post hourly photos so that we can all travel vicariously!!!!


I can't remember your exact dates, but if you're going in June, Stonehenge is difficult to see around the solstice (says the not bitter at all woman who made that mistake). Sounds like an awesome trip!


I am probably totally unqualified to say this, but I have heard from more than one source that Stonehenge is way overrated. It's pretty far from London (in kids' terms, at least) and you can't even get that close once you're there, which I can also see being problematic with kids. But that's just what I've heard from a couple sources. It's also a once in a lifetime thing, so I guess you just have to decide how much you want to see it vs. the potential downsides, right? I can't even fathom picking things to do in Europe in the first place, so who am I to talk? ;-)


Maggie, my kids are a bit older than yours, but when they were 11 and 8, we visited London for a week while my husband was on business. I took them all around on my own --- the london eye (cheesy for sure but they enjoyed it), a river boat to the Tower of London plus a guided tour by a yeoman warder once there (a must), the London zoo (and then we walked through a lovely park on the way back), hamleys (and I let them buy a very fun toy for when we were in restaurants - something akin to a collaborative easy no-mess art kit - will see if hamleys still sells it and send you the link), a day trip to Greenwich (prime meridian (I'm a nerd!)) and Hampton Court Palace (I loved this! There was a fun garden maze for the kids but otherwise they were less than impressed with the magnificence of the palace). We also went as a family to see the lion king, and honestly, it was my least favorite event. Too late at night and not my favorite show. The kids were "ehh" about it, but years later it is fun to say "remember when you saw the lion king in London?". (We live close to NYC and have seen many bway shows so they didn't find it to be that special). Ohhhhh.....we did do the open top, red tour bus hop-on/hop-off to get around and see some sights. Highly recommend that! Please email me with any questions. You're going to have an amazing time!! :-)


And I forgot another fun thing we did ---- took a river boat from Camden town through the locks. Also did the audio tour at Westminster abbey -- my fave! We were seriously go-go-go the whole time! (But with lots of sitting to give the younger son a break (he hates sightseeing!)).


My eyes get all big with excitement over this trip. I can't even. IT'S SO EXCITING.

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