Better question: when is MY nap?
An update on how much I hate making dinner. (Still hate it, with improvements)

Running, decks, babysitting, busy, getting away. Most exciting title ever. You totally want to read this one. No way would I click "mark as read". By the way, what am I supposed to use when Google Reader disappears?

It appears that the way to get me on the treadmill every day is to buy the entire second season of Scandal on Amazon Prime. I AM NOT PROUD OF THIS. Of the many things I should not have purchased this month, a season of soapy television is high on the list. But! I've run three days in a row, one episode per day, and tonight the ONLY reason I got on that treadmill is so I could watch episode three. So for right now it's money well spent. OLIVIA POPE FOR PRESIDENT!

I wanted to run in the morning - that's my plan, to run while the kids eat breakfast in front of their babysitter, Mrs. TV - but my deck guys get here at 8 which is about when I'd start AND my treadmill is in the laundry room, which is where they happen to plug in their saws. AND there's a window where they'd get a LOVELY view of my backside. So no. Not while the deck guys are still here. 

Jack thumped my thigh while I was sitting on the couch the other night and goes, "Mommy, it's like a WAVE!" 


Oh, and my deck is coming along nicely, despite the constant forecast for rain which threatens to derail the whole thing. They have to put four coats of this special paint on the plywood floor. It takes an hour to roll on, then 3-4 hours to dry. So they can do two coats a day which, amazingly enough, they did today. I wasn't expecting that. But it's supposed to rain tomorrow so who knows when it will get finished. The stairs are looking awesome, though I can't remember if they are staining the railing or if we decided to take that on ourselves. And the slide is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. YAY! I kind of can't believe I didn't get talked out of the slide but hey, when you're renovating the ENTIRE DECK, what's the addition of a slide, eh?

I babysat my niece today. She was pretty unhappy with me the entire time, which would have been horrible except that she took a nearly three-hour nap. I'm still exhausted though. Even though the high maintenance baby is taking a three hour nap, you still have two antsy fidgety big kids stuck at home. And can't even go play in their own backyard. So they are arguing. All. Day. Long.

And tomorrow - TOMORROW I have swim lessons, then driving to the opposite side of town for Molly's kindergarten entrance appointment (with a school psychologist, groan), then making dinner for Phillip, me, and eight college students involved with the NDCF. I was not pushed into this. I gladly volunteered. And now I am all WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO MAKE FOR THESE PEOPLE? That I can transport a half hour away? For 10 of us? With one of those people having a DAIRY ALLERGY? I told myself I wouldn't worry about it until my niece went home, but that was a few hours ago now... I'm thinking... rotisserie chicken and salad fixings? I thought about pulled pork, but for 10 people? How much pork is that?! GAH I AM SO BAD AT THIS. Also: waiting until the last minute. GO ME.

The other day I had to email someone and say: "I am sorry I dropped the ball on this. I am actually a very reliable dependable person. Like, to a FAULT. I'll do better. I promise. You can count on me." Only... less suck uppy. I hope. 

Did I tell you I'm going away this weekend? Nearby, just a ferry ride away. A friend has a friend with a cabin on an island and we're just gonna go hang. Ever since Blathering #1 I've become pretty skilled at going away with friends. Thank you, husbands! Anyway, I'm looking forward to it. I don't feel like I NEED it, but I'm guessing it will be good. I'm bringing books, my Kindle full of NYT crosswords (I'm getting better at them! I'm so proud of myself!) and a bunch of art projecty stuff which will hopefully turn into things I'm not embarrassed to hang on my living room wall. I know. Just saying that = should not put it on my living room wall. BUT WE'LL SEE. Adventures with Mod Podge. 

Oooh, Phillip is done putting the kids to bed which means I get to watch Justified now. Olivia Pope and Raylan Givens are my new besties. 




I share your misery. Penned-up kids are the worst. We have to be careful with the excessive heat to give the kids outdoor time without giving them heat stroke. So that's awesome.
Also! Make a double batch of these pulled pork tacos. It's a crock pot thing and could not be easier- it also makes SO MUCH.


Pulled pork would be so easy. I usually use pork tenderloins, but I think you can use another cut (shoulder?). Anyway, I put them in the crockpot, cover them with root beer, and cook them on high for about 6-8 hours depending on the size (so this is all too late at this point, but for the next time...). When it's done, take it out, shred it, and mix it with sauce. You could probably take them out on the early end of that time, shred it, then put it back in with the sauce to warm. I've done this for 25ish people parties using about 4 tenderloins, and had leftovers (but we had a bunch of sides, too). By the time you shred it it'll feed a lot of people, though. It's so easy. Hope you found a good plan, though!


One episode of Scandal a day? You're amazing. I've been watching like FIVE a day. Can't stop. No sleeping. AAAAH!

(Text me. I need someone to text about this show. I'm on Season 2, Episode...9? I think? so am wide open for any episodes prior to that.)


I thought the whole ssn of scandal was on Hulu plus?

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