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House of pestilence

I will preface this by saying: we almost never get sick, and we've never been really sick. I have yet to take a child to the ER. I think we've done the antibiotics thing once. So yeah, I don't have a ton of room to complain about The Night Everyone Was Barfing and The Day Everyone Stayed Home Sick. But I think I will anyway. THIS HAS BEEN THE BORINGEST DAY EVER.

Emma threw up twice on Monday morning, but we didn't think much of it. Because... I guess because we hardly ever get sick? And she seemed just fine afterwards? But late Tuesday night Molly started throwing up and Jack started in in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Phillip and I were managing a barf, pee, drink of water, lost pacifier, or legs stuck in crib slats situation every hour on the hour last night. By four and five in the morning it was almost laughable. The way extremely unfunny things become comically distressing when you haven't slept. YOU KNOW.

Molly's just been tired most of the day, lounging around sipping her water bottle and demanding a twenty-fourth Busytown Mystery. Poor Jack got the worst of it and I was cleaning him up every hour until around one when he conked out in my bed and stayed that way until about five. Based on Emma's perfectly fine-ness and strong irritation with the absolute nothing that has gone on in her house all day, I'm expecting the kids to be fine tomorrow. I'll still keep Jack home from school, in accord with the 24 hour rule obvs, but I think the worst is over. 

Unless, of course, Phillip and I get it. 

I have been a hand washing FIEND today. I'm sort of the opposite of a germaphobe, which I know sounds extra super terrible, but I just don't think about it much and (see above) we hardly ever get sick. I don't really worry about what they're picking up from whom and all that, but I do NOT want to get sick right now. We have the kids scheduled to stay Friday and Saturday night with my mom and dad while we go to this retreat thingy over the weekend, where I'm supposed to be on another prayer team and Phillip is supposed to hang out with long time friends. BUT NOT IF WE GET SICK ON FRIDAY. 

Oh, and Phillip isn't home from work yet (it's 6:45) because he was trying to avoid traffic which means he isn't AROUND to catch the vomiting, which means just ME is going to get sick on Friday and MAYBE I AM A LITTLE BIT CRANKY ABOUT THIS.

Anyway, I've basically eaten handfuls of Kix for dinner and we're on our fifty-ninth episode of Busytown Mysteries and I have no plan for tomorrow and my house is a dump so I am sitting here, ogling the resort I've booked for our 10th wedding anniversary trip. Which is not happening until August. but one can wish her hours away until August, yes? No one is allowed to get sick in August.



I am so tired of sick! We've had a bunch of little respiratory illnesses this winter, nothing huge, but just annoyances. And they have been SOOOOO annoying.

I hope everyone is all better now.


I hope you didn't get it...sounds like my house exactly. Daughter 1 puked all evening Tuesday-kept her and her sister home Wed, but she seemed fine. Thursday am (today), son woke up puking, and puked every 20 min from 7am until 2pm. At which time he fell asleep on the couch for an hour..woke up in a puddle of pee (my good couch :( ), lay on the floor crying, then puked all over himself on the floor. While helping him out of the shower 20 minutes later, daughter #2 begins puking on my legs. They are currently alternating puking..luckily it seems to be mostly in buckets, but ew. ew. ew. I'm sure I'll be sick by tomorrow at this rate!


I am sort of the opposite of a germaphobe usually too. REALLY. Until this January when I got the stomach flu, the baby got the stomach flu, my husband got the stomach flu and THEN I GOT THE STOMACH FLU AGAIN. Two bouts in less than two weeks. We were all three puking at one point. I bring this up only to say - bleach water.

Crystal Payne

At least puking bugs are gotten over with quickly. They don't linger like flu and colds for days and weeks. So they have that in their favor...but the grossness factor makes it a draw... :( I hope you stay healthy!

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