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Gift wrapping: why be beautiful when shoddy will do?

For the last couple days I've felt very inspired by the bar everyone went to in our small Italian town. I keep thinking of things they had in their bakery case or treats they offered at holidays, how they wrapped things, how PRETTY and SPECIAL they made even the two little cookies you ordered with your cappuccino. I don't want to open an identical cafe, but Katie and I are both a little hand flappy over any idea that seems inspired by that place. 

I keep googling and Pinteresting for ideas and information. It seems like everyone wants dessert as Art - sculpted cakes, cookies worthy of hanging in a gallery - whereas I prefer to eat dessert that looks like dessert. I keep picturing a tray of exquisite little bites. Ten different kinds of labor-intensive cookies, snuggled into brown boxes or arranged on paper trays, tied up with ribbon or twine or raffia, with labels and tags and OH. Pass me my smelling salts. 

I shopped around for packaging supplies today and was roundly disappointed. I thought I'd be able to get away with buying things as needed while we're in this phase, but I might be making a large Etsy order soon, or at least visiting the restaurant store to check out their supplies. Those Wilton treat boxes at JoAnn's are flimsy tagboard dreamkillers.

I've also started thinking about the small shop across the street from the bar. It sold all sorts of Pointless Things, like vases and candy dishes and platters and fancy stemware. Expensive, breakable things. So obviously it's where everyone bought wedding gifts (I made a point of buying a wedding gift there the last time I visited my parents) and the best part was how the ladies wrapped your purchase. Always with ribbons and maybe a fake sprig of flowers and SIGH.

I'm not great at gift wrapping, but I APPRECIATE IT. I am a huge sucker for design and packaging. This is basically why I buy BeneFit cosemetics - I love their whole look. I'm also the person who chooses a restaurant based on ambience and style rather than food. I have very strong feelings about fonts. Stuff like that. This is why Katie is doing the baking and I'm doing the Facebook page. BUT while I think I can pick out what looks and feels good, I'm not super skilled at executing it. Heh. And I'm impatient and easily distracted and this is why my Christmas presents are held together with duct tape and the recipient's name is scrawled across the top in Sharpie. 

I must do better. I must summon every ounce of determined perfectionism in my lazy unfocused body. 




I feel like there might be a class in this type of thing at like paper source? Maybe? So exciting! With love from, Meghan

Kate E

Try Fancy Flours, they have some good supplies online.


Try for retail packaging. We still get their catalog and I always have to look. Great but simple packaging makes everything more special .


I can't wait to see what you choose for bakery packaging. I've seen the stuff you've been putting on Pinterest and it is perfect. You are going to have the most stylish and delicious bakery around.


I've read before that perfectionists tend to have the least amount of patience because they have this vision in their heads that is so unattainably perfect that they spazz out and give up early because they know it will not get there in certain cases.

Or maybe I made this up when I was also scrawling names on Christmas gifts with a Sharpie.


I second Uline. Their catalog is enormous & they have things you'd never imagine they have. And I know I've seen food boxes in there...

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