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I have absolutely no self control around candy. None. I am deadly super serious. The low carb thing generally works for me and I can go around ignoring bread and pasta and rice for days, but stick a rectangle of Hershey chocolate in front of me and it instantly disappears. I've written about this before. I have no stopping point with chocolate. 

Which is why I just had to bag up the leftover Halloween candy and throw it on this little decorative ledge in our kitchen that I can't reach without a chair, and maybe some tongs since I threw it pretty far back. I'm not foolish to think that will keep me from eating the rest of the chocolate, but it MIGHT keep me from eating the rest in under two hours. 

I've already had six pieces for breakfast. I AM SERIOUS, YOU GUYS. IT IS A SICKNESS.

Jack is missing his second day of school. He seems totally fine this morning, but yesterday he threw up twice and moped around all day and slept through the afternoon and wanted to go home in the middle of trick or treating. That is legitimate unwellness. So I emailed his teacher last night and let her know he wouldn't be in today. Right now I'd be barking at everyone to get in the car, we're gonna be late! But we're still in our pajamas (some of us are changing into our costumes), inspecting our candy, arguing over which TV show to watch next. It's kind of nice, actually. 

It's November, which, you'll agree, is a smidge insane. I have a thirteen-month-old today, for one thing. It's All Saints Day, my favorite of the Catholics-have-to-go-to-church days. It's the day I intended to start NaNoWriMo, but HAHAHAHAHA that is so not going to happen. It's the month of the Blathering. It's when I send my Christmas party invitations. It's rain and gloom and pinecones and pine needles all over my porch and deck and wearing sweatshirts to bed and oh God we won't see sun again until July 5. I meant to have these five pounds lost by November so I could gain them back over the holidays without heaps of guilt, but please note the six pieces of candy I ate for breakfast. 

My mom and dad are visiting us today, mainly because I asked my mom to alter a dress I want to bring to New Orleans and I forgot it at her house. Plus my phone charger. I forget everything. I am that person, even when I make a giant effort to NOT be that person. I'm hoping to do a little shopping later - Molly needs a winter coat, I have a pile of stuff to return. Otherwise it sounds nice to stay in my pajamas and dirty hair. 

I have cleaned a toilet this morning. I am not all candy and slothfulness.

I've been thinking a lot about the Blathering, a lot about our Christmas party, a bit about Actual Christmas and how to make it Not Exhausting. I feel like this is a month to just power through, what with all of the travel and holidays and new jobness. And December might be more of the same, though I'm throwing in a party and a trip to St. Louis. I've started saying, "Well, maybe we can get together in JANUARY..." 

Which isn't to say I don't love November and December. It's chocolate season.

EJ is sleeping better, more, and more predictably than she ever has in her life. Molly is... well, I think we're seeing more and more of Actual Molly, rather than Molly As An Appendage Of Jackson. Which is kind of amazing and awesome and exciting. And Jack, gosh, I mean, if he's not making me crazy he's Becoming A Big Kid and that's its own intimidating and bittersweet and wonderful and shocking thing. He holds my hand when we walk back tot he car when school is out and every time I wonder: is this the day he stops holding my hand? 

He's only five. That can't happen yet. 

November: we're nine hours in and things are looking up. 



I had Milk Duds and a Heath Bar last night and my stomach started grumbling. I quieted it down with a pack of Rolos.

Happy All Saints Day to you.


you know why things are better today? Because you saw ME yesterday. For the first time in months. I'm just saying...

I actually am totally disinterested in my kids' candy. But I ate all the chips in the house this afternoon, as well as the leftover mashed potatoes. And I will drink wine and search for other carbs tonight.

Hope J is all recovered soon!


I didn't realize that today was a Mandatory Mass Day.

I was talking to my grandma today and was asking her about All Saints Day, and the midst if all the Hurricane Sandy craziness and our loss of power and heat and all the nice 21st century things, she explains, "Oh for heaven's sake! I forgot what day it was! I HAVE TO GET TO CHURCH!!!!" This is a women that goes to mass everyday (under normal, we are not frozen solid, conditions) so I just assumed she was missing church.

That was a long way of saying that I learned something new about Catholicism from your blog today! :)


I am the SAME around candy!!

and I always feel good if I've cleaned one toilet. :) Hope you have a nice weekend and a GREAT November!


This is my favorite season. However, since having kids, it is also the busiest, most insane season.

It's not just chocolate season- it is PEPPERMINT season. And better than that, it is peppermint chocolate season!

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