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Reads & Recommends, Tuesday Night Edition

Phillip wins Best Husband trophy; plot points developed

My kids stayed overnight with grandparents on Saturday to do this Chinese New Year thing except WHO CARES the point is that they stayed! overnight! and Phillip had orders to Plan Something Nice. I was expecting dinner and movie. I was NOT expecting:

  1. Lunch at the  Chinese noodle restaurant I've been wanting to try on the Ave, where I discovered that
  2. Phillip had PACKED A BAG and we were staying in a HOTEL DOWNTOWN
  3. and then we saw Silver Linings Playbook which was, seriously, beautifully marvelous, and 
  4. afterwards we had drinks in the hotel bar while we waited for our dinner
  5. which we ate in our room while we watched Downton Abbey on the laptop a day early because Phillip's got skillz like that
  6. and in the morning we went down to the market and ate All The Things. Piroshkys, mini doughnuts, apples, and bought four giant scallops that cost us $15 and were delicious pan seared at home for lunch. (Not that we know how to pan sear anything. When Phillip's mom brought the kids in the house the first thing she did was sniff the air and say, "Smells overcooked!")

After that Phillip did the dishes and I cleaned the bathrooms and the kids came home. NOT BAD, EH? 

Things are, I suppose, not all that fascinating around here. Jack is counting out 100 marshmallows for 100 Day. Molly's bangs are too long. My hair is too short. (I trimmed the sides myself. Oh yes. And now I think I'm going to grow it out.) Emma is (steady yourselves) crawling up stairs. (You thought I was going to say WALKING, weren't you. HA HA HA. THAT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.) 

The coffee shop idea is still Out There, but an unbloggable Thing (but nothing bad or sad or even very interesting, I promise) should be pursued first before we go price out more stuff and overwhelm the English major AGAIN. 

Your thoughts on the Church Dilemma were duly noted (thank you) and I have created a Potential Church Spreadsheet, with notes from my interrogations of people currently attending those churches. I am nothing if not thorough. 

I am back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon today. I realized that drinking coffee really helps me not scarf snacks all day. I drink decaf. If I make half a pot in the morning and slowly drink it through the day, I'm not so hungry. Is this wise? Am I exchanging weight loss for stained teeth? Oh well, my teeth aren't that awesome anyway. And I don't really drink half a pot. I sort of fill mugs and carry them around with me and drink maybe half of what's in the mug before it gets cold and I throw it out. #genius

Also gum. I am a big big fan of those Extra dessert gum flavors. I know this sounds gross to you. I don't care. I'm a gum chewer on account of my deepest wish to be Not A Nail Biter. But the orange dixie cup and lemon bar flavors totally float my boat. Yes, lemon bar gum. Shut up. 

Oh, now Molly is counting out her OWN 100 marshmallows. Of course. 

OH WAIT. We have a playdate tomorrow! Gak. Jack is buddies with The Cutest Little Blond Girl In The World and 100 emails with her mom later, she's coming home with us after school. It was my suggestion, which I definitely expected to be rejected since the mom has only really met me once and that was at kindergarten orientation. But she's totally cool with me driving her kid to my house and having her hang out here until she gets off work. I would... not be excited about Jack doing that. But I am more neurotic than most. Also I know that I am extremely trustworthy and nice and responsible and I have a pantry full of delicious snacks so the other mom has nothing to worry about. We are all very excited. Molly maybe most of all, since because Kindergarten Friend is a GIRL, she will automatically be Molly's friend too. MAKES SENSE!

Conclusion: everything is good! The end!



Oh, I am with you on sending the kid home with another kid whose parents I don't really know. Especially a GIRL kid. I get a little nervous about Olivia spending time inside the house of the backyard neighbor girl, even though they play outside all of the time and I've talked to her Mom on several occasions. But...well, you never know. And theirs is a non-traditional family situation (lives with her Mom and mom's fiance) and I'm not sure I know enough about the language and morals and whatnot. So those inside playtimes are limited and leading questions always asked of Olivia when she gets home. So far, ok, but can't let my guard down yet.

Also? Your husband definitely DOES win the Best Husband trophy.


Wow Phillip really did do good! I could see my husband doing that oh NEVER. Eh men...


Good work Phillip!

Also, I totally chew gum to keep from eating. And drink lots of caffeine, in the form of diet soda.

Crystal Payne

The coffee is a great idea! I do that with tea.

Your husband definitely loves you!


I know I'm late with commenting here (I was on vascation without internet and am now reading up on your blog:-)), but I have to say I just about swooned when I read all the things Philip had planned for you. Wow - you lucky girl. I second Kelsi's comment.

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