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On my favorite color of wall being Aqua

The Spirit moved me, so this afternoon I started painting. Again. 

For my birthday, in JULY, friends gave me a Groupon for paint (lots of it) and I JUST acquired the paint a few days ago, right before the Groupon expired. Long ago I decided on what I THOUGHT was a muted aqua for my entry way. I know way back I was all "NAVY!" but then I came to my senses. Okay, right now some of you are thinking "aqua is not coming to your senses" but LEST YOU FORGOT, aqua blue, that bright baby cheerful blue, is my favorite color and never ever fails to make me feel that "...aaaahhhh...peaceful" feeling. You can have your red and your taupe and your dark gray and your sage, the aqua is mine. 

It occurred to me, as I stood inspecting my entry way and ignoring my children, that I really needed to finish painting the trim. At the end of the summer I painted every door in my house a bright white and when I painted the front door I also painted the thick white trim around it and the window. I just, ah, didn't paint the rest. I WAS TIRED. So today I thought, "That didn't take long! I'll just paint the trim real quick!"

So I did that. 

While I waited for the first coat to dry I dragged one of my Groupon paint cans into the house, wedged the top open, took a paint brush and painted a giant aqua stripe on one of my boring cream walls. And it was very AQUA. And I was DELIGHTED. 

But now, Internet. NOW I have finished painting the trim (on the side of the entry way I plan to do first - I learned the FIRST time I painted my entry way that I should maybe do this project in stages so I don't drive the other residents of the house insane) and taped the ceiling and cut in just about everywhere I need to cut in, the aqua is... AQUA. Like, same as my off-the-kitchen family-ish room. Also known as MY FAVORITE but also DUDE. Kinda... AQUA for the entry way. I'm not entirely sure what the first impression of my house is going to be. "Does a child live here?" "Is this a preschool?" "Am I inside a toothpaste tube?" 

I really did think this was a MUTED even GRAYISH aqua. You know, a GROWN UP color. I've learned, now, that I do not like neutrals. I don't like creams and browns and taupes, I like BLUE and YELLOW and RED. Those are the colors that make me happy to be in my space. But I've ALSO learned that OTHER PEOPLE think those colors should be reserved for BABY ROOMS. I was honestly shooting for ADULT, here.

So I am feeling a smidge nervous about this paint, you guys. I mean, I think if I didn't already HAVE an aqua room I'd be all, "DEAL WITH IT, SUCKAS" but because I DO already have my "colorful" room, this one is maybe "overkill"? "A poor design choice"? "Too much"?

The PLAN is to interrupt a lot of that aqua with white framed mirrors, strips of MDF or plywood painted white with coat hooks running along the walls, a colorful cover for my entry way bench pad, and possibly painting the bench white. (Do not want to do this. Blargh.) The floor is gray tile. The doors are white. White/aqua is MY FAVORITE. STOP CARING ABOUT PEOPLE WHO PREFER TAUPE. 

No seriously, why have I written an entire blog post worrying about what PEOPLE WHO DO NOT LIVE HERE are going to think of my BLUE PAINT? LET US MULL. 

I think... ok, so this is my SPACE. I don't have an office - this dining room where my computer lives at least 85% of the time is my office. And I like to decorate and I like to surround myself with things that are cheery (to ME) and YES, this house and the paint colors and furniture choices within reflect my personality. I think. Maybe? I am not terribly sophisticated (AQUA), I am not a perfectionist (SCUFFS EVERYWHERE, CARPET HOLE), and I don't dig dark, heavy, solid, matching, muted, neutral stuff. I mean, I have, at points, but I generally tend towards Light, Colorful, Airy, Windows, Maybe I Should Live On A Beach. I think. I gravitate towards the aqua, people, and if you think aqua walls are lame then obvs you think *I* am lame. SOB!

Except. For God's sake. I am thirty-freaking-three years old and if there is ANYTHING lovely and fabulous about being In Your Thirties it's that you are delightedly aware of caring a smidge less of what people think of you than when you were In Your Twenties. In my twenties I would have written an angsty blog post about PAINT and asked you what you THOUGHT and I would have taken EVERY BIT OF ADVICE, even if it was conflicting, which meant I would do NOTHING, because OH THE HORROR OF NOT EVERYONE THINKING MY ENTRY WAY IS THE CUTEST. 

But because I am writing this In My Thirties, I am going ahead and painting my walls a nice aqua (Martha Stewart's Artesian Well, btw) and all you aqua look-down-your-nose-ers can hang. OH YEAH. 


Dr. Maureen

I just looked up the color, and if anything, I'm disappointed in how muted it is! I was hoping for Tiffany box aqua, I think. Which is not to say I don't think it will be lovely, because I do, and I keep wandering around the downstairs apartment dreaming up colors for the as-yet unchosen rooms, and I keep thinking, "Maybe aqua!" Which is also what I want to paint the upstairs bathroom. And the downstairs bathroom. And the downstairs entryway. Except that the MAIN entry way (to the whole house - remember, I'm living in two apartments) is sort of goldenrod-mustardy-oragey-yellow (it was leftover paint and was therefore free), and I worry that standing in an aqua hall and looking into an orange room might clash. A bit.

