Jesus Camp 101
Just bear with me for a second here...

I have enough paper products to invite the entire internet

Every year I'm all, "Yes, we are going to leave all the decorations up until January 6!" and every year I'm all, "OMG GET THIS CRAPOLA OUTTA MY HOUSE." 

So. Tonight I hauled out all my plastic storage boxes and started boxing up the easy stuff. There's no way our ginormous tree is coming down until the weekend, but I still have Christmas party supplies and extraneous decor on every single surface and that plus the influx of toys and art supplies and General Clutter is making me crazy. 

I have a LOT of Christmas stuff. Plus this year, since I was going to be out of town, I asked my mom to hit up the post-Christmas Target sales for me and HOO BOY I am not exaggerating when I say I have enough paper plates, napkins, and cups for my next three Christmas parties. At least. She also bought me (by request) a pink tinsel tree and extra ornaments and maaaaybe I will need to build some sort of Christmas Storage Shed in the backyard. (Phillip is SO EXCITED about the pink tinsel tree!)

I am not a clean freak by any means, but all the STUFF! EVERYWHERE! ALL THE TIME! is making me twitch. And I don't know where it goes! They got two huge boxes of art supplies and a dozen different Lego sets and I am enduring mental anguish over where and how to divide and store these things. I have enough SPACE, I just don't know how to best UTILIZE the space. I am the person who has empty cubbies in her Expedit shelves because she doesn't have the perfect storage bin to fit. I'm either going to spend several weekends at the Container Store and Ikea, or learn to build custom cabinetry. Either option will be scandalously expensive. 

Have I told you that when I was a kid my parents bought me a filing cabinet for Christmas? And it was, like, the BEST GIFT EVER?! Crisp file folders and color coded labels - be still my heart!

I am doing a little bit each day. Like TODAY I took apart the twin bed in Emma's room so I could put the play kitchen and some other Living Room Toy Madness in there. I don't know, this seemed like the Most Important Thing To Do. And now the mattress and box spring are leaning against the hallway walls because, well, I'm not quite sure where to store THOSE yet... ha ha ha. Ahem. 

Oh, I also hung some pictures in my bedroom! Yes, this really helped with the Christmas stuff. 

I'm going to leave it for the weekend. Most of it. Or actually just Sunday, because SATURDAY I am going to see my new NIECE! I have a new NIECE! I am so EXCITED! Have I told you how much I like babies? I really really super duper like babies. I am very pleased with my siblings who keep having babies for me to snuggle on while my own babies get more and more un-baby-like. 

I feel like I have some other really important things to do, like hunt down the perfect 2013 calendar (must be cute and have big enough squares to write in), and return the presents I purchased for people in case I didn't find the PERFECT presents which I did eventually end up finding, and unpack, and give a few thoughts to how I might succeed at The Biggest Blogging Loser and also how I might start revamping the Blathering website, ALSO I have a bunch of friends I haven't seen in forever, AND I have to plan a few trips (midwinter break! Spring Break! Anniversary trip! the trip where I visit Internet Friends! Tis the Year Of MAGGIE'S Business Travel!), and maybe write a few more no-one-gives-a-rip churchy posts BUT. I am totally completely stuck on a "medium plus" level of Hashi and YOU GUYS. IT IS KILLING ME. Absolutely nothing can be accomplished until I conquer that stupid hateful game. LATER.



I have fantasies of an entire wall of storage to put the girls stuff in. Straight up fantasies. We are looking at moving (soon, hopefully) and every time I look at a house with a "bonus room" I squee! because I could put my wall of storage in there and all of the girls' toys and everything will be organized and it will be so fabulous! Having said all that, I'm with you on the love of organization.


Ok... This is so silly but you mentioned this Hashi game before and I promptly went and downloaded a bunch of different versions to play, but I think I got all the easy ones! Can you tell me which one you are playing that has levels?? I wanna play! :)

Sarah Clough

We finished our basement last winter and added a storage room with large shelves and lots of room to store extra "stuff" that accumulates but needs to be kept for one reason or another. Sadly, this is now one of my favorite rooms in the house. Game changer.


Did you know that the Target itso bins fit into the IKEA shelves? I'm just saying that I didn't know that until recently and it was LIFE CHANGING.

I need to go through all the toys and do a major overhaul because they are slowly killing me.


I am LOLing (I say it in a "this is funny to use this term, right?" way) about hanging pictures while trying to put away Christmas stuff.

That is the Story of My Life! I'll be going nutty over the laundry situation, then find myself organizing the linen closet in the middle of putting away the clean towels.

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