In which I act like a rookie
Everything will be different now

Things I learned over a weekend with absolutely no children

I will creep around the living room and oh so carefully unload the dishwasher and snap at my friends to keep their voices down because a BABY is SLEEPING, OH WAIT.

I will still wake up early.

I will still wake up in the middle of the night. 

I won't miss them as much as I think I will. Which will make me feel guilty for about ten seconds, until I move on to the next no-kid thing I happen to be doing. 

My parents are incredibly fantastically amazingly generous people. 

I will still go to bed early. 

I will eat too much and spend too much money. 

I can think about things that are not fixing meals, cleaning up messes, and managing schedules. 

I have things to say that are not about kindergarten or sleeping through the night or discipline charts. 

I am good at things other than Trio blocks and sticker mosaics and making discipline charts. 

I won't obsessively check Twitter. 

I will still want alone time. 

Okay, maybe I will miss my baby a LITTLE bit omg when do I get her back waaahhhh.

How blessed I am. 

How much I like juicy pork dumplings

Also Trader Joe's yogurt pretzels. 

I will panic about re-entering normal life, especially with kindergarten starting on Wednesday and I am woefully unprepared in the Preparing A Lunch department. 

My house will still get dirty. 

How much I miss talking Deep Stuff with my husband. 


Every Labor Day weekend Phillip and I get together with three other couples we've known since college to hash out Life. We've been doing a yearly Examen for, I think, seven years now. Anyway, if you are so inclined, I so highly recommend doing this with your own group of committed people. Maybe it sounds weird and scary to share the highs and lows of your year with Other People, but every year the awesome increases. MAKE IT HAPPEN.



It sounds like a glorious weekend. :)


I was on a press trip last week and was the only one with kids and one of the other people asked me how long it took me to miss them. My answer "four days". Seriously. :)

Speaking of lunches- Vivian's school has rules! She has to bring a fruit or veggie, a protein, and a "high quality carbohydrate". I don't even know what that means, but I'm betting her usual lunches of chicken nuggets and hot dogs are not going to fly at her new school... Stress!!!


Sounds awesome.

The waking up early kills me when we have a child-free weekend. I want to punch myself for getting up before 7 a.m.

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