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Dare I say we were PRODUCTIVE this weekend?!

Easter shoppy

Oh it's Help Me Pick Out What My Kids Should Wear For Easter time again! YOU = SOOOO EXCITED. 

But really, Christmas and Easter are really the only times I try HARD to dress my children in a particular way. I do most of their shopping a few times a year, sitting in front of my computer, glued to the Old Navy and Crazy8 sale pages, and then a giant box arrives and everything fits and looks cute and YAY, ALL DONE. But they keep growing! And Jack keeps wearing out the knees on his pants! And I have to keep buying things! And then storing the old things! THE CLOTHES ARE THE THING THAT WILL KILL ME, INTERNET!

But Christmas and Easter, yes, I spend more, think more, and possibly go a tiny bit crazy with the need for coordination. Do I want to dress the girls in the SAME dress or just dresses that are obvs from the same COLLECTION. How dressy is the boy? Do I buy a useless sweater vest for $25 that he will wear only once? Or use Easter as the time to buy a pair of khaki pants in the next size up and a nice button down shirt, the end. 

Anyway, I haven't been on the Mom ball recently. I am off my game. Several times this week I found myself wondering what I did with those kids all day before there was kindergarten and preschool. Wednesday Jack had early dismissal and I was practically beside myself the night before, wondering how we would spend our afternoon. I KNOW. PATHETIC. But I am super bad at just staying home with them - they expect me to do PROJECTS (aka ARTS AND CRAFTS) and that is just not my bag. I mean, sometimes it is? But not really? Oh, and I dug this science experiment kit out of the closet, I think someone gave it to them for Christmas? But all the parental SUPERVISION! BAH! Where are the projects where I just sit them down with the directions and they read it themselves and I - oh wait. FINE. 

Where was I going with this. OH YES. NOT HAVING PLANS. Okay, so instead of coming home after school and having a snack and watching TV and not doing homework, like usual, I hauled us to the mall to shop for Easter clothes AND take over the mall play area. (TANGENT: I haaaaaate taking Emma and the big kids to a playground, but the indoor mall area is GREAT because she can crawl around and pull herself up and YES it was sunny today but this was SO MUCH EASIER.) 

Okay, so I came home with the following option from Crazy8: 

For Emma:

OH WOW I LOVE THIS DRESS. It's, like, my perfect baby dress. There are SLEEVES! Eyelet lace! Baby pink! It's not super fancy or super beautiful, but it's CUTE and I just love it. HOWEVER. The matching big sister dress, seen here:

I love this one too, but it's PRICEY. Like $40 something dollars and I KNOW it will go on [a better] sale closer to Easter sooooo... I didn't buy it. I thought I'd just wait and SEE. In the meantime! I purchased the following Matching Sister Looks from Gymboree:




With hot pink cardigans? SIGH. Now that I've put these pictures up I think I'm just going to wait for the pink one to get cheaper. I really like Gymboree's not-super-fancy dresses (the fancy ones are too fancy), but the odds of getting two coordinated dresses I like at a decent price are always small. Same at Crazy 8, except it's cheaper, so I usually end up there. 

As for JACK, I bought him a white and baby blue checked button down to wear with the khaki pants he wore to his aunt's wedding. Unless those are embarrassingly short, in which case I will purchase a NEW pair of khaki pants. How boring being a boy. 

Last year the girls wore hot pink jumpers with a FROG applique and Jack wore pants with EMBROIDERED FROGS and I was SO PLEASED with cute AND clever outfits. I didn't have a similar option this year, as far as I could tell. I restrained myself from buying the seersucker pants. (And matching cap. OMG.)

Sometimes I look at the giant piles of cuteness and wish I wasn't so lazy. It's not that I'm frugal (I am REALLY GOOD at spending money) and it's not that I'm above wanting my kids to look adorable at all times (I totally do), I'm just LAZY. It's WORK! Sometimes stuff is in the wash! Sometimes I have to iron it! Sometimes Molly makes a face about the cutest thing I picked out for her! MOST DAYS I DO NOT CARE. And poor Emma. Ask my friends - 90% of the time she's in her pajamas. WE'RE BUSY IN THE MORNINGS. 

But yeah, given unlimited wealth and a personal shopper AND a housemaid, my kids would look DANG cute. Heh. 

Are you planning Easter outfits? Just me? All right then. 



My plans for Easter outfits are to not let Ethan wear sweatpants. Which is what he wears almost every day. Vivian already owns fancier clothes than I do, so she's set. As for myself, no idea, but I had to work in nursery last year and wear pants! The horror! So just happy to be able to wear a dress this year.

