A WINNER! and Giveaway #2
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Someone needs to be put down for a nap

I remember when Emma was born and how the big kids just made me crazy. They were so loud. They were always touching me. It was always, like, extra huge sensory overload 24/7 and I wanted to lock myself in the closet with the baby and just rock back and forth in the pitch dark quiet. 

Today feels like one of those days, except this time I want to escape all three of them. 

It's not them, it's me. It's not a great day. I'm stressed about things that have nothing to do with my kids. The sun disappeared. I have a stack of recycling as tall as Jack in my hallway. That effing tree won't stop dumping pine needles all over my nice new deck. 

So let's do something fun. I have picked a winner! This time I closed my eyes and pointed at all the comments in my email and the winner is Blogless Brooke! I will email you for your address, Blogless Brooke. Thanks for playing! 

Let's do something else fun! What shall I give away today?! Will you be amused to learn that I am coming up with something mere minutes before I write my blog post? Or, in this case, WHILE I am writing my blog post? I'm saving a certain favorite thing for Actual Birthday Day so today I'm picking... Hmm... Favorite Thing: HGTV and obsessing over my house. How about a subscription to HGTV magazine?  Totally works. 


This is actually something I want someone to buy for ME. HINT HINT, PHILLIP. 

Leave a comment! Win a magazine sure to give you the Spirit Of Lack about your surroundings! (I PROMISE I WILL BE IN A BETTER MOOD TOMORROW!)



ccr in MA

I don't need a Spirit of Lack, that's for sure (I already know this place Lacks, and I am okay with that). But I did want to wish you a better tomorrow, or even tonight!

Erin P.

I LOVE HGTV magazine....I totally wish I would have become an Interior Designer! I buy almost every design magazine almost every month and HGTV has quickly become a fav :) We moved almost a year ago and are FINALLY starting to make painting decisions..and furnishing the place. Hope you have a more pleasant tomorrow :) It's going to be near 100 degrees here (The Twin Cities) tomorrow, when a mere 2 months ago we had snow....The beach will be calling our names.


I don't have cable and the only thing i really miss is HGTV. I NEED this magazine. :)


I am addicted to HGTV and would love to win! :)


I could totally use this; my house had to be rebuilt from the studs last year after atornado and I am seriously lacking in the decoration arena 1+ year later.


Oh, I would love a subscription to hgtv magazine. I just started reading your blog, but I love it, you make me laugh out loud almost everyday!


I love to watch that channel. Never read the magazine, but I am sure I'd love it too. Everyone has bad parenting days. Just tonite I had to apologize to my 5 year old for yelling at him, when all he was doing was acting like a 5 year old. It is hard, especially when everything is coming at you at once. Don't beat yourself up over it. I've been reading your blog for a few years now and I think you are a great mom.


Love love HGTV! We have lived here almost 3 years and have most of the decorating done, but always looking for new ideas and am currently in the mood to focus on the laundry room....yes my laundry room lol.


So if I get the magazine, will you come over and help me decorate?


Yes, please! We just moved and our new house is bigger and I don't know where to hang stuff and can't quite decide how to decorate the new area.


Obsessed with HGTV and I too no longer have cable, and therefore no HGTV. Sigh. But this magazine may almost make up for the fact that I no longer get to see hunky Scott McGillivray...almost. :)


I love the phrase "Spirit of Lack". I would also love some new ideas for my very blah looking home.


Oooh I want to win this!!!!


I probably can't win twice in one week, but just in case you want to choose someone who has an apostrophe in her last name, I'm here for you.


Maggie, I think a wise investment at this point would be to have an arborist come out and trim some of those trees. Just cut back that line needle issue so it doesn't ruin your enjoyment if your new deck. I had to call an arborist at my house in Fort Worth last year and it was money well spent. You deserve a break of incessant pine needle wrangling. Love, Meghan


HGTV has a magazine?! I love HGTV!

Amy J

I love HGTV

Andrea Shirey

Thanks for all the giveaways! Would love to have this magazine so I can dream about our next home..that's probably at least 13 years away but oh well. Cheers! --Andrea Shirey


I gave up cable earlier this year, and thus HGTV. I'm in withdrawal. Hope your day today is much cheerier!


Sure, why not? I like looking at a good home improvement magazine. It lets me know what my house COULD look like...if I didn't have little ankle-biters around to destroy all things beautiful and breakable!

Melissa A

I was JUST thinking I should subscribe to this magazine! What timing! Pick me! Pick me!


Well, that would be a great way to jazz me up about getting ready to sell my house! You are ever so thoughtful and kind!

Hope your day improves. My day yesterday was low. Then magically after work, it picked up. Huh. LOL.


I love the channel and magazine! I've commented before about my desire to constantly renovate, update, decorate my home (something I know you are very familiar with). I'd love to win the magazine subscription so it can give me some ideas! :)


I just want to see pictures of the new deck!


I love ebooks, but I will never give up paper magazine subscriptions. And home magazines are my favorite category!


This would be great! I don't have HGTV anymore.


I just came home from a drive to clear my head, while my husband was watching the kids, because I've had one of those days too. Anyhoo, love HGTV.

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