On my favorite color of wall being Aqua
I figure we're due for a little blog angst, yes?

Stupid boring update. Best title ever. You are welcome. #boringestbloggingloser

I'm halfway done painting the entry way. Since I'm only halfway done I shall reserve final judgment, but the feeling I'm going with right now is The Inside Of The Ice Queen's Minty Toothpaste Tube. That gray tile floor, the cool walls, the bright white trim and doors... I mean, I think it's very pretty. But it's not very warm. And then I walked upstairs to, in my opinion, a warm living room (the brown carpet probably does that trick, sigh) and noticed all the aqua up THERE and, well, yeah. We shall see. 

Tomorrow I will do the rest of the trim and tape everything up. Friday I'll finish painting. That is the PLAN anyway. After that I DECORATE. BEST PART. A mirror! Art! Trinkets! The shoe cabinet Phillip never lets me buy but GOSH DARN IT I am buying that shoe cabinet! A rug! I NEED A RUG!

Soooooooo I've just spent an hour looking at rugs I cannot afford at Garnet Hill, then I looked at rugs I could possibly afford at Overstock, then I thought about not making dinner and just driving up to Home Goods to see what they have THERE... this is the problem with House Projects. THERE IS NEVER AN END! I definitely need some sort of rug in that entry way now, even though the Pine Needle Issue will make a rug a huge pain in the butt. But warmth! I need some! 

Or maybe it's just because it's January. Bleargh, January. 

EJ was awake, like SUPER VERY MUCH AWAKE, for hours last night. So awake that when I went in to try my hand at getting her back down, she wanted to get DOWN on the FLOOR and play with the toy kitchen I moved out of the hallway and into her room. No, baby girl. It's three in the morning. We do not bang oven doors at three in the morning. 

God knows how long that went on. And then, at the crack of dawn, I hear Molly shouting, "MOMMY! MOMMY!" and I fling myself out of bed and rush down there and she's all, "I can't go back to sleep." WELL, ME EITHER, KIDDO. 

My dad always says that people who have children deserve what happens to them. 


I feel like I was going to tell you something. What was it! Lame. I will also blame this on January.

Emma is sixteen months old today. Six. Teen. Molly, prissy little princess that she was/is did not start walking until sixteen months. I am guessing Emma will be... 20 months? Maybe? I have now seen her do everything BUT walk - just yesterday we caught her (slowly, cautiously) crusing around the coffee table. But when you hold her hands and try to get her to walk, her feet point to the left and her right knee bends, but her left knee doesn't, and you feel like you're working with the awkward scuttling Hitler Youth crab. WHATEVER. Happy sixteen months, you crazy baby. 

Phillip is going to go exercise - did I tell you my husband is doing the Insanity workout? Which I think is (wait for it) INSANITY? I can barely make myself get on the treadmill these days. Anyway, I'm sure he just LOOOOVES that I told you this. HEH. But he's going to go exercise and I am going to NOT exercise (read: play Hashi - I'm halfway through the HARD level (AND THEN WHAT WILL I DO???)) and then we will watch Downton Abbey. Exciting times in the Cheung household you guys. Paint, no sleep, not exercising - SAME OLD SAME OLD. 




Wait. We have Home Goods stores in Washington state now? The last time I checked, the closest was in Portland. Hooray!


There are a lot of cute rugs out now. Have you checked Lowes or Target? Good luck, I find decorating exciting but nerve-wracking when it comes to final decisions.
By the way, about your aqua choice... you are very in vogue with that! There is even a blog called House of Turquoise, devoted to all spaces aqua.

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