Before I head out on my family beach weekend and freeze to death
A WINNER! and Giveaway #2

And Birthday Giveaway Week begins!

While we were at the beach this weekend Phillip arranged to have our kitchen and bathrooms professionally cleaned - a most fabulous and thoughtful birthday present - and this fact alone should have me floating through the house, charmed and cheered. Instead I'm sitting here barking at my frustrating children, getting annoyed about the messes all over the rest of the house, and basically feeling dissatisfied about absolutely everything. I need to knock down this wall and renovate this kitchen RIGHT NOW. I need to grab a trash bag and throw practically everything we own away and/or haul it to Goodwill RIGHT NOW. I need to go on a juice fast, I need to cut my hair, I need a new dining room table, I have to go to Target, I need to buy new sheets, I need to fix my bedroom RIGHTNOWRIGHTNOWRIGHTNOW.

Anyone have a name for this malaise? Return-To-Real-Life-Itis? I'm Grouchy McGroucherpants tonight, hoping I get that school job so I can hire a housecleaner on a regular basis. Of course, between whatever childcare we rig up for Emma and a regular housecleaner I'd have, like, five dollars left over, but... still worth it? Feels worth it right now. 

But you know what? It's Birthday Week! It's the week I shop on Amazon for YOU! You = suspicious. And rightly so, Internet, because to kick off Birthday Giveaway Week is a copy of Helen Palmer's The Enneagram!!!!!!!! OH YES! My plot to convert the masses to new agey personality test weirdness is just beginning. 

There are some conditions. You have to tell me what you decide your type is. Then you have to participate it long winded email conversations about it. All right fine, you don't have to. But if you WANT to that is TOTALLY THE KIND OF THING I LIKE TO DO. 

(Quick reminder: my dad looked at my book and said, "Why do you read this garbage." So. Not for everyone!) 

The good news is, the giveaways can only get better from here, right? RIGHT!


Emeth Hesed

I am an enneagram nerd. I am an 8w7. My tritype is 8-6-4. My husband is a 6w7. Many of my favourite people are 6s. I love geeking out about the enneagram with the handful of friends I have who know about it. I have about 10 new enneagram books arriving this week from Amazon and I can't wait to read them!

Emeth Hesed

Oh, and I read that book already so you don't need to enter me in your giveaway....

Have you read any of Rohr's books about the enneagram?


I obviously want to read this book! The one I got from the library seemed to be Enneagram for Dummies-ish.

Morgan s

I am fascinated. Enter me please!


Ooh, a copy of the book AND a chance to e-mail you about it? Excellent opportunity! :)


I'm slightly skeptical, but also totally curious!


I want to read it!! I love enneagram stuff. (I'm a 6 as I'm sure I've told you before.)


Oooooh. I told you my number once, but I forget. Seven? Six? Eight? I know it was one of those. Clearly I need to brush up.


Pick me pick meeeeeeee

(you know I'm a Three.)


That is a great birthday present. I keep telling my sister to send her housekeepers to my house but they never show up. Wahhhh!

Coming off vacation high is brutal. We did it this week, and oh it is not fun.

Enjoy your birthday week, even if your house is messy.


I don't want to win but I have been reading your blog forever, like years but I never commented I meant to but then I felt like it had been to long and I got all in my head,and I'm not even sure anymore. I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your writing and hearing about your adorable kids and your life. You've made me feel less crazy when I am having a type a freak out. You are totally my friend in my mind. Anyway Happy Birthday! I'm going to go hypervantilate in the corner lol!


I like personality tests, and I'm always up for a new book, so sign me up. We had plans to hire someone for a spring cleaning, but then that money got sucked into another project, so I've given up. My new theory is if you come to my house, you are not allowed to judge me. That, and I'll clean in the winter when it's cold out.


I have heard you and others talk about this book but I have no idea what it is actually about, so I'd better win.


Without any sort of test taken or a lot of reading about it, I would say I'm either an investigator or a challenger.

Stephanie M

I have no idea what type or whatever I am, so I'd LOVE to read this book so I can actually talk to you about it.


I don't know what my type is! Whatever is the type that goes to Taco Time twice in one night, that is my type.


I would love to win this book. I am not familiar with this except from reading your blog, but would love to find out more about it.


I have been told I'm a three. Winning would let me put test that assumption.


I love new agey personality tests. Sign me up for the giveaway! :)

Amy J

I have been wondering what I am.


I've been wondering what type I am. I think that if I have this book, I'm going to go around typing everyone I know. That's normal, right?


I have read about the Enneagram on here and have always been interested in it but haven't actually read the book though I would like to.


Sign me up. I already have read some thing on the enneagram and know that my husband is undoubtedly a one and I'm likely a seven. Ready to delve deeper!


I've been fascinated by your posts about it, but I suspect I would score just like you based on how you describe being a three!


I would love to read this book. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion I would be a mix of 3 or 4 types... I almost never get a clear result on these things!!


Sign me up!! I think this stuff is so fascinating and an opportunity to email with you about it as well? Well, that is just the best thing ever. I don't know much about enneagrams (yet) but am totally into birth order so I think this is right up my alley.

Happy Birthday!!!


Yay birthday week! I think we've discussed my 8-ness. It's unfortch. I would love to read that book :) Meghan


Fun! Sign me up! I've taken some similar tests at work (DISC and Strengths Finder) and I'm always game to find out more.

Also wanted to say that I LOVED (pink puffy heart loved) your post on bi-racial children and being a girl. The comments from my in-laws' friends on our childrens' appearance (I'm Caucasian and my husband is Filipino) are always so interesting to me and I have no idea how to handle them and often resort to smiling and nodding...


Happy birthday week!! I, like Sarah, am skeptical but curious. :) And always up for self-discovery.


Me, me, me! I want to know what goes on in my head.


The personality book intrigues me. I can so see my dad saying the same dismissive comments
about it.


I would like to be entered to win. Personality stuff intrigues me, but I haven't studied it much.


I'll bite! I like tests like these, but then I can never remember what my "type" is. But willing to try!


Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great book. Hope your day is less crazy now. Seems like right after a trip it takes a little while to get used to "normal" again.

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