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A nap or a nice long soak in the tub with a copy of Us Weekly

In case you weren't super sure, this website is powered by chocolate chips

I am averaging about a half a bag of chocolate chips per day. I want to totally ignore this fact AND never speak of it again OR refer jokingly to the pudge I continue to add to my middle as "my winter weight! HAR HAR!" At the same time I want to write a lengthy, angst-ridden, self-diagnosis of my inability to stop eating chocolate chips and the utter depression consuming me re: the pudge I continue to add to my middle. However. I've decided to do neither and simply eat more chocolate chips while I think of something else to write about. 

I held a seven-week-old baby at church this morning and OH. Heavy sigh. I never want to be pregnant again and I'm still half-terrified of giving birth again and even if those things weren't true my husband is already well out of his Children Comfort Zone. BUT BUT BUT. I love babies. No, you guys, I love babies. They are the smooshiest most wondrous little things and if I think about it too much it absolutely kills me that my own baby is rapidly becoming un-baby-like. Maybe this is why she isn't even close to walking, maybe she knows!

ALTHOUGH. Pregnancy is, in my opinion, a totally valid reason to keep a chocolate chip habit. 

Honestly, I think I keep eating chocolate chips because they're THERE. I start baking pretty early on for Christmas festivities and this year, as you already know if you follow me on Twitter/Instagram, I went hard core with the cookies. My freezer is packed. But I still have plans for more and that means Cookie Supplies are everywhere. I finally did get a handle on the amount of goodies I was consuming directly out of the freezer, but those chocolate chip bags are the devil. Delicious devils. 

AAAAAAANYWAY. Is there really nothing else to say? Must this blog always be waxing poetic over chocolate?

I suppose one good observation I can make is that I consume (or want to consume) the same amount of chocolate in good times as in bad. Last week? Quite possibly the easiest week of my Mom Of Three Kids Career. Phillip's new job started, but only kinda sorta. He was doing this online training thing Monday through Thursday. It started at six in the morning (lame for him) but meant that he was off around three (awesome for ME.) He did this from home, so he was around during the afternoon witching hours! He picked up Jack for me! He was just HERE! And I have to say, I got used to that pretty quick. So much so that when he finally went into the office on Friday, it was a long afternoon. Even though he came home at FIVE. He NEVER comes home at five! But apparently everyone else left early? So he did too? What I'm saying is I could maybe get used to this new company. The culture appears to be... decidedly different. 

In the meantime I am doing a crazy amount of online shopping (while eating chocolate chips) and fussing about my house (while eating chocolate chips). I am DYING to decorate for my Christmas party, which isn't for two weeks. (By the way, you're invited.) So far I've refrained from giving into that madness, but I'm also annoyed because the decorating I HAVE done is constantly being messed with by CHILDREN. Also, they think my present wrapping supplies are theirs for the taking. No. I will guard that last tape dispenser with my LIFE.

DEAR GOD THIS IS THE MOST BORING BLOG POST EVER. I feel like if you are still here reading this I should hurry to your house and pour you a handful of chocolate chips as thanks. I need a jumpstart for this blog. Or something. I can't keep writing about Jobs and Children and Weight I Could Clearly Not Be Gaining If I Made Any Effort Whatsoever. I'm trying to think of a SERIES. One time, long long ago, I wrote a bunch about how I became the Lackadaisacal Yet Mostly Devoted Churchy Person I am today. One time I wrote about how I go grocery shopping and feed these people I live with. I need to think of something I can be obsessive about for a week or two. The only thing I've thought of so far is: Which Nashville Character Would I Rather Marry: Fake Tim Tebow or Gunnar The Sweet, Sensitive, and Swoon-worthy Singer/Songwriter. SIGH.



Just so you know, the best thing ever is a spoonful of peanut butter studded with chocolate chips. I love it! I think perhaps I will go have one now.


Just so you know, I started reading this and then had to pause while I grabbed a couple TJ chocolate truffles and milk from the fridge (and my crazy pill out if my purse). Thanks! Haha

And I'm glad that so far so good on Philip's new job!


I would happily read ANY series that you chose to start, FYI. HAPPILY.

Also, this here is my EXACT problem talking about FOOD or WEIGHT and such. It feels like such a shallow luxury to say that you don't feel your best, especially when I'm tweeting about stress bagels BUT. Sometimes the world NEEDS chocolate chips and it will even out and eventually a day will come when you'll be all "chocolate chips, you have NO HOLD over me TODAY, bring me some SALAD." And it will all work out. Yes, I could do something about it today, but today I am just BUSY with TODAY and it's ok that it's just what is going on with the chocolate at the moment.

Does that make sense? I think you're absolutely lovely and I also REALLY like chocolate.


If it makes you feel any better, yesterday I had a similar affliction. See, I had some rice krispies left over from rice krispie treats I had made ages ago (like over the summer?) and in my laziness I didn't feel like getting marshmallows again because I figured some of them would go to waste. I opted instead to buy chocolate melting wafers and create krispie clusters...just chocolate and rice krispies. I did some up a couple weeks ago and have been snacking on them ever since, but yesterday the first batch ran out. I had more to use up so I made a second batch, and I seriously could not keep my hands off them. I don't even know how many I ate, or how many of the crumbs I deposited directly into my mouth. It was ridiculous. Of course, I AM pregnant, so I guess that doesn't help you entirely. But indeed, chocolate (even bad chocolate) can be so evil...and yet so good.

Katie M

I'm in agreement with the spoonful of peanut butter chocolate chip snack. Also Cool whip with chocolate chips!

Also, would LOVE to read your Nashville post! That is my favorite new show and I find myself torn between those two characters as well. Sweet Tim Tebow or Gunner with that accent??? Can't wait to see who you choose.



Sarah in Ottawa

I am with Ashley; mmm...Deacon. There are so many attractive men on that show.

I will read whatever you write, even if it's a series on ironing. Which I haven't done once since I got married bc Dave is such a mensch.

Ellen W

I also vote for Deacon.

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