But in our downstairs dining room, we painted the wall behind the piano (we have a piano now! I have so much to blog about!) Benjamin Moore Champion Cobalt and WE LOVE IT SO MUCH. The rest of the walls are going to be a shade of taupe, though. Because the Champion Cobalt is pretty intense. I don't think we could handle a whole room of it.


Maybe do the stripes thing with flat and semi gloss of the same color? That would sophisticate the color a bit? Although that sounds VERY time intensive? I like the color in the pic you put on Twitter!

Crystal Payne

You are so creative. The only thing decorated in my house is what I let my MIL do. She bought my curtains, my bedroom duvet set, and decorated my daughters room with paint, curtains, carpet, and bedding. Sometimes I feel like I should care more whether my house has a "theme," but that involves too much thinking. I say, Go YOU! And make your house shout MAGGIE LIVES HERE!

Salome Ellen

I am commenting from my computer in my AQUA kitchen. Shortly I will go to sleep in my AQUA bedroom. You go, girl!!


Yes! Rock those Thirties!! I turn 33 in a few months, and the last few years have been so nice in that regard. Comfort in one's own (aqua) skin is pretty darn awesome.


Baby Swiss's big girl room is an aqua and it is my favorite paint color I have ever chosen. I don't share this to confirm the aqua-is-for-kid-rooms-theory. I share it to confirm the aqua-is-awesome-theory. I would totally use it in other spaces if only I was un-lazy enough to change other spaces.


That colour is gorgeous! We have a spare bedroom painted a very similar colour with a white framed mirror, white bed linen etc and people who come to stay always say it is a lovely room. I call it pale dick egg blue...but I think I made that up!


I say do it up. Go aqua. It is your house and if it makes you happy, enjoy it!

Charity Richards

I think your color is great for an entry-way (or anywhere) and it could be so much brighter-no worries! I have some neon green ceilings in my house with black walls and also a red bedroom. I am sure people hate it, but they don't live there so they don't get an opinion. Mostly I get compliments though and I think you will too-hooray for non-neutrals!


My favorite color is GREEEEN and so my entire house is painted in shades thereof (with a bit of aqua, because: related). I was really REALLY worried when I was doing the main "neutral" throughout the open floor plan downstairs - it's kind of a light celery color? Or a muted pistachio? It's light, light green. And at some point I was like "OMG my house looks like an EASTER EGG" but it really doesn't. Once I had the perspective of being done, and not staring fixedly at the empty expanses of walls, it looks great. Subtle, but delightfully green. And all is right with the world. So, to sum up, it'll be fine and you'll be so! happy!


If you love it, go for it. The furnishings and pictures will be what make it look like an adult house rather than a kids room and will cut the impact of the color a lot if that is something that you are still concerned about. That reminds me of when we painted our living room a light yellow and I stood in the middle of the empty room and thought, "Great, it looks like I colored the walls with a highlighter." But when the couches, pictures, etc. were in place, it just looked like the sun was shining outside--very cheery in our seven months of grey.


My mother visibly flinched every time she walked into my condo- remember my bright blue living room and orange kitchen that were actually the same room? But it made me happy.

If you love aqua- paint it everywhere! I know it will look great!


You know, you are suppose to repeat colors throughout your home to create flow and connect the rooms. So, you are actually doing a very grown up thing by actually having a plan and using the color in more than one place! You are also making me want to paint my entire house, but I think I need to hear more about how you keep the littles out of your way while having open paint cans about.


I have an aqua and brown master bathroom and am hoping to extend that color scheme to our bedroom in the future (our bedspread is red and brown with hints of aqua and yellow). Aqua is awesome! I liked how it looked in your Twitter picture. It was muted and looked very adult, I thought.

We just bought a new house (we move in at the beginning of March!) and I am so excited about decorating. The house we are buying has all the rooms painted kind of a neutral mocha-ish color thoughout, which I generally like. However, I am planning to paint the playroom aqua, which does not mean it's a kid color, but I think it will be amazing. And I am contemplating adding a silver metallic tile backsplash to a kitchen with white cabinets and black granite counters, so kind of a disco ball backsplash LOL. If you are on Pinterest, you can find me there under my Glam-O Mommy handle and see pictures of my new house and all my decor ideas.

Decorating/painting is fun, but I kind of wish I could just blink my eyes and it would all be done. :)


My 80 year old grandma has an aqua bathroom and I absolutely loved it and I am a bit obsessed with copying it! Go you!


The house we are in is the first I've ever owned. My living/dining/hallway are two shades of yellow with a white chair rail throughout, son's room is a beautiful but darker med blue with white trim (with red stripe curtains), ours is periwinkle w/white, the nursery is pale green (think baby nursery color), our bathroom is pastel mint green, and the kitchen and hall bathroom are white because we haven't gotten around to re-painting them yet. My mom said "wow that's a lot of color" and I said "I've been living in white-walled apartments and military housing my whole life. I'm going to have some fun, dammit." All that to say, DO WHAT YOU LIKE! :)

The Sojourner

I prefer a more sky blue to aqua, but when I actually own a house and can paint the walls there will definitely not be a beige wall ANYWHERE. I hate beige. When my parents moved to their current house there were acutally COLORS on some of the walls...and they painted everything beige. My parents are weird.

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