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Last day. Sniff! Also: thirty-four. Also also: paint. Of course.

Oh Internet it's been such a GREAT! DAY! Even though I had to drive all over town fixing a YMCA camp paperwork mess up (MY fault) and then forgetting the paint that I expressly went to Home Depot to purchase AT Home Depot... More on that later. But my multitude of brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews just went home and I am full of what is the most amazing cake I've eaten in a loooong time and I just feel so lucky! Summer birthdays are pretty rad, what with the family in town and sunny days and long wine-soaked evenings. 

Today's winner: Miranda! Thanks for playing, Miranda! (Today's winner-picking method: "Phillip, pick a number between 1 and 29." "27.") I am so excited to see what you and Hayley do together and please be sure to send me samples. Also your address. 

Okay, first things first. The FPC found my birthday cake here. Holy moly. I'm told it's not the easiest or the cheapest cake around but MAN it can slay even the mightiest of chocoholics (me). Rich, dense, salty, sweet, dark, omg. Recommend. 

As for the PAINT... so my Colorado brother and SIL have been in town about a week now and I'm pretty sure SIL and I have talked of nothing but fixing up houses. Specifically ours. We must be the most boring people on the planet, but we think we are FASCINATING. Anyway, a few days ago she was here and we spent a million imaginary dollars renovating my entire house. Then today she shows up all, "MAGGIE. There is a picture on the internet of a kitchen like yours with PAINTED CABINETS." And I was all, "SNARFOMG!" And she was all, "I KNOW!" 

Turns out you can use the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kit to paint even my godawful white/oak laminate cabinets. At least the After pictures on the internet look pretty darn amazing. What SIL and I figured is that even if it doesn't turn out amazing, it will still be better than the 1980s white/oak laminate, right? Because I am the most impatient person on the planet and because she is an enabler, I decided to go to Home Depot right that minute to pick up my very own Cabinet Transformations kit. WHILE I WAS THERE: some kid in a Home Depot polo shirt got me to sign up for a free interior design promotion. The designer is coming on Saturday. I have absolutely no idea what that will be like. I shall report back. Then afterwards I found the paint, asked the paint dude to tint it 'Castle' which is a dark gray, and I wandered around looking for tile. After ten minutes or so (and finding tile, dudes, I cannot help myself) I saw my box sitting on the paint desk and I picked it up and bought it and left. And then I got home and realized I had everything in my box except the paint. GAH! Dummy. 

Phillip is not sure about this whole thing. Especially because I want to paint all the wood trim. He thinks we should stain it. I want to paint it (guess) aqua. HA HA HA. I mean, it's MY HOUSE, right? We're not moving for a LONG TIME. If EVER. I'll take pictures to show you, but my main floor has a lot of natural light and is decorated with light colors. I think that's me fighting the October - June gloom. I have the aforementioned white/oak laminate cabinets, a beat up wood floor, pale gray tile countertops, white walls, white windows, and oak trim where there should be a nice tile backsplash. And my kitchen is mostly a long, wide galley with next to no upper cabinets. I actually don't mind the layout at all. It'd be nice if one day we could open it up a bit more, but as that's a gazillion dollars and the paint kit is $75...

So I'm thinking paint all the cabinets gray, add some brushed nickel hardware, MAYBE paint the trim aqua, and add a very thin backsplash of seaglass-looking tile. Phillip, however, thinks we should stain the trim. I would only stain it a dark brown and never thought a dark brown would go in my house. But... now I'm thinking about it. Especially because I have these bar height counters above my regular countertops that are plain butcher block and I could stain those to match... JUST THINKING OUT LOUD HERE, PEOPLE. 

But anyway. In a matter of days I've gone from going broke on my deck to obsessing over Emma's room to buying children's desks at Ikea and rearranging the playroom to remodeling my kitchen myself. AM A NUTJOB. Poor Phillip. 

Oh wait, did you say Birthday Giveaway Week is not quite over? You're right! I have one more day to send you something fun. Well, just one of you, which is a huge bummer. Maybe next year I'll be independently wealthy and I can go all Oprah's Favorite Things on you. A girl can dream!

Okay, for the last giveaway I'm sharing my favorite... war book! JUST KIDDING. It's a PARTY PLANNING book called Party Like A Rock Star. I love parties and I WISH I could throw a major super-glam bash with a actual budget! The Blathering is as close as I get. I LOVE the organization, the planning, the brainstorming, the MAKING. This is not a "how to throw a cute kid party" book or a "bridal shower ideas" book, this is a book for parties I basically could never throw in my lifetime. But I don't care. I love the pictures, I love the ideas, I love the inspiration. Are you a similar sort? This is a fun book to page through. And would you like to come to my Christmas party? 

Thanks for making this week super fun. I was just telling everyone tonight how much I love my internet friends. xoxo



Am I really the first comment? I would love to come to your Christmas party. I'm not good at throwing parties, and I also feel dorky and awkward at parties. So maybe a how to book would help?


First, happy happy belated birthday! Second, pictures please of the before and after of your cabinet reno. It sounds fun and lovely!


Want it!


WAIT. A record scratched when you said 80s white-oak laminate cabinets. Are yours like mine? You mean, could I FIX mine??

Now I have to go finish reading your post.


Happiest of birthdays to you ... you share a birthday with Emery, who turned 5 yesterday :)
And I am really intrigued to hear how the cabinet transformation goes because I would really, really like to do mine but have major fear of Work and Not Looking Good.


Happy birthday!!!

Okay, now I want that book and all the other books that Amazon recommended in the "People Also Bought" section.


So excited to hear/see how the cabinet renovation goes. Good luck! And that cake looks AMAZING. YUM!


Happy birthday!!

I'm throwing a going away party tonight for friends who are moving to Louisiana to do their PhDs. I decorated in the school colors and the food all revolves around a Louisiana theme- gumbo, étouffée, bananas foster cupcakes, etc. I'm so excited!

Kate P

It is always such a fun, creative exercise to imagine a new kitchen! I have a galley too (apartment-size) and have (slight) regrets that I couldn't give them the time to re-do the kitchen before I moved in.

Enjoy that delicious-sounding birthday cake! I hope it's just the start of a sweet year.

Morgan s.

Post pictures of your kitchen!!! I am terrible at visualizing. :)


Yeah, that's going right on to my wish list. (Don't enter me again for this- I was already fortunate enough to win something!)

And I'm penciling in your Christmas party now. Maybe I can bring some chocolate cake? :)


I looked at that cake recipe and WOW I really want to make it. LIKE, REALLY REALLY. We had a passion fruit filling in our wedding cake and it was amazing.


The cake looks awesome! And the kitchen remodel sounds like a great, thrifty idea.


I NEED this book. My little girl is turning ONE in less than a month and I have yet to plan her party due to some unfortunate circumstances. And also I am a procrastinator.

Help a fellow mama out? ;)


Sigh. If only the giveaway was free airfare to your Christmas party. I want to come!! (I also want to READ about parties.)

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