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Small collection of tiny thoughts

I am a HUGE Veronica Mars fan. I was SO disappointed when it was unceremoniously canceled. I've often wondered how they were going to end the series. Every time I see a bright yellow Xterra (not that often, but often enough) my heart goes pitter pat. But I have to say, I felt weird donating to the Let's Make A Movie Fund. I mean... I don't know. Maybe it's because Phillip and I have spent so much time talking about what to DO with money lately that it just seemed super frivolous. I would pay to see it! Shoot, I would BUY it. But to donate to get them to make it in the first place? IT JUST FELT WEIRD. (I donated anyway. My heart belongs to Logan Echolls.)

I have nothing insightful or halfway interesting to say about the new Pope. He seemed like a sweet little grandpa out there on that balcony. My only Pope Hope (haaa) was that it would maybe be someone NOT from Italy and also NOT from the US. I thought that would be nice.

But I loved watching the drama unfold. I was caught between noticing the ridiculousness of it - the Twitter smokestack account, the silly commentators, the eyes glued to a chimney - and the rah rah yay World spirit of it all. The not-Catholics were excited too! Breaking news! Suspense! Mystery! Fancy costumes! Twitter was super fun. I'm especially thankful to the Cardinals for making it happen during those few hours when the baby is napping and everyone else is at school. 

My mom gave me a super great idea for Jack's teacher's new baby gift, but it involves a lot of organization and getting people I don't know to get other people I don't know to email me. So. We'll see how that goes. 

Phillip and I are going to start watching House of Cards - the Kevin Spacey Netflix political drama - tonight. I am super excited. I just stopped feeling barfy about my financial crisis book and I need another example of political corruption to feel Despairing about. At least this one is fictional. (We hope.)

Last night @ebj123 sent me a link to a dress that, according to her, screamed MAGGIE CHEUNG! And it did, you guys, it did. Oh man I loved it. I just got the email telling me it's shipped. Hello impulse buy! Moral of the story: @ebj123 is evil. And! I cannot find the link! I think I got the last one! It will probably look horrid. Oh well. 

I am reading a new Inspector Rutledge mystery! And I just finished the newest Inspector Montalbano mystery! And the two of you who care about post-WWI Scotland Yard drama AND modern day Sicilian crimefighting are WAY EXCITED.

My thoughts about the impending demise of Google Reader: welllll... I hardly look at it anymore anyway. (hangs head in shame)

OKAY THAT'S IT. I have officially emptied my brain of Wednesday. YOUR TURN.



Sarah in Ottawa

This day!

I checked in on my phone during work this afternoon, right as the VM movie was crossing rocketing towards $1 million and 2 minutes before white smoke. I am sorry, Canadian taxpayers, but the last hour of my work day was not the most productive of my career.

It is just so much fun to get caught up in the collective excitement sometimes.

And if VM shoots in Vancouver I am coming to crash you Logan-stalking party and I will take you to awesome restaurants that serve foods other than Dim Sum. Eating in Vancouver is one of my favourite things ever.


How did you not link to the dress?! Must see!

I saw a few people comment about how it felt weird to pay to get this movie made and while I really get that, I would also gladly pay $35 for a VM t-shirt without a movie attached to it (since I get a t-shirt now, with my donation) because that's how deep my love runs. I'd probably pay $35 for a VM postcard! It's also my hope that we're paying for the movie, yes, but also so people at the studio take notice. They already committed to distributing and promoting the movie and now maybe those efforts will be really incredible and not just a thrown bone, you know? Oh! And my SECRET hope is that all this attention will reignite the career of one Logan Echolls. He has a new baby (who he named Lilly, did you know?)! Baby's gotta eat, so let's get that smoldering boy a sustainable career through this!


I'm one of the 8 people who have never seen VM ... is it on Netflix? Can I start that after finishing Gilmore Girls?

I live by googlereader - if it's not here, how will I know you posted?????


Please, when you watch House of Cards, know that I have never once used my cleavage to get a story. Also, most newsrooms are, in fact, using computer systems that have been updated since the early 2000s.

(That show grates on me.)


I looooooooved House of Cards. David and I watched it starting a couple of weeks ago, and I thought it was just terrific. Enjoy!


Also never seen Veronica Mars. But I fully support you supporting the movie- hope it works out!


LOVE Veronica Mars. Love! Most especially Season One. Things got a little wacky after that. But I was also psyched about the kickstarter thing... kept thinking "should I?" "shouldn't I?" and then bam! It was way over 2 million. Dude. Makes me wonder what other movies fans could get made now, y'know?


We will need to make a date to discuss HoC once you reach episode 11. Email me. Smooch.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I would like to see a photo of this dress please and thank you.

Pope hope - hee hee!


I also LOVE Veronica Mars. I actually watched VM DVDs during labor with my 2nd child. (we brought a portable DVD player and Season 1 with us to the hospital to kill time. I love Logan, but I also got into Piz in the 3rd season.) Have you seen the "summarize the 4th season" pitch video? They were going to skip a couple of years into the future to Veronica's first year with the FBI after training... it looked good. Anyhow, I'm super excited about the movie, but I completely missed the whole "if you want them to make a VM movie, donate here" deal (I really don't spend much time on twitter, apparently)

House of Cards is... heavy. Since I have only seen the 1st episode and I was sick during the watching of it, I will refrain from anything else. I'm not sure I'm going to be addicted, though.

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