WE'RE LEGAL! Part Two. Where I'm too tired of freaking out to do it again for this post. Sorry to disappoint.
In which I am very YAY BUY STUFF!

A long list of Reads and Recommends so I don't have to come up with anything to say tonight

Dear Typepad, 

One more DDOS attack and we're through. I know it's not your fault. I know it can happen anywhere. But one more time and I'm hitting up one of my web designer Twitter buddies and running for Wordpress. And my business website? It's going in the CLOUD. Or something. I don't know. I won't do any of this because 1) lazy and 2) the bakery has no money but MAN DO I FEEL LIKE ISSUING AN ULTIMATUM.

Reads and recommends anyone? Warning: it's been a while, and I have a lot. (These are in order of oldest to newest, I think, if you just want to skip to the end!)

This is Rachel Held Evans on the World Vision fiasco. Remember that? UGH, I DO. 

This isn't about food businesses, but as you are probably aware I've become emotionally invested in Tales of Useless Bureaucracy and here are more: Is Your Fortune Teller Licensed? 

This is an NPR interview transcript with the Frozen composers. (Who are rad. I loved this. I wish I had listened to it instead of read it. I think I want to hang out with them.) 

The New Ugliness of Mad Men - Atlantic. I'm glad someone else thought of this. So much of what I initially loved about Mad Men was the STYLE and the ERA and as its inched ever closer to the 70s I've just been like WHOA, STOP THE TRAIN. 

I'm not sure where I found this, where it was linked, or what, but you HAVE TO READ THIS. It's basically a blog post about going to the Oscars with your best friend, Jennifer Lawrence. Not entirely clear who this chick is (besides JLaw's BFF), but I need her to write some sort of backstage blog, stat. 

For a time I was interested in purchasing a hot pink fainting couch for my living room. And so, A Short History Of The Fainting Couch

This is amazing. (And also: agree agree agree.) Stephen Fry Responds To Grammar Pedants.

I CRIED. Ohio couple married 70 years dies 15 hours apart

Simcha Fisher has a Jewish dad too! (Well, BOTH her parents were Jewish, then they became Catholic, okay, so not the same. At all.) But I loved loved loved this post about how her family celebrated both traditions

@herewegoajen linked to this post on Twitter. I read it. I bookmarked it forever. I almost never disagree, challenge, contradict, issue the opposing viewpoint, ETC. with friends, ever. I just... it's not my thing, and not just because I don't like conflict. I often don't see the point in most situations. BUT. I am a staunch, proud, very vocal supporter of The Internet, whether someone is complaining about people who never look up from their phones or people who "can't make real friends" or people bemoaning what's become of the culture AND THIS IS WHY. THIS IS WHYYYYYY. (I sobbed.)

I bookmarked this to read later and then I didn't! I will! I am very interested! Forcing Kids to Commit to Their Extracurriculars.

And finally, Anne Applebaum on Ukraine. Is amazing. She should just go by Amazing Anne Applebaum. 

I feel like I had more! Oh well. I haven't been reading anything spectacular... I'm in the middle of a book on spiritual leadership (fascinating stuff, let me tell ya) and I keep LOOKING at The Rosie Project and not reading it. I don't know why I'm not reading fiction right now. I used to ONLY read fiction. Something is off in my brain, I agree. 



Jenny Ryan

Love your list, thanks!

You're right about the Lopez couple. The wife was one of my husband's best friends in high school, and she was a blast to hang out with. (The hubs and I are high school sweethearts :) )

I support some kids through World Vision, and I was so happy when they announced their new policy, and so sad when they reversed it. I could not agree more with the author of that article. I continue on in the hope that we start to see more shifts in this area where "the old passes away, and all things become new."


You're not missing a ton by putting off The Rosie Project :)

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