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Reads & Recommends, Urbana-ish Edition

All I have to say about this gun control article is that Megan McArdle always makes me think: There's Little We Can Do To Prevent Another Massacre.

Dear God, Dar Williams is FORTY-FIVE? Sheesh. I looked high and low for a review of the show she did with Loudon Wainwright III in Seattle last weekend, which I attended with a former Long Lost Yet Much Beloved Friend, but all I could find was a review of a DIFFERENT Dar/Loudon show. I suppose Seattle is too cool for fangirl swooning (I am not). Loudon and Dar in Iowa. (Iowa! Oooooooh ooooh, ooooh, Iowa.)

Make your teenage nieces and nephews read this: 

It was an embarrassing few minutes. The exposure was regrettable. The angle was bad. The dialogue was unrealistic. And it’s going to be on the Internet forever.

Although perhaps it doesn't mean as much coming from someone who's been blogging since 2004.

Did you know that if you get 25,000 signatures on an online petition, the White House promises to respond? Except now that they've had to respond about building a Death Star, they've bumped that number to 100,000. The Empire Won't Strike Back. (And the response: Galactic Empire Responds.)

Those last two are from Phillip, by the way. So is the next one: 

A developer outsourced his own job to China. THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED. 

In honor of two whole days without eating carbs (SOB!) I present: Consider the Cheeto

...perhaps junk food does offer a sort of self-effacement or understandable reprieve from thoughtful, engaged eating.

I, of course, think Cheetos are vile.

I am reading Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. YES I downloaded this the day after I saw 'Lincoln'. I recommend both. Except I sort of wish I'd read SOMETHING about Lincoln before I went and saw the movie because I spent at least half of it asking my history major sister what was going on (shame) and she had no idea either (double shame!) But yeah. Excellent movie, super interesting book (which is way more about character and politics than it is about gory Civil War details, at least so far, if you are the sort of person who is concerned about those things.)

I WANT to be reading A Heart for Freedom by Chai Ling, but this Lincoln book is going to take me forever. Chai Ling was the leader of the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 AND she was a speaker at Urbana! I didn't actually get to see her talk because I had a prayer shift that night, but you can see it here. She now runs an organization that works against the effects of the one-child policy in China. 

Other Urbana talks, if you're into that: 


I saw this student speak and everyone in my little group was in awe. 

All right, I'm spending the weekend celebrating my almost-youngest-sibling's 30th birthday. THIRTY! WOO! I intend to eat ALL THE CARBS!



The guy who outsourced his job ... is kind of brilliant.


I am astounded that someone would outsource their own job. It is both so smart and stupid at the same time and man, the GUTS.

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