The hardest year
Why yes, I think I will

Shopping spree

When Phillip is away, my online window shopping often becomes actual shopping. 

Today I bought:

Shirt Collar Blouse Dress from Loft


I don't know. I'm curious. I thought it might be cute belted, now that I know how to belt things, and over leggings or my various pairs of thick stretchy pants that I believe are called ponte knit pants. Basically they are the pants that all the middle aged ladies in Italy wear and no, I cannot believe I own the same kind of pants my cuckoo Italian teacher wore every single day.  

I also bought this necklace:


I almost never buy jewelry and I have NEVER bought jewelry online. Oh wait, except for Etsy. Which seems different? Anyway, I like the yellow and silver and thought maybe it would dress up my In Case I Can't Find Anything Else Blathering Dress, pictured here:


The dress is navy blue and if the necklace looks right, maybe some super tall mustard yellow heels? 

That's all the budget can handle this month, and I'll probably end up returning that pajama-shirt-disguised-as-a-dress anyway. But here are the other items on my shopping list. 

Leopard print flats.


Some wear-with-jeans-in-the-rain-to-kindergarten-drop-off mary janes

I look for stupid mary janes EVERY SINGLE FALL and I never buy any. I have this sneaking feeling that they are desperately uncool (these, for example, are a brand called Orthaheel), but they are 1) easy to put on while carrying a baby without being 2) sneakers or boots or other shoes I might wear in the rain. Obvs these will get my cute socks wet right on the instep, but we're mostly talking shoes that won't get upset if you step in a little puddle, unlike those leopard print flats. I have a pair of Danskos that I hate. They MUST be replaced this year. 

Some long shirts and/or sweaters and/or dresses to wear over the aforementioned leggings/Italian lady pants because DUDES one year post-Emma and I am still anti-real pants. 

Pajama shirt barely passing as a dress from Athleta.


Maternity shirt posing as a non-maternity dress from Boden


Apparently I want to wear maternity clothes without having to be pregnant to justify wearing maternity clothes.

Gosh, I like REALLY BORING CLOTHES, eh? OH WELL. I believe it's called Comfortable Pacific Northwesty Rain Repellent-Ish. I own a very cute raincoat, if you must know.

I am sloooooowly purging the closet of stuff I never wear. This category includes: 

  • too-big clothes I kept to wear after having babies
  • dresses I only wore once five years ago
  • too-small clothes that didn't look good on me even when they fit
  • too-small clothes that looked great on me when they fit, but will probably never fit again, and depress the everloving snot out of me whenever I visit the closet so why keep them around
  • clothes that fit, but look terrible, seriously, why did I buy these things?

Emma turns one on Sunday, people. SUNDAY. I am still three pounds away from my goal. Pretty sure I need to make peace with those three pounds and start dressing this only-three-pounds-heavier but differently shaped body. It's been one entire year of not liking what I'm wearing and I'm ready for that to change. 



Yes, comfy cute clothes all the way for sure! If it's not comfy, it will only take up space in my closet, and being in the NW has only reinforced that. Speaking of which, picking out my haven't-worn-in-ages clothes has long been a to-do item. Ugh. Love Loft, I forgot about that place, must revisit. Maybe I'll procrastinate now on the closet issue by doing some online Loft shopping :)


Now I want the leopard print flats ...


Wanting to wear maternity clothes without having to be pregnant sums up pretty much my entire closet.


I have fallen in love with some boots by Nomad. I think they are on ShoeBuy and aren't that expensive (and fit fat calves like mine). Now that I have to wait outside for the bus with Kiddo, I need some appropriate rain gear! Hmm... maybe if I go back to leggings I can wear dresses again. I loathe dresses because of the draft and have become a strictly-pants kind of girl.


I might get internet tomatoes thrown at me for even suggesting this, but Crocs actually carry some kind of cute leopard print flats (,default,pd.html?cid=751&cgid=women-footwear-flats) and Mary Janes (,default,pd.html?cid=43Q&cgid=women-footwear-flats).

*runs away, ducking head*


I have mary janes that I wear all the time, so if you find out that they are horribly uncool, don't tell me, okay?


You have just summarized my closet problems right now. I keep getting rid of too-big clothes that somehow I don't want to get rid of, and it's hard to let go! And the too-small clothes need to go, too. YES to everything. Where is that dress from? So cute!

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