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In which we all really liked each other the whole weekend I KNOW

We had this surprisingly lovely weekend and I feel bad for you, Internet, because lovely weekends usually do not good blog posts make. Are you just dying to know about all the errands we ran and projects we started and the numerous pleasant interactions with our children? I didn't think so. 

But it's NOTABLE, because not all weekends are lovely, you know? In fact, most of our family's weekends tend to be Super Fun Yet Very Busy or Kind Of Stressful Interspersed With Moments Of Quality Time or Oh God, It's Sunday Night Already? 

Late Saturday morning our power went out. And right now, as I type, I am wondering if maybe the horrendously low expectations one has for a Day Without Power led to the surprising loveliness of the rest of the day? The night before Phillip and I had had one of those State Of The Union talks, you know, where you go through all the things you want to get done, the things on your List, the things that cost money, the calendar, the priorities, blah blah blah. (That was surprisingly lovely too, but another, completely different story.) Anyway, we woke up planning to Get Stuff Done. 

But I think the reason we actually got stuff done is because the power was out. There just wasn't much else to do! We were FORCED to be productive. Bunking Jack and Molly's beds has been on my list for months now and GUESS WHAT. We got it done. I bought Jack a warmer comforter (he had one of those cute-yet-slowly-crappified-Target quilts) and because it was the cheapest and because I am a sucker, I bought him the godawful Skylanders Giants theme set. Then I bought Molly a cheapie Disney Princess blanket because I wanted her to feel like HER room was going to be new too and DEAR GOD when did I become a) the parent who buys their kid whatever they want and 2) the parent who buys CHARACTER LICENSED BEDDING. (Two things I swore I wouldn't do. For shame. Really.) 

So we spent the day bunking the beds, shopping for new bedding, cleaning the room, moving the kid desks from the playroom into the bedroom, creating all this SPACE and you guys know how I love SPACE. I have approximately one frillion ideas for how to Efficent-ize and Maximize all the different areas of my house and EEEEEEEE!!! I AM EXCITED. 

But I also talked a lot with my kids. We went out for lunch and dinner. We did projects together. We laughed. We told entirely too many knock knock jokes. Jack does them pretty well. "Knock knock!" Molly's are tinged with her Jar Jar Binks accent: "Knocka knock!" And Emma is trying, she really is: "KNAWK KNAWK!" "Who's there?" "UMMM..."

MAYBE I was just in an exceptionally good mood. I don't know. I mean, I'll take it, either way. 

Last week I was feeling listless. Literally. Not a fun feeling for me! And now it's Sunday night and I've got a million things on it: finishing up the recipes for the bakery application, finding Jack a filing cabinet at Goodwill, reorganizing and rearranging the playroom, shopping for the things we agreed to shop for during our State of the Union discussion, printing my Christmas party invitations and starting the planning for that. I get stressed and overwhelmed sometimes, but I would SO much rather be those things than LISTLESS. 

Oh, here's a new big thing: we decided to retile our shower ourselves over Thanksgiving break. Yes. I am now opening the suggestion box for any and all DIY tile information. I bought a book! Phillip has watched many a YouTube video! I think we're going with the plain old white ceramic tile at Lowe's (big rectangles) and maybe doing a mosaic glass strip near the top? I think? We WERE going with the super big square porcelain tiles in the Bulk Things We Have Too Much Of section of the store, but I'm not a fan of Neutral Earthy Tones and when we wall this part of the bathroom off to make a powder room it's going to be dark. White it is. I LIKE WHITE. WHITE EVERYTHING. 

SEE. I told you. Boringest blog post ever. Better luck tomorrow, internet! Maybe something terrible will happen!




Elizabeth is trying to tell jokes and they are abominable. I actually taught her the "is your refrigerator running" joke because it represented a vast improvement over her current material.


so my tiling advice is to read doorsixteen dot com and just search tiling. I'm not sure if there is a how to there or not, but her house reno stuff is wonderful to read regardless.

Great to hear you had a nice weekend. To many more. :)

Tricia Cintron

Hi Maggie,
For the title, use epoxy grout. We have used it in three bathrooms and it does not need to sealed and it does not stain. Also, I went to Habitat For Humanity and got a great file cabnet for $27. It was in way better shape than the ones at Goodwill. Also try the UW surplus store.


I, too, love creating space and purging crap. It makes my heart happy. (Like super duper happy.)


Good on you for using the power outage to your advantage! It was not so kind to us... I had bought (online) movie tickets and when we got to the theater, it was closed due to the power being out. BOO. (and I don't mean the Halloween kind). But other than that, we hung out and my 16 year old spent way more time around me than he normally does (because I was where husband had a power cord for the generator hooked up. Of course) .
Happy Monday!


Great weekend updates are always a pleasure to read! Good luck with tiling.


have you considered using a subway tile instead of the squares? i have subway tile staggered with glass mosaic band (all home depot stock) and i love it. (white tile, greenish and gray glass mosaic) it's all in a very tiny bathroom and looks so nice. oh, it is finished at the top with the rail type of tile (sort of rounded?). if you hate the look of the subway tile, just disregard this but i think it's a nice alternative! happy tiling!

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