In which an English major attempts financial projections (and panics)
The Cottage Food Act and other things I am stupid about

An aimless yet still bakey sort of day. Also: happy bacon.

Today I wanted to do ninety thousand things and couldn't on account of having to take care of CHILDREN. ARGH. If I hadn't had Emma and Rosie today I would have a website, business cards, and rate card all set for Thumbprints. OH YES I WOULD HAVE. 

Katie and I were kicking the idea around, but Carla pushed it to the front of my brain: we should just start now. Katie's already making cakes on the side, but I could "officialize" things and get the name out there. For starters. It's SOMETHING. 

But you know that feeling? When you want to do EVERYTHING but you're STUCK? I hate that feeling. 

I'm trying a couple of new things. First thing: keeping my house clean. SHOCKER. Okay, I should probably clarify that. What I'm trying to do is clean things up AS I GO. Instead of getting totally overwhelmed by the kitchen only to leave it for after dinner when I am sure to be MORE overwhelmed. Straightening up the homework table before the kids need to use it. Putting clothes away when I see them, not when I'm forced to move them so I can walk through my own house. That sort of thing. And I am wondering if this commitment to pick-up-itude is contributing to my sense of Desolation today. I feel like I've been working all day! But doing WHAT?! I AM happier when I go into the kitchen and it's clear. Yes. But the bathrooms are still dirty and I'm just going to have to mess up the counters again for dinner sooooo, yeah, I am not sure how long this experiment will last.

The second thing is what food I buy. The morning after I got back from the Blathering I was scrolling through links and articles on Twitter, as you do in your bed before you have to go get the kids ready, and I just HAPPENED to read an article about... I am just going to say Factory Farming. And I don't know why THIS article was the last straw, but it was, and I now have to double our grocery budget so I can buy happy meat and eggs. I'm not going vegetarian (although I think I, personally, could) and I haven't figured out what I think about ALL animal products, like cheese and milk, but bacon? I now have opinions about bacon. I will now have to go to the hippie grocery store to buy the bacon that says These Pigs Led Cheery Piggy Lives Before We Decided To Eat Them and/or become one of those people who buys half an animal from a hippie farm to store in the freezer in the garage. 

Katie said, "Are you going to require cage free eggs for the bakery?" YES, YES I AM. At some point. Maybe not right away. I'm not even sure we can afford to pay our employees with sad caged eggs in the budget. But seriously, this is now a Thing for me. I'M SORRY, EVERYONE ELSE. 

(Oh, the bakery is going to "focus" on Local stuff. We're sort of over the organic thing, but we are big on Local and Sustainable and all that jazz. "Happy Animals" to be added as soon as we won't go broke.)

(Isn't it HORRIBLE how much it costs to be picky about where your food comes from? I HATE THAT.)

(If you want to read the article, here you go, it's by the dude who wrote Dominion, one of those books I've avoided. BUT HE GOT ME ANYWAY. Spoiler alert: is way churchy.)

Where did THAT come from. Is this a foodie blog? NO IT IS NOT. I'll have you know that dinner tonight is grilled cheese and soup out of a can. For the kids, anyway. I will be having handfuls of cookies out of the box like a proper grown up. 

Just because it popped into my head right this second, what do you guys think about making a quick little logo for biz cards/Twitter/FB/web page and then going the full branding route once we have a storefront? I very much want to spend $$$ on an Identity (MAN, I wish I were a graphic designer. Next life!), but we can't do that NOW. We're not even quite sure what the identity IS yet. But I do feel like we need something if we want to start marketing the name, you know? If Katie is going to pass out cards with her cakes, it needs something. What do you think? I'd do it myself except I can pay an Etsy person $25 and get something way more awesome than I'd ever come up with. 

All right, I've just had my zillionth request for another snack. That's a good sign I should start dinner. 




I never ever comment, ever, but I am going to comment on this. I am in the process of becoming IBCLC (lactation consultant) and starting my own business. I am SO GLAD I paid some Etsy person to do my logo, because even though some things will change (hopefully I'll have a snazzier website, etc) it is so gratifying to have that set. I can hand out cards FOR NOW and not worry that I have to change a million things down the road. It made me feel like I had a brand, not just a "I want to do this" idea. Does that make sense? It was worth the money to do that (logo) + business cards (and hell, the tote bag from VistaPrint because SQUEE!) even though the rest of it isn't up and going yet.

Ok, enough commenting. Back to lurking!!!


Oh, since I'm going all crazy breaking my silence - one thing I wanted to tell you is that I have some friends who just went through this. What they did was get their kitchen certified and built a reputation around farmers markets and home deliveries of bread, cinnamon rolls, etc. Then when space opened up they took it - but had an existing customer base to fund their Kickstarter and also hopefully come to the bakery. So that's one way to do it!

Ok, now I'm reallyreally done. :)


It does stink to have to pay so much to be picky about food. At the moment I can't even think about happy animals because I'm already feeling guilty for not buying organic apples and I'm staring down a major increase in grocery budget because we'll be going gluten-free (for dinner and my son's lunches, at least) within the next few weeks, once his official testing (which we pretty much already know the answer to anyway) takes place. Gluten-free stuff can be SO expensive. I know there's plenty of regular gluten-free food, but things like bread for my everyday PB&J eater?'s like $4 a loaf (at least). Snacks for his lunches...granola bars...pasta...bread's crazy how much more that stuff costs. And how many things wheat sneaks into. UGH. I applaud you for your attention to the animals...but gluten is my nemesis right now!


Ooooh... I LOVE Michelle's success story. And, yes, I TOTALLY think getting started with a good logo is a GREAT idea! I would say to find someone whose overall design aesthetic you like, just so that you have an option when you decide to blow out the full branding. I know there are some Etsy sellers who are pretty good, but ONLY do logos and so it might be hard to find someone whose style matches. Does that make sense? If it were me, I might ask a designer for a quote on JUST a logo, with the intention to use them for bigger branding/web-sitey things later. Might make it less of a headache!! :)


P.S. I'm hoping you will have a shipping option, maybe. You DID say THUMBPRINT COOKIES.

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