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Room Update (snore) + Recently Improved Parenting

No one should care this much about bedroom rearranging

The Bedroom Indecision of 2014 has CONCLUDED. Boom! Feels good. After many minutes standing in the middle of the room hemming and hawing, saying, "What do YOU think, Emma?", and emergency-texting Emily who knows about these things, I finally decided on what to do about beds. The arrangement is as follows:

JACK'S ROOM: He will keep his overpriced twin bunk beds. Maybe one day we'll get him a full size loft and put a teenager-worthy desk setup underneath, but for now the seven-year-old has a COUCH in his room, HE IS FINE. 

MOLLY & EMMA'S NEW ROOM: I just placed an order for a spiffy white twin-over-full bunk bed from Walmart. It will be delivered to my house by Monday for FIVE DOLLARS. I measured and taped out lines on the bedroom floor to see how the Ikea daybed-that-pulls-into-a-King-bed AND another twin bed would work in that room. And while there were two arrangements that would WORK, both would require one of my kids sleeping against the wall of windows in that room - maybe not the most terrible thing, but the windows are BIG and one of them is a DOOR, and this just bugs me, perhaps irrationally, whatever. Also, even though that room is BIG, two twin beds were going to eat up a lot of space and I haaaaaate giving up space. I could have put Jack's bunk beds in there, but leaving the full (which the sellers left when we bought the house - WIN) would mean I could still use it as a guest room. Also, the twin-over-full bunk was cheaper than the daybed/trundle I wanted to buy when we factored in having to ALSO buy new mattresses.

NEW GUEST ROOM UPSTAIRS: No bed for now. Eventually I WILL want to buy the Ikea daybed so we can use it as a guest room, and since that room is the smallest, it makes sense to put a daybed/trundle in there instead of a bigger bed. I will probably need every inch for bakery stuff! 

So now there are NEW THINGS TO CONSIDER, those being: we have our regular guests coming to stay at the end of August. I'd planned to give them the option of staying up or downstairs (privacy vs. not so much), but now they'll just stay in the girls' new bunk since we won't have anything else. OH WELL! I am shockingly fine with this. I am embarrassed by how much I care about what my [infrequent!] guests think, so I'm feeling proud about feeling fine this time! ALSO THEY TOTALLY DON'T CARE. I could probably put these people on an air mattress in the living room and give them a timetable for when they're allowed to use the bathroom and they would be fiiiiiine. Best guests ever. All the more reason to leave chocolates on their pillows. (Oh, and I won't need to figure out what to do with the girls since they'll be with grandparents that weekend. Excellent plan.) 

The other thing is that the two sets of girly matching twin bedding - that I've been SAVING! - suddenly won't do! OH DARN. A stronger more well balanced person would just put one set on the twin bed and use the bedding I already have for the full bunk but NOOOOO THEY NEED TO MATCH OR AT LEAST COLOR COORDINATE AM I RIGHT?! I will probably have to sit on this for a while as we have A Budget, but that just means more time to fill up a Pinterest board. 

One other thing might be that Molly would sleep on the top bunk and Emma would be swimming in a full. The part of me that wants everything to be as it should be for all time is annoyed by that, but this weekend the girls stayed with my parents and I learned they slept in the same bed because they WANTED TO and I am CHARMED by this development and now envision them sharing the full bed and having lots of good sister time. Until Molly comes to her senses and climbs into the top bunk. 

In other news I bought three pale pink paint samples this afternoon and all of them are terrible. One is too dark, one is too PINK, and one is basically white. I actually really like the pink one, but Phillip and I looked at it and we both had the same reaction - in that room, with all of that wall space, that is a LOT of pink. I'm going back for a pink in between the PINK and the basically white. The new bunk bed is white and most of their furniture is white with hot pink accents... BUT I LIKE PINK, OKAY. So do my girls. If you can't have a pink room when you're practically 6 and 3 years old, when can you?! 

BORINGEST POST EVER I'M SORRY JEEZ. Did you want to know about MIss Julie? Miss Julie was a beautiful wonder floating on a cloud made of spun sugar, around whom we all hovered worshipfully. Also, Miss Julie drives an aqua Mini Cooper. I MEAN COME ON. THAT CAN'T EVEN BE REAL. 

It was a lovely morning and then, out of nowhere, my body cranked back into Super Anxious Mode and I'm back to being upset about it. No bakery stress, no hormones, nothing on my calendar, no relationship strife, nothing! Being mad is not helpful, but I am, which is all the worse because there is no one to be mad AT. 

Tomorrow we're going to the summer dollar movie at 10am and then they've all decided they want to watch me paint. Should be an exciting day, don't you think? Three more weeks until school starts and I sincerely hope we make it that far. 



Ahh pink rooms. We used 'barely pink' by Behr in G's room and just bought another gallon of it yesterday to put in the playroom. It's the lightest shade if pink in their line but in the wall it is just perfect IMO.

I am hereby requesting pictures when it is done Maggie. I'm sure it will be very cute.


We used Barely Pink too! It looks white in the can but it is such a NICE pink color once it's on the whole wall. I have painted two rooms this color (old house/new house) and it's great.

I don't know if you purchased mattresses yet, but for the full I reco getting a thin IKEA foam mattress. There isn't a lot of top to bottom room in that bottom bunk and we have a normal full mattress and it's tight for an adult. When Preston moves out of the crib I am going to buy an IKEA mattress for the bunk and give him the legit mattress for his room.

Claire sleeps on the top bunk but very often I find them both on the bottom. It's so cute. Bunk beds are the best.


It may be too late for this, but how do you feel about accent walls? I find they are useful for adding color without ending up in a "too pink" type situation. You could do a neutral color on three walls and then a more dramatic/dark pink on the accent wall (or the practically white on three with darker on the third. We are big on accent walls in our house. We are big on accent walls in our house. We have one in the kitchen, living room, and in our oldest's room.


Completely agree with the others, we also used a shade of pink in my daughter's room that looked white on the sample and it turned out perfect. With all the other pink, it picked up those hues and was the perfect shade without being too much!


Ditto the suggestion for an accent wall. It's a really fun way to use a bold color without overdoing it, plus when they get sick of pink it is much easier to paint over one wall...

Salome Ellen

Don't give up on the girly twin bedding! Find a coordinating solid set (Penney's always has a bunch of colors) for the lower bed. Get two of those, if you can stretch the budget. One for everyday, and a spare for guests. (It's also nice to have a spare set for the dreaded midnight upchucks...) Or just get one comforter and an extra queen solid sheet and use the extra girly comforter at the foot of the lower bed, with the sheet serving as a "bedspread."


My oldest just started K today! We go back early but preschool won't start until after Labor Day.

My daughter has a pale pink room with white trim and a white door. Since I have 3 boys I figured she MUST have a pink room ;) Her furniture is also a creamy white color. I will say we decided at the time (my kids are all 15-22 months apart) to do the convertible crib to full bed. So everyone will have a full bed, and we have 4 bedrooms but the one the younger 2 will share won't have 2 full beds in it (a large room) for another 3 years!

I will say we don't have to worry about a guest room though as we use a spare room with a nicer pull out futon in the basement which is finished. Works for us! Would love to see pics of the room when you finish! :)

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