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I've unilaterally decided the 2014 location

As I drove my kids home from my parents' house today, I planned a Seattle Blathering in my head. 

Thursday night Organizer Dinner at  Delancey.

We will book a whole floor for attendees at the downtown Hyatt. You can light rail yourself over there from the airport.

Thursday night drinks at... oh gosh. I kind of dig the W hotel lobby. Or ANYWHERE?

Friday brunch is dim sum at Jade Garden. OR O'Asian, but O'Asian's in a boring downtown office building and Jade Garden is in the International District AND you can go to Uwajimaya afterwards and that just sounds like more fun. 

Friday night party at this Lower Queen Anne condo. Afterwards I will buy it and live there myself.

Saturday morning 2.8 mile run around Green Lake. (Not me, I will be in bed.)

Saturday breakfast at Green Lake Bar and Grill. We can take over the restaurant.

Afternoon excursions to the market, Capitol Hill, Seattle Center, downtown shopping, the waterfront, Shalini's house, 

Saturday night dinner at Matt's In The Market. Again, I want the entire restaurant. 

Sunday breakfast at the condo - I volunteer to put in an order at Macrina Bakery and deliver it myself. 





I am in full agreement with every single part of this trip. LETS DO THIS.


I'm in!


I'm so there! Maybe.

Laura Diniwilk

I 1000% support this. Seattle Blathering 2014, here I come!


I am THERE. Seattle actually was on my list of hoped-for locations for 2013, so....

Doing My Best

This sounds LOVELY!


i completely agree with this plan. I do not have the disposable income to fly anywhere with preschool and kindergarten and grad school tuition. And why travel when we live in the best city ever! I am in! I will help with whatever needs to be done! And I will have a new house with TWO spare rooms by then!!!


Sold. Just give me the dates!

Ashley // Our Little Apartment

Seriously. DO IT. Two in a row in the south = northwest.

(Plus, I'm planning to miss out on next year. And Seattle is totally on my GO THERE list!)


I think I should fly out and do a test run. Just to make sure. I'll let you know when to expect me.


That sounds like sooo much fun! I live in the kirkland area and would be happy to help out in any way!


I was thinking Seattle might be a contender for 2013, but I GUESS I can wait until 2014.


As long as you wait until my in-laws move away. Otherwise I'd have to stay with THEM.


I love how Shalini's house is thrown in, especially because I will be inviting myself to stay there. ;)


This sounds spectacular. I'd sign up in a heartbeat.


If I'm not pregnant or nursing a tiny infant, I'm so there. And the tiny infant issue is negotiable.

Where is Blathering 2013?

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