Someone needs to be put down for a nap
Last day. Sniff! Also: thirty-four. Also also: paint. Of course.

Chocolate is my favorite and chocolate frosting is my favorite favorite

Turns out Birthday Giveaway posts are the bright spot in my otherwise not so hot week. Like right now the kids are eating dinner and watching a show and I would like to crawl into bed and hide until Phillip comes home and I get to yell, "Grill me some dinner!", but this is Prime Blogging Time and I have to announce the winner! 

Congratulations, Lindsay Collins! Send me your mailing address so I can sign you up for a subscription to HGTV magazine. By the way, I feel I should confess this giveaway was totally not random. Lindsay's was just the only comment to include the words "tornado" and "rebuilt from the studs" and AAAUUUGGGHHH.

Things that totally work on me: chocolate, flattery, pitiful stories, batting your eyelashes. 

So it's fun to give presents (as long as the only work I have to do is click "buy" on Amazon) and it's ALSO fun to check out your websites. Something else I should confess: I am very very VERY bad at checking blogs. I still don't have a replacement for Google Reader. But I've been trying to click through to see what you all are saying and I am totally going to post some links. Like Cookie District. This blog is full of pictures of cookies. PRETTY cookies. Need I say more? I will: there are some fleur de lis cookies that I totally wish we'd had for the Blathering last year!

Speaking of cookies, today's giveaway, which is really Thursday's giveaway, which is The Actual Birthday Day Giveaway, is my favorite baking cookbook, Chocolate Chocolate by Lisa Yockelson. Fittingly, a friend gave it to me for my birthday several years ago. I'm not much of an adventurous baker - I tend to make the same things over and over, but I think I've tried more recipes from this book than any other and they are ALL hits. My favorite is the soft chocolate chunk cookie I've posted on this website (complete with a comment from the divine Ms. Yockelson herself!) - an obscene amount of butter, bittersweet chocolate chunks, brown sugar, MMMM. I honestly don't believe there's a better chocolate chip cookie. I'm also rather fond of the coca cola cake (the frosting melts into the cake, omg), the chocolate almond pound cake, and the large assortment of frosting recipes. I like to have a little cake with my frosting, you know. And always chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

Anyway, this is a big, fat, hardcore book with lots of baking advice for Real Bakers, but I'm proof it's not too difficult for a Lazy Baker like myself. 

Maybe I will call Phillip and tell him to pick up some cake on his way home. 

(Tomorrow I will tell you about my birthday cake. Which the FPC started making today. Which I am VERY EXCITED ABOUT.) (Favorite thing about birthdays: cake.)

Thanks for making my days, people. xoxo




I'm commenting with a cell phone that I just dropped in the tub while bathing my son, and contemplating a move across state while pregnant with twins. I will need all the chocolate, please.


Ok I totally want this since I am a lazy baker lol :) Well and the fact I am just starting to feel better after 7 wks of all day morning sickness with baby number 4! With 3 kids 4 and under I need some chocolate too ;)


Maggie! It's very unfair of you to hold giveaways on the week that I am behind on blogs and not getting to them until the next day! Or two days later! I spend YEARS caught up on reading blogs, I get behind for ONE WEEK and this is what happens. (Okay, fine, I've been somewhat behind periodically for nine months now. I blame this new child. All his fault. He can buy me cake. I love cake.)

ccr in MA

I hated losing Reader too, but I am finding Feedly to work pretty well. It's not perfect, but if I'm not cursing Google on a daily basis for ditching Reader, it must be all right.

Chocolate chocolate chocolate!


I am eating a chocolate chip cookie while I eat this. I think that means I win.


I was so happy when my daughter's daycare sent home the leftover chocolate frosting. (You can't send in a homemade cake due to allergies, but you can buy mix and frosting to send in). I will admit that I basically dip a finger in it on a regular basis. A question too - does this book have ice cream recipes? I just got an ice cream maker, and I want to find a chocolate peanut butter ice cream recipe.

