And Birthday Giveaway Week begins!
Someone needs to be put down for a nap

A WINNER! and Giveaway #2

Giving away ONE Enneagram book was VERY VERY HARD, Internet. Turns out I would like to send a book to ALL of you and have introspective email conversations with ALL of you. I sulked about this so much today that by the time I finally decided I needed to just pick someone already I'd created this, like, Enneagram CAMP in my head, where we could all go and DISCUSS OUR TYPES. Like a Blathering for NERRRRRDS! Wouldn't that be AWESOME? 

Okay, so I looked at the number of comments (34) and picked a number in the middle (14) and that was Tara from Our Little Geekling. HI TARA! SEND ME YOUR MAILING ADDRESS!

(This is not going to be my Method, just so you know. Tomorrow's comment-picking method may be "person who uses the letter z" or "this is the one Emma pointed at". BUT IT WILL BE RANDOM I PROMISE.)

Now I'm going to make you read about my day before I tell you the next super exciting giveaway item. 

My day was lovely. My brother and sister-in-law visited and their kids and it was a glorious 70 something degrees and THIS is why people put up with the rain. Some days are just absolutely perfect. My mom gave me a bunch of super colorful Deck Accessories, like lanterns and wire baskets and drink buckets, and I LOVE being out there, glass of white wine in hand. Then my SIL and I spent a gazillion imaginary dollars redesigning the main floor of my house (we knocked out the dining room wall and expanded the dining and kitchen areas onto part of the deck! cheap!) and talking about how they maybe might move to Seattle if my brother can find a job. (LET'S GET ON THAT, UNIVERSE!) This didn't really help with the General Dissatisfied Milaise, but it WAS sort of fun. 

The lame part of today [REDACTED!]

BLAH. Let's discuss a different Favorite Thing, namely Favorite Colors. Can you say: AQUA? 

I bought this color (Turquoise & Caicos) for my sister's rainbow-colored wedding last summer. LOVE. IT. There's a new Essie aqua out, but I think I like this one best. Leave a comment to get it in the mail! 



Ooooh that color is so out of character for me (I always always go pink) but...if I won it in a giveaway I think I could love it. :) xoxo


My favorite color, too!

ccr in MA

I'm very curious how that color would,look on me, and I adore the name! Making me laugh is half the battle, marketing folks.


That's really pretty. Unusual, but pretty.


I love blues and greens...and have never been brave enough to paint my nails those colors. But I think t is time, since I have sad splitting nails that need to be kept short, and I would not be so sad about that if I could paint them a snazzy blue.


Oooh, what a pretty color! I love using fun polish when I give myself pedicures. Ok, granted I usually just go with some form of red. BUT I am currently sporting red with silvery glitter in it. Very appropriate for a 40 yr old mom of 3. Who cares...I love it. Ahem, anyway.


I haven't let myself buy nail polish in years because I had a ton of bottles hanging out from college (13-17 years ago!), but I finally broke down a couple weeks ago because this cheap bottle of this awesome pinkish purplish shiny color (grown-up enough with a kick!) was calling to me. But that color looks awesome and so fun!


That color looks amazing and I love Essie polish!


That's a really pretty polish color. After over six years of not pointing my nails, I've been doing so again this summer. All of those years without pretty toes are feeling a little wasted right about now.


Aqua is one of my favorite colors, too! With my 4 year old girly girl, we're kind of trapped under a mountain of glittery pink and purple nail polishes. Aqua would be a very welcome change!


Very pretty. Add me to the want to try it list. Also, "z."


Love it! Want to see pictures of all the deck d├ęcor-sounds fabulous!

Katie L.

I used to follow the blog you co-wrote on, and I just finally found your personal blog. I totally love it! I read your posts, and I'm like "I wish I knew her in person!" I can totally relate with the stuff you say. Anyway... I have my toenails painted turquoise right now, but I got a pedicure and don't own this shade, so it would be great if I could.


Love the picture! And if I win, i will come pick it up! And only ask for a trip or two down the slide while I'm there :)


Beautiful color! I work for a big school district, and they make me feel like an idiot daily!


I love Essie nail polish :) That looks like a super pretty color for toes! I just started painting my 3 year old's nails for "special occasions" here and there and I think she would love this color!


Pretty polish! Emma You Are SO Stinkin Cute!


Pretty color!


I love that color. Would be thrilled to win.


I lOVE funky nail colors! I got a neon aqua-y color in a birchbox last year and it was awesome. I would love a more wedding-appropriate version that I could wear more often.


So pretty! Love that color, think I'm going to have to go buy it if Emma doesn't point at me! :)

Melissa A

Ooo so pretty! My girls would love to try it too.


I love Essie, but I'm usually too cheap to buy it. I tend to buy the $1 polish that chips and gets thick and goopy after only a few uses. I'd love to try that color. I normally stick with pinks and reds. I did buy a mint green color a while back on a whim, but I have yet to try it. Branching out would be nice. :)


Ooh, I'll try that! I recently took my six-year-old for her first mani/pedi and she picked blue for her toenails, so I'm sure she'd love it!


I could use some new nail polish. Pick me!


I have been needing a new nail polish but have been too lazy to actually go and get one. Love the color. And good luck with the (possible) new job!


I just got my first pedicure in a non-red or pink color and it's like a new world has been opened up to me. Fun colors! On my toes!


Oh, that color is just fabulous, for nails, houses, dresses, everything!


So pretty! Recently discovered the site and I love it! They have multiple shades that change color depending on the light! Love! It!


Ooh, that is so pretty. I am trying to expand my nail color repertoire while on maternity leave (my office is really an aqua place).


Ooh, I would like to GO to Turks and Caicos, and if I can't, I think wearing it on my nails would be a lovely substitute. So glad you had a wonderful day!


I'm glad your day was so much fun (despite the HR rigamarole). I cannot tell you how much I want to come hang out on your deck.

Kate P

Totally feel for you with the scrambling for whatever HR wants next--transcripts? proof you don't have TB? dance choreography for "Call Me Maybe"?--wishing you the best with all that.

So you had the "something blue" (sort of?) for your sister's wedding! I currently have OPI's "Can't find my Czech-book" on my toes, so I know that turquoise GETS YOU NOTICED.


I would totally go to Enneagram camp!


So when I was in high school, I coveted aqua nail polish. But that was mumblemumble years ago, and they didn't SELL aqua nail polish! So I bought a bottle of white and I added a little bit of green and a little bit of blue and I mixed my OWN aqua nail polish. KIDS THESE DAYS DON'T KNOW HOW GOOD THEY HAVE IT.


Pretty! I'm in a pink or red nail polish rut. I love that aqua, though, and think I need to branch out!


I'm trying to get braver with color - love this one!

Amy J

Pretty color. :) and don't you love imaginary lottery renovations?


Ooooh I like. I like a lot.

Val G.

I would love to paint my nails that color! I turned 30 a couple weeks ago and am trying to deal with this milestone in a graceful manner (unsuccessfully), even though on the inside I am screaming, "WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE?!?!?!" I finally stopped biting my nails last summer, so I actually have nails on which to place such a lovely color of polish. :)

Michelle M.

I don't have this color, but I would love to!!

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