What I love best is the way she squeezes a blueberry in her fist and flings the mess across the kitchen
In case you were wondering, I am still a head case

God threw me a bone

You guys, I'm not sure I can accurately describe how much I love kindergarten. How thankful I am for kindergarten. How happy and grateful and relieved I feel to pull up alongside the curb - because that is how we do it now - and watch my five-year-old run onto the playground, and how I don't pick him up until three o'clock in the afternoon. It is amazing. God bless kindergarten. 

That sounds horrible, doesn't it? IT REALLY DOES. What a mean and lazy mother! BUT YOU GUYS. Oh my gosh. I'm not sure I can accurately describe how READY this kid has been for kindergarten for the past, oh, YEAR. 

It's not that he's reading already or doing quadratic equations or incredibly sociable or speaking three languages or in any way unusually Advanced and/or Gifted or ANYTHING LIKE THAT. It's the fact that Jackson Cheung thrives on - no, practically REQUIRES - a project or an activity or a task or a plan or SOMETHING STRUCTURED TO DO all day, every day. Who knows how much money I've dropped at the dollar store on art supplies and workbooks and how many games and toys I've purchased simply to get an hour or two of quiet time. And I'm not GOOD at that. I run out of ideas super quick. Plus I'm impatient, lazy, and taking care of a baby. I do not have the time, inclination, or capability to come up with a Fun! Preschool! Project! morning, noon, and night. 

What did his teacher say at our home visit? OH YES. He is 1) always on task and 2) always ready to move onto the next activity, and also 3) sort of stymied by all the kids who are NOT ready. OMG. 

All summer long I was trying to figure out what to do with that kid. Thank God I found those two weeks of Vacation Bible School (which he STILL talks about, by the way. Score one for Mom!) But otherwise he was stuck at home with me and his sister who is content to play with her magnetic paper dolls for houuurrrsss and his baby sister who doesn't even MOVE and do you know how antsy and twerpy and out of control that kid got? I had to start a behavior chart! GAH!

But kindergarten? Oh blessed blessed kindergarten. Projects and activities and recess and snacks and more projects from nine to three every day of the week. I keep telling myself it's okay to be thrilled about school. Kids are SUPPOSED to go to school. It's not like I couldn't handle him at home anymore and found a full day week-long daycare situation for my five-year-old. It's SCHOOL. It's REQUIRED. He's LEARNING STUFF. With the grand and fabulous bonus that OTHER PEOPLE ARE DOING IT. 

Phillip has been out of town all week and as far as business trip weeks go, this one's been pretty average. No one is sleeping well and everything's a mess, but we've had friends and visitors and junk food and we've been fine. But you know what the biggest factor in being fine is? KINDERGARTEN. Kindergarten has drastically cut the amount of time I spend refereeing arguments and yelling and ordering people around. Molly likes projects too (more and more, unfortunately, gak) but she also loves to just help me do whatever I'm doing or quietly play on her own while I write email or even play nicely with her sister. When Jack is here there's fighting and noise and craziness and I don't trust him with Emma. He's not even being BAD, really, he just NEEDS STUFF TO DO! A business trip week with no kindergarten? I WILL find that full day week-long daycare.

Oh I'm so not even kidding you, I am so deliriously happy about having this kid in school. It is EXACTLY what he wants, nay, NEEDS to be doing. 

On the other hand... it's only Thursday. I am so tired. EJ is doing this new thing where she screams for a good half hour before she falls asleep at night. I don't get it. She's not eating either - maybe because she has a cold? They all have colds (thank you, kindergarten) (I don't care, I'll take the colds) and I've gone through nineteen boxes of Kleenex this week. I've changed wet sheets and bloody nose sheets. I've eaten terrible food and spent an entire day hating myself because I stepped on the scale. I've spent more money online this week than I have in months (it will almost all be returned, I'm sure.) (Well, except for Blathering Dress #3.) (Shut up.) This work travel thing is not so awesome. We're doing it and we're fine, but it's definitely not awesome. 

Still, there is kindergarten, and it is good. So good. You know, I've been indecisive about what to do with Molly next year, with her birthday being the cut off date and all, but she is GOING. HA.



I am very much looking forward to kindergarten. Kalena doesn't need the projects so much, but she does LOVE to do them (preschool is pretty much her favorite thing ever.) And I'm like you- I just can't keep her supplied with all the new fun crafty, project-y things she wants.


I am so happy to hear that it's going so well! YAY, kindergarten!


I feel the same way about Olivia in pre-K. Last year she was in preschool 2 days a week. This year it is three days. I ADORE THOSE THREE DAYS. I get so much done not having to supervise her tantrums over not having enough structure or activity. She gets to enjoy a day of structured play and crafts, and she usually comes home exhausted but not in a melty-down way because she NAPS at school (something which never ever happens here). I am so looking forward to kindergarten, not just because it will be five days (holy cow), but also because then she has to wear a UNIFORM, hooray!...The end of the morning fight over what to wear!! Also, how alike are our kids? Is it a firstborn thing, I wonder?

Salome Ellen

And now you know why I never homeschooled my kids, despite a culture (in my group of friends) that kind of expected and even pressured me to do it. "You're so smart! You can explain things really well! *I'm* homeschooling, and you'd do an even better job." No. Jack sounds like the (shall be nameless) kid of mine who would have precipitated disaster in the first week of homeschooling with THAT child. School can be a Godsend when parents and children have styles that differ significantly.
Congratulations on making the right choice, for you AND for Jack.


I am also craft-planning-deficient. Two...more...years...


I am totally with you on the Kindergarten front. Sadly for me, it is only half days :( Luckily, there is a bus ride involved which gives me an extra hour to play with.

Kate P

I think this is why my bro and SIL are wishing preschool was longer than half a day for their second-youngest who is quite the chatterbox! There's no way it's a bad thing when it sounds as if he's getting what he needs. (I totally get the "stymied by the kids who are not ready" part--I couldn't understand why my classmates couldn't read in 1st grade!)


I remember kindergarten being very fun then grade 1 came and it was all hard and serious.

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