Dr. Maureen

I sort of think Shelia has this one in the bag, but cake is my favorite thing. And you are so fun for doing this.


Happy birthday! I'm drooling over the cookbook.

I like (sort of) feedly as my google reader replacement. It's no reader, but it's better than the other options.

Kate E

Ooh, it's my birthday on the 28th! Also I'm in my first trimester with baby number 4 with three kids home on summer break. When I can keep food down, I'm self-medicating with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate;)


Ok, so Joe is allergic to many things, one of which is chocolate. Which means I never ever get to have chocolate. And I like chocolate. So maybe, if I win, I can come up with all kinds of reasons to use it, like potlucks or parties. Etcetera.

Erin P.

Chocolate is my very favorite! Have you ever seen the dessert cookbook 'Death by Chocolate' by Marcel Desaulniers? Because OMG!!! He' s a pastry chef that used to have a show on PBS way back in the 90's maybe? My Mom used to watch it and she has his cookbooks and dang if everything doesn't look AMAZING!!!! I hope you get all the chocolate cake and frosting your heart desires tomorrow :)

Erin Marie

OMG, I need chocolate now. Luckily, I FINALLY replaced my bag of chocolate chips. It's been rough without it.


Baking, chocolate, cake, laziness, reading...all of my favorite things! Can't wait to hear about your amazing birthday cake!


I have always wanted to make Coca-Cola cake! Really, really wanted. Pick me!


Here is my reason I need the cookbook: my daughter (who is named Margaret!) is 3, and wanders around announcing to all and sundry that chocolate is her FAVORITE.

She makes the Cathy comics look sane and rational in their approach to chocolate.

She needs it. Not me, her. Please, think of the children. The children!


Happy Birthday! I would love that cookbook. I bake a lot, but have a handful of recipes that I use over and over and over. Don't very often try something new. But who doesn't love chocolate? That sounds like a PERFECT cook book.

The Sojourner

Ooh, chocolate!

Um, let's see. Obligatory pitiful story: I need chocolate because I might not be able to afford therapy after my car broke down yesterday. (No, for reals.) Also, pregnant. Baby needs chocolate to grow brain cells, right?

Also, you're awesome. *bats eyelashes*

Happy birthday!


thanks, maggie for the cookie district love and link! :) I, too, miss google reader but feedly works pretty well after you get used to it. and reeder for iphone if you have it. happy birthday week!


Happiest of birthdays to you!

I have no pitiful story, but I do love to bake.


Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Yes, it's always chocolate of some kind, and no you can never have enough of it. I rarely vary from the recipes I know so I make the same thing all the time, dinner and desserts - we're a bit boring around here.


Yesss I am a total chocolate on chocolate person too and I might also be drooling a little bit at the sound of those recipes. YUM. It's 8 a.m. here, that is the perfect time to eat some chocolate cake, right? If only we had any in the house.

Anyway! Happy birthday! Hope you have an amazing day!


Happy Birthday! Yay for July birthday people. My bro-in-law is July 1, Mom is July 3, nephew is July 8, MINE IS JULY 15!, bro-in-law's dad and stepmom are ALSO July 15, and dad's is July 19. July birthday people are the best people around, and should definitely celebrate with something chocolate-y.

Katie M

Happy birthday! I too love to bake but am a lazy baker. But my three favorite things would have to be cake, frosting, and chocolate. Can't wait to see what FPC comes up with for your cake!


I'd like to echo the recommendations for Feedly!


Happy birthday! Will you hate me if I say that I've never been a super fan of chocolate cake? But maybe I've just never tried a good one. Or maybe I'm a terrible person and this is my punishment, not enjoying something that most people on this earth love love love.


Happy, happy birthday! You share a birthday with my MIL. Don't worry- she's awesome!


First, happy birthday, Maggie! Do tell all about the cake you end up with. I may need some inspiration for my weekly baking session with Hayley this weekend (last weekend was chocolate dipped coconut macaroons. :))


Happy birthday! CHOCOLATE.


Happy Birthday Maggie! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.


And sorry I missed this one (busy day): HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

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