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I've unilaterally decided the 2014 location

Please pray for my tin can

I SHOULD be in bed, since my BIL is coming over in the middle of the night to take me to the airport, but I am too busy being nervous about my airplane ride. I am not a fan. It's going to take me pretty much all day to get to New Orleans and I intend to survive with Dramamine, Where'd You Go, Bernadette?, and some TV Phillip is copying over to my phone. Also snacks. Put me in an airport and I'm suddenly buying all the chocolate and bagels and coffees and overpriced cookies. I think I feel like I DESERVE to snack if I'm going to be trapped inside a tin can for hours. Probably not the best thing to do, as I did the exact opposite of Dieting during the weeks before NOLA. I intended to shed a few pounds so it wouldn't matter if I packed a few beignets on during the trip. Now I might have to wear my pajama pants on the return flight. 

Also there was an election today? The President is speechifying as I type. Now that it's over, mostly, I'm glad I was out with friends tonight, getting my toes done and eating French fries. I love them more than I love cable news. 

It's a bit crazypants in Mighty Maggie Land right now and I'm feeling guilty about leaving. Then I think, "Oh, it will be so nice to get AWAY." Then I creep into Emma's room and consider picking her up and snuggling in the rocking chair for a while... I miss my baby ALREADY. I am that mom, you guys. I AM THAT MOM. 

I creeped into Jack and Molly's room too. They were both snoring. I missed them already too, until dinnertime when they both lied to me about scarfing all the leftover Goldfish on Emma's high chair tray. Their dinners: uneaten. The giant mess of crackers on Emma's tray: GONE.

"Did you eat all the crackers?"

Two heads shake no. 

"Who ate all the crackers?"

Two sets of shoulders shrug. 

What, do they think I'm an idiot? Seriously? And I wasn't even MAD about them eating the goldfish crackers! My actual thought went something like, "What industrious and opportunist little children I have! Well done, sneakypantses! But you BETTER eat those noodles!" But you know, one little ridiculous lie turns Mommy into RAGING WACKO LADY who takes away all your behavior chart cards, the iPad, the Halloween candy, and all the Fun for the REST OF TIME. 

Yeah, maybe I need this carb-heavy getaway. 




Have a great time! (UNFAIR! JEALOUS!)


See you there!


Can't wait to see you ... now if we all could teleport there. SIGH. (I'm on hold trying to fix my flights.)


Have a great time- will be there with you guys in spirit! Have an extra beignet for me :)

Oh, and Where'd You Go Bernadette is a great book. A little insane, but SO much Seattle truth in it.

Sonya aka Glam-O-Mommy

Have a beignet for me too! And have a great time! Can't wait to hear all about it and about what is planned for next year, so I can plan NOT to miss out like I did this year!

Dr. Maureen

Have fun in NOLA, Maggie. Don't you worry about me, here at home, with nary a beignet in sight. Sniff.

But while I'm here, can I give you a suggestion I got from a book I read a while back? Life may be easier if you do not give your kids the opportunity to lie; ie, do not say, "Did you eat the crackers?" when you know perfectly well that they did. Instead, state that you KNOW they ate the crackers and what the consequence, if any, there will be. Like... "You still have to sit at the dinner table with us even though you ate all those crackers." Or what have you. Sure, they still may lie and say, "We didn't eat the crackers!" but that's more of an active lie and takes more effort on their parts, so they might not. It's easier to deny when asked a question, I think.


Pajama pants all the way, bonus points for Lululemon and everyone will be none the wiser! ;) Have a great trip!

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