Just bear with me for a second here...
I made a Why and a Why Not List

Attention Deficit Disorder

You guuuuuys I am ALL OVER THE PLACE. The kids went back to school today and it seems like everything should be going back to NORMAL, but NO, I cannot focus on ANYTHING! This morning I'm all, "Let's buy all th plastic storage bins at Target and ORGANIZE!" Then I get home and google "how to open a coffee shop". Then I remember I'm supposed to be working on the Blathering website. And oh yeah, I signed up for the Biggest Blogging Loser and it starts today! Throw away those leftover tortilla chips! Wait, I really wanted to fix up Emma's room. Shoot, my paint Groupon expires in a week! I have to go buy paint! I have to paint my entry way! I wrote WHOLE BLOG POSTS about PAINTING MY ENTRY WAY! Ooh, someone sent me an email about coffee shops! Let's see what the other mom-friendly coffee shops are doing! Except maybe I will look at hotels in Leavenworth for a potential mid-winter break getaway with the kids? Do you think my parents would want to come? Or my sister? Is Leavenworth even all that FUN? Where should we go on our anniversary trip? CAN we go on an anniversary trip? Wait, didn't I just get back from Urbana? Where I had lots of thinky thoughts? Maybe I'm distracting myself with all this other unimportant stuff and I need to think about CHARACTER GROWTH and GOD.


Seriously, though, I don't know where to look first. In a way it's kind of nice, actually. I have stuff to do! And think about! And be excited about! PROJECTS! But I know I can't do everything, I also have three children, including a baby who continues to punish me for leaving her. Between the intense clinginess, the apparent (and most likely endless) transitioning to one nap, and the massive red lumps in her gums, she is sort of a mess. Which makes me feel like a mess. Also: this morning I had everyone in the car when I remembered I didn't pack Jack a lunch. Perhaps THAT'S the sort of thing that should be at the forefront of my mind. 

Right now I am still thinking about coffee shops. I wish I could know if this was Something Worth Thinking About or Something So Totally Ridiculous I Should Stop Wasting My Precious Brain Time. Last night I was all, "Phillip, you KNOW ME. Do you hear this coming out of my mouth and you are thinking to yourself OH WHATEVER, CRAZY WIFE!" 

Phillip, however, being a very diplomatic and middle-of-the-road and sees-both-sides type of person (a NINE) was all, "Welllllll, this is what *I* was thinking you'd have to do first" and THERE I GO AGAIN! NOT HELPFUL!

I can't do this right now. I need to work on a website. Jennie and Elizabeth have DEADLINES. 

This was a really bad time to stop eating sugar. (Not that I've done so great at that today. Of course.)

This morning we chose one of our not-perfect coffee shops to hang out in before preschool drop off. We were situated with our decaf drip and our blueberry scone and I was reading "The Poky Little Puppy" because this coffee shop has a little cabinet full of kid books, AND THEN. This lady came in with her two-year-old and struggled with him while she ordered coffee and a croissant and then tried to figure out which table would be the easiest with a baby and everyone else was focused on their laptops and my brain went all crazy bouncy again. 

Actually, what I really have to do is make dinner. Chicken stirfry with mushrooms and snap peas. HERE I GO.





I think you should do it. But here, where we don't have any coffee shops and nowhere for the moms club to hang out.

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