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Tuesday Reads & Recommends

Recommend: Have you ever played, or ever heard of, Hashi? I was looking for a nerdy logicky iPad game for the occasional zone out purpose and stumbled on this app. AND NOW I AM OBSESSED. It was super easy to pick up and each game is harder than the last. I used to finish them in two minutes, now I'm constantly getting stuck and having to start over. 

Also, if anyone is EXTRA nerdy like me and has a few of those Nancy Drew computer games in a drawer somewhere, the Dana Knightstone iPad apps are pretty cool. Same developer, same sort of set ups and puzzles, less annoying dialogue. 

Read: Where'd You Go, Bernadette? I read this on the planes to and from the Blathering. I loved it. It is a quirky little book, but its a good one, especially if you are from or familiar with Seattle. Then you will find it hilarious. AND TRUE!

Read: A few weeks back this guy was on the news - a neurosurgeon who went into a coma and miraculously woke up claiming he'd seen? visited? journeyed to? heaven. I KNOW. Obvs I read this article ASAP and discussed it at length with everyone who would listen, as fascinated-by-the-supernatural types such as myself are wont to do. Even if you're not that type it's pretty interesting, if only for the exquisite description!

Read: In the same religiousy wackjobby vein, read this article Phillip forwarded to me (from a TECH site!) about the issues a student is having with her student ID, which happens to be "the mark of the beast". Just so you know, everything I learned about the Rapture and the End Times I learned from my friend's parents who have been preparing for these events for years. Truly. I get all my good conspiracy theories from them, also my information on how long how many pounds of flour will last and where to invest. Anyway, what Phillip and I both liked about this article is how it examined the question without making the believers into ridiculous cartoon characters. My friend's parents were positive that UN troops were holed up in Montana to declare martial law when Obama won the election, but they're very kind people. 

Read: one of my best friends has a child with Down Syndrome and if my dad reads something about Down Syndrome he will send me the link to forward to her. Usually these are George Will articles. This time it was 6 Things Down Syndrome Parents Wish You Would Stop Saying. When he sent the link he added, "maybe number seven is: "Hey, I read this great article on Down Syndrome, I'll send you the link!" But I liked this writer's candor. 

Read: This is... I guess I'd say it's one of the most powerful and honest blog posts I've read in a long time, from Barefoot and Pregnant

Intellectually, I believe the Church. I understand the arguments against birth control. I agree with them, even. I just no longer think I’m a good enough person to follow the rules.

That spike your interest? 

Recommend: Believe it or not, when I've been looking for dresses and skirts and tops of the sparkly holiday variety, JCPenney has been my best bet. BY FAR. I am in absolute love with the dress I bought to wear to our party this weekend - not online for some reason, but it's this silvery lace thing with FRINGE and OMG I LOVE IT. I mean, for something I'm going to wear once or twice a year, I don't want to spend heaps of money, but I want SOMETHING awesome. I found several awesome things at my local mall department store. WOO!



I read that Barefoot and Pregnant post yesterday and wow. Then I read all the follow-up articles Jen Fulweiler linked to and I still want more. (I also liked Calah's follow-up of her own where she discusses birth control more in-depth.) There's just something about such honest - and painful - writing.


Oh man. I just want to give that woman a hug and let her know that it's ok to use birth control. It makes me so sad that she is (and others are) struggling so much.


That afterlife article -- wow. I hope he's right; I feel in my heart that he is.


I now have a lot to read!! :)


Nancy Drew computer games??? How did I miss those? I only checked out every single Nancy Drew book from my library as a kid.

Expecting Adam by Martha Beck is a non-fiction book about Down Syndrome on the surface, but SO MUCH more. Its a must-read.

Laura Diniwilk

You had me at Hashi. CAN'T STOP.


Well, I have great luck with JCP for kids' sparkly and festive attire, so why not my own? NOT that I have anywhere festive to go, mind you.

I want to read ALL of these recommendations.

(Stupid job.)

Can't wait to settle in with my wine! Thx for always posting such great stuff!

Sonya aka Glam-O-Mommy

Maggie, I have some of those Nancy Drew games, so I will have to check out your app recommendation!

I read Calah's powerful post and was very moved. I, too, wanted to give her a hug! Thank you for sharing.


Oh, poor Calah. What a heartbreaking piece. And it kills me to know that there are people out there who are going to say that she should "just use birth control already!" The same exact people, I'm guessing, who would tell me that I should just get over to the IVF clinic to deal with my infertility issues.

I don't believe that's the response she needs. I KNOW it's not the response that I need from people, people who believe they're being helpful, and in many instances are truly well-meaning, but who in the end are both belittling my faith AND refusing to truly BE WITH ME in my suffering. The people who want to make my problem go away, instead of holding my hand and helping me find my way through it.

Does that make sense? I know that if I violated the tenets of my faith, I'd always regret it on some level, even if I got the immediate result that I wanted. I fear that the same may well be true for Calah. I didn't read through all the comments over there, but there was one that pointed out the huge problem that moms of small children are forced in so many ways these days to go it alone. Moms in the trenches used to be surrounded by family and by friends who were in the same boat. Where's the help now? It seems to me that's a huge source of stress.

I'll be keeping Calah in my prayers.


Dear Maggie,

Post request: Please comment on "Long Island Medium." I am so confused.

thank you!


I had something stupid to say, but then I read the comments above and clicked over to ready Barefoot and Pregnant and it doesn't seem important. And I can't stop crying for some reason.

Reading (and chickens)

1) I could not read the mark of the beast article because those things give me nightmares.
2) I skimmed the Barefoot and Pregnant one (because I am being a responsible mother and *almost* watching the boys), and the first thought I had was, "I am so glad I don't believe in everything the Church says I'm supposed to do." I remember the old priest at our church telling me, "You can't confess to something you don't TRULY believe is a sin in your right mind." AMEN.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I LOVE your reads and recommends!


Where'd You Go Bernadette is so fabulous! I read it and then we were looking at property on Queen Anne. And I got out of the car at one place and saw all the blackberry vines on the side of a hill and started cracking up. Daniel thought I was going insane(r).

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