Like the Gymboree dresses a lot!

Dr. Maureen

I will probably buy them stuff and I now want to buy the girls matching dresses. And Jack needs a new Nice Shirt and Pants, because his clothes are all too small, what the heck. And he will want a tie to match, because he likes ties. But MY problem (and isn't this your problem too?) is always that Easter clothes are so springy! And summery! And short sleeved! And as much as I want it to be warm and sunny on Easter here, it is invariably horrible and freezing and cold. So I'm at a loss.


I let my mom and mother-in-law go to town on the Christmas/Easter shopping. Usually the kids have two Christmas outfits and two Easter outfits - one from each grandma, which they wear on the day of that family's gathering while I think about how awesome it is that I didn't have to pay for them.

My mom buys matching outfits for my daughter (almost 4) and my niece (5 mo) and they're adorable.


I love buying Easter outfits! Of course, we are always dressy for church, so they get worn multiple times, which makes it easier to justify. Actually, Easter is one of the few times of year that it's (relatively) easy to find suits in toddler sizes, and we dress Will in a suit for church basically every week. So yay for Easter clothes! I really want to get Will & Daniel matching suits.


I usually buy a size up the year before for the following year when all the dresses and suits go on sale after Easter :) But this year my boys will be coordinating with my daughter and I (she will be 3 in June) in our matching Matilda Jane dresses. Couldn't help it...the cuteness kills me every time lol. But we DO need shoes! (Well the boys do!)


See I think this would be fun! Give me coordinating clothes over house decor any day. What happens here is that IN JANUARY, a full 2-3 months before Easter, my mother presents me with Sophie's Easter dress. And they are always gorgeous (this year's is navy floral-love it), but there is a little part of me that is sad I never get to buy her Easter dress! My mother is retired, with just the one grandchild to buy for, and always way ahead of me! I guess Sophie better have a little girl someday so I get to buy someone an Easter dress! Both options you picked for the girls are adorable!!


I don't actually shop. Olivia has enough hand-me-downs from her cousins that she can "shop" her closet every morning and come up with adorable ensembles, even on her picky days. And the baby is a baby. Ahem.

However, I DO like to have something fresh and sort of formal for Easter. So I hit the big consignment sales in February. Olivia came home with two SUPER adorable dresses (one is blue-and-green polka dots and very Spring-y and the other is great for Easter, all pale pink with a sage-green sash). Martin got a baby-blue suit with a blue-and-tan sweater vest. I spent $17.00. Total. And I fell in love with consignment once again.


Yes, I totally plan these things I love Gymboree's clothes. Christmas and Easter are also the only times I really care about matching. I bought my kids Easter stuff online from Kohls this year and it arrived a week or so ago. My daughter is wearing a butter yellow eyelet dress from Chaps, and my son is wearing a khakis and a yellow polo to match his sister.


I love that pink and yellow dress for Emma.
I was going to remark that you were off your game this year, I haven't gotten any frantic emails with Macy's links.
They have seersucker pants at Target! I got Eli a pair.
The sad thing is that my children have SO MANY matching dressy clothes that I no longer need to shop for any occasion, I just dig around in their closet. Eli will be wearing plaid and a sweater vest. Maybe a tie. Katie will be wearing smocking.


I love Crazy 8 and Gymboree. They are my go to places for my daughter, Sophie's, clothes too. I got her Christmas dress from Gymboree last Spring when all of their winter apparel was on sale and it was only $15! I like to shop ahead to get the best deals. My favorite is the Crazy 8 pink dresses, they're so cute! But you couldn't go wrong with either choice. We just have my daughter right now, but later when we have another kid I can't wait to coordinate them for holidays. So cute! :)


It just occurred to me a few days ago that I actually need to go out and get something for my boys for Easter. My 4-1/2 year old has only cold weather dress clothes, and my three-week old has nothing but comfy clothes. It's not exactly advisable to go out to the mall with a new baby in cold season, but I guess I'm going to have to. So be proud that you're in good planning mode...I'm going to be flying by the seat of my pants, I think.


I hate clothes shopping and I have 4 boys (plus a girl who thinks she's one of the boys) so, no, I don't give Easter clothes a second thought. The boys especially hate anything that smacks of cutesy, so they'd undoubtedly revolt at being made to wear matching outfits. We wear nice churchy clothes to church and that's that. Boring, but easy.

Crystal Payne

My mother-in-law does all my clothes shopping and they are always adorable, so I never think about it. The hardest part is keeping the new Easter dress clean and in the house before Easter. (I have a self-proclaimed princess.) My boy will also be in khakis. Easy!


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