What we learned this year
Running, decks, babysitting, busy, getting away. Most exciting title ever. You totally want to read this one. No way would I click "mark as read". By the way, what am I supposed to use when Google Reader disappears?

Better question: when is MY nap?

I have no idea how I'm going to do tomorrow. 

8:45 Jack drop off

9:00 School assembly (Jack is singing with his class so I want to go) (of course I can only stay for 15 minutes because see below)

9:30 Molly drop off

11:30 Molly pick up

12:15 Preschool end-of-year picnic

2:00 Jack pick up

...and Emma naps when? 

Skipping the picnic, skipping the picnic. So... keep EJ up until Molly pick up, then rush home and hope she gets an hour and a half before Jack pick up? Sometimes she's still up for a morning nap - maybe I try that instead? And then a super early bedtime (because we know she won't deign to take an afternoon nap!) 

Obvs I'll just see what kind of kid I have in the morning and go from there. And it's only one day. THE LAST DAY. 

Next week? Next week my kids wake up, I get them breakfast in front of the television, I run my measly handful of miles while they eat. Every morning. I just DO it. Hammer those suckers out before 9am. I caught a good look at myself in the mirror at swim lessons tonight and HOO BOY. Running needs to happen around here. 

I had the kids write a few lines on cards to their teachers tonight (we're giving them cards and a potted geranium or dahlia, the end) and Molly ended one of her cards with "Have a good day!" I think that's a swell ending. Have a good day, Internet, especially if it's your Last Day too. 



I was all glum about summer. (And it WOULD be easier to get stuff done with all three) BUT! The unscheduledness of it all is wonderful! No more drop offs and pick ups! It's a magical time. Enjoy!


These are times when I wish we could use the Floo Network. It would make it easier to deal with all these school pickups.

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