In which my dinner inspires a pointless (as if I write any other kind) blog post
The gutter came to power

Will you be my carpool friend?

Okay, so days with kindergarten AND preschool? Might kill me. 

8:40-8:45: take Jack to school, hang out on the playground until the bell rings, he goes inside for school 

8:45 - 9:25: drive to preschool neighborhood, find a coffee shop, drink decaf drip while Molly devours a chocolate croissant, keep Emma from dumping my purse on the floor

9:30: drop Molly at preschool 

9:45 - 11:25: Emma naps (maybe I shouldn't let her nap THAT long, gah)

11:30 - 12:15: retail therapy at the mall

12:30: pick up Molly, throw her a snack because she's starving

12:45 - 2:45: feed girls, entertain girls, keep girls awake because at 

3:00: we pick up Jack


3:15 - 3:45: try to get Emma to nap

3:45 - 5: Emma naps, Jack and Molly play the computer and do homework and draw pictures and miraculously do not fight

5 - 6: make dinner

6: Phillip comes home, dinner, I say, "DUDE, TODAY WAS ROUGH."

The answer, clearly, is Make A Carpool Friend. But I just don't know. I connected with a kindergarten mom and she was super nice and friendly and Jack talked about her daughter more than any other kid in his class, but she left! Gone! Poof! The oldest child was attending a different school and the mom finally managed to get the daughter into that school. Which: yes. That would be crazy. I am doing two different schools! I GET IT. But I am still sad. I haven't pinpointed another Kindergarten Parent Friend yet. 

And the preschool moms are actually super nice and everyone introduced themselves on the first day, but I'm pretty sure none of them live anywhere near me. And I don't have any friends nearby who I can talk into sending their kid to that preschool (for the explicit purpose of carpooling. I AM SUCH A GOOD FRIEND.) 

Soooo. I mean, I think it will be just Be. You know? It is what it is and all that. Yes, it's definitely hard for me to feel like the routine is all messed up, or that the routine is THIS routine, and I feel like I'm shortchanging Emma all over the place. But! She was fine. She did get a little cranky towards bedtime, but she MADE it to bedtime, which was great. And keeping the girls up instead of having a quiet time in the afternoon was lame, but it wasn't ANYWHERE near as lame as skipping quiet time with JACK around. 

Maybe if I only let Emma nap a short time in the morning she's likely to fall asleep right when we get home from picking up Molly? Maybe that's how I will handle this?

It will be okay. Eventually. Or even right now. It will be fine. 



Oh, Maggie. This is wretched. Wretched, I tell you. When do you get to have time to do Maggie things? YIKES. I feel tired just reading about this. I will now cease complaining about my schedule.


That is a crazy schedule! I suggest you have a chocolate croissant too.


I have no solutions. I just feel tired for you.


It's not possible for Jack to get a bus, is it? Seems like a short walk to a bus stop would be so much easier. I don't know what the rules usually are for bussing Kindergartners, but I thought I'd ask in case it just hadn't occurred to you...which I doubt, but that would totally be something I'd do ;-)


I have to tell you, I am dreading this next year. A baby with a nap schedule and PreK drop-off and pick-up. (One kid in school! Not even two! And a super close school! Still dreading it!) It will be no problem the year after because apparently my neighborhood has kindergarten bus service even though the school is literally three minutes away. But dreading it.

Ellen W

Ugh, I feel bad for you. Preschools here (Houston area) tend to have longer days. My 1st grader is on the bus at 7:50 and preschool is MWF from 9-2:30 (he naps at school).


I did a semi carpool thing, and it was kinda more trouble than it was worth. I was the pick up Mom and I was constantly stressing I would forget which days I had to pick up extra child. And then there were the days my kids were sick or the other family was out of town. While the schedule was crazy, I decided I would rather be the lone (albeit stressed out) wolf.

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