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I had a fabulous Thanksgiving, Internet. It was delicious, delightful, and rawther drinky. A long time ago I was into this book called Things You Need To Be Told by the Etiquette Grrls - oh dear, I seem to have fallen into an Amazon reviewer wormhole. People think this book is pretentious! People think gin and tonics are boring! People are not fans of Random Capitalization! (QUELLE HORREUR!) Well, here's my contribution to the reviews: LIGHTEN UP! 

So ANYWAY, I was super into this hilariously pretentious etiquette book and one of the things the authors recommend as a good time is A Very Boozy Thanksgiving, wherein you invite all your orphaned friends for a giant (and very boozy) dinner. I have always wanted to do this, but it's sort of unseemly to do in front of your grandmother, right?

BUT! This Thanksgiving? I opened the wine before dinner at my in-laws'. As the only real wine drinker at the gathering you feel a little silly opening the wine at, say, 2pm, but C'MON IT'S THANKSGIVING. You guys, I have the best in-laws. I stood on a chair to get the bottle down from the fancy rack and they're all, "Yes! Open it!" And it's THANKSGIVING, but they don't want you to help, they don't even really seem to care if you keep an eye on your own children, you're just supposed to sit down and relax and maybe read the Black Friday ads. The most I've ever done at my in-laws' is set the table, and that's not for lack of TRYING to help, lest you think I am a lazypants. No, I'm offering to help cook, to wash dishes, to wipe up, wipe down, clear, what have you, and they just act like I'm really super duper hilarious. Wash dishes? HO HO! Go sit down and put your feet up! FIL will do the dishes! He LIKES doing the dishes!

Yeah. Good times. I also like holidays at my in-laws' because Phillip has a pair of college age cousins I find charming and hysterical and one of my very favorite Thanksgiving Quotes was when the college senior said, "So Phillip, you're like, what? 28?" HAAAAAAA!!! HA! HA! HA!

(That means they think I'm 27!)

Oh wait! I forgot to tell you about Thanksgiving EVE aka Phillip's Last Day of Work! It was splendid. My sisters and one of my BILs came over after the kids went to bed and we put away two trays of nachos, half a pan of easy toffee bars, some red wine, and a bottle of Cupcake Prosecco. YOU GUYS. I have never been a big fan of white and/or sparkling wine. I mean, if there's nothing else, I'll drink it. But it's not my favorite, and when there are toasts I usually take a few sips of champagne and move on to the good stuff. HOWEVER. Cupcake Prosecco was quite possibly the most delicious thing I tasted all week and OH MY perhaps I should fork over a few extra dollars when I go to buy something champagne-like! I wanted to get something nice to celebrate and it was lovely. 

So! Thanksgiving? Good. The next day was a huge terrible boring-as-heck rainstorm and I took the kids to see Brave, which was also terrible and boring-as-heck. I did not mind at all when Molly got scared and demanded to leave in the middle. Then, as we do, we last-minute-invited friends for dinner and GUESS WHAT. THEY BROUGHT CUPCAKE PROSECCO. BEST FRIENDS EVER. 

Side note: not many of my super good real life friends are the drinky sorts, so the fact that @lizritz absolutely never blinks an eye when I refill her wine glass makes her, like, triply precious. 

Saturday? Saturday was wine with my two sisters at the Sound of Music singalong movie, which all of you should experience at least once in your lives. It was a riot. Also, I STILL DO NOT HAVE A DRIVER'S LICENSE! GROWN UP FAIL! I never ever tried to buy alcohol before age 21 (I SWEAR), but in the last week I purchased alcohol three times without an ID - once at the grocery store, where I gave a nervous giggle and they passed me through anyway (I AM THIRTY-THREE AND LOOK IT), once at the Sound of Music where I got my sister to buy my glass of wine, and once AFTER the singalong, when we went to happy hour and I only ordered a drink because the waitress didn't card anyone ELSE. Except then she carded EVERYONE. (I got my drink anyway. And left a large tip. GAH.) (My inner rule follower: DYYYYYYING.) (The waitress says I could totally use my sister's ID by the way. Which is funny, since I'm FOUR YEARS OLDER.)

Sunday? What was Sunday? There was probably more wine. 

It was just a very CELEBRATORY handful of days, Internet. VERY fun. VERY cheery. VERY "Look At Me Deleting All My Work Email Off My Phone Forever And Ever!" I know this post is obnoxiously WINE WINE PROSECCO MORE WINE! but really, I just felt like we were celebrating every day. The entire goal for the weekend was: Have as excellent a time as possible. GOAL ACCOMPLISHED.

Phillip started his new job on Monday, but since he's doing an online training the first week, an online training that starts on East Coast time, he's doing it from home. Not even going to the office. Weird! But that just meant today he was done at 3:30, like REALLY done, no phone calls, no emergency texts, no conference calls at weird times. And we've just been hanging out all day and tomorrow is more of the same. It's crazy. I know he'll have to go to the office NEXT week, but today I made Cherry Cabernet Brownies with a red wine ganache JUST BECAUSE IT SEEMED LIKE THE RIGHT THING TO DO. 



Yes! Cupcake prosecco rocks!

Sarah in Ottawa

I am a big fan of boozy celebrations. You should have seen our wedding -- an Italian girl marrying into a huge Newfie (aka pretty much Irish) family. Lots of good food and booze. There will always be drinks at my parties. I wish you lived closer so could come to one!


I love prosecutor and shall look for this Cuocake Prosecco immediately. Sounds like a lovely weekend. You certainly deserved it!


I do not drink very often, as alcohol tends to make me headachey and I hate headaches; however, when I drink, my favorite wine is generally any kind of Moscato, which is white and sparkling, so I will definitely be on the lookout for Cupcake Prosecco. Sounds fab!

Also fab? How happy and relaxed you sound, what with all the fun holiday get-togethers and Phillip's new job. So awesome. XO


First, I LOVED the Etiquette Grrrls. Loved them and was so sad when they stopped updating their website.

Second, I had a similarly boozy Thanksgiving weekend. I highly recommend cranberry old-fashioneds.

Third, I think I need that brownie recipe.

Laura Diniwilk

I am so very jealous of the whole not having to watch your own kids thing. Holidays are always so stressful because mine are still young enough that they love to find all of the death traps in other people's houses, so it's a lot of chasing around and not nearly enough eating and boozing. So glad you had fun!


So um...where does one procure said cupcake prosecco. I have never even heard of it, but since it is a mixture of my two favorite things in the world I need to get some IMMEDIATELY. Like, maybe even on my lunch break. Just kidding...HAHHAHAHANOTKIDDING.


This post makes me wish I could drink wine.


I'm so happy for this new time in your life!!! Just don't go for baby 4 yet...we need to be pregnant together and I need at least another year before getting pregnant again. ;) And while you're at it, move to the East Coast...we can have lots of wine dates!!!!


Trader Joe's was sampling this amazing thing on Sunday. Moscatto Asti. Yum. I do not need any more wine, I said. She laughed, and I bought it anyway. I wish you lived closer, cause I got a LOT of wine to dispose of prior to my move, which could happen anytime from 15 to 28 December.


PS I missed you terribly, so terribly that I am going to have to start using Twitter. Sigh.


This post assures me that I don't have enough wine in my life. (And I visited a winery on the day after Thanksgiving.)

Kate P

That sounded like a really great (celebratory!) weekend, and I am happy for P that the new job is going well so far